elliott smith tattoo

“Never get so attached to a poem”

Black and white to reduce visibility of skin blotchiness. The really impressive and professional-looking heart is my stick and poke, haha.

The tattoo is a line from a Joanna Newsom song, “En Gallop,” and is half of what I’ll be getting. The rest is:

“you forget truth
that lacks lyricism”

These lyrics mean a lot to me (and serve as a reminder) because I spend most of my time thinking life is an indie romance film.



Them’s my tattoos.

One of my only memories of high school was walking around by myself hoping no one would notice I was alone. I was 16 years old when I discovered Elliott Smith. His music got me through some lonely, dark days and still continues to and I know my love seems oddly obsessive to those who have never experienced that, but he really was the only friend I had for a long time and one of the saddest things is that I’ll never have the opportunity to thank him for that. Ink by Erin at 27 Tattoo in Salt Lake City. Thank you so much, I’m in love. ❤︎