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July 8, 2017


by Never

After 80 years of a drugstore sitting at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Parkman Ave., in 2015 Sun Lake Drugs could no longer juggle rising rents, lower insurance reimbursements, and competition from the chains. Jonas Never, aka Never1959, has now done murals for something like 15 different Floyd’s 99 Barbershop locations so when Floyd’s took over the drugstore property Never was one of the first to get a call. After researching the music scene of the neighborhood—and having to make some changes to the art midstream—Never arrived at this composition highlighting a variety of artists connected one way or another to Silver Lake, including Jackson Browne, Beck, and Silversun Pickups (the band named after the liquor store diagonally opposite). Featured front and center however is the late-great Elliott Smith who’s “Figure 8” album cover was photographed in front a mural just a mile up Sunset.  @never1959  @floyds99barbershop  @elli0ttsmith  


Thank you!!! 💖 I was tagged by lovely @miroir-fille to post 4 albums I’ve been listening to recently, but I’ll just do my top 10 because I have so many!!! 😕

 🎵 1. Frank Ocean - Blond
🎵 2. Japanese Breakfast - Psychopomp
🎵 3. Noname - Telefone
🎵 4. Talking Heads - Remain in Light

 🎵 5. Ka - Honor Killed the Samurai
🎵 6. Whiteny - Light Upon the Lake
🎵 7. Mitski - Puberty 2
🎵 8. Clams Casino - 32 Levels
🎵 9. New Order - Low-Life

 🎵 10. Elliott Smith - XO

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“List 10 albums that have stayed with you.”

In no particular order
1. Neutral Milk Hotel- In The Aeroplane Over the Sea
2. Explosions in the Sky- The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place
3. Cursive- The Ugly Organ
4. Lemuria- Get Better
5. The Mountain Goats- The Sunset Tree
6. John K. Samson- Provincial
7. Elliott Smith- XO
8. RVIVR- RVIVR (not pictured)
9. City and Colour- Bring Me Your Love
10. Slingshot Dakota- Dark Hearts


Time Machine Video of the Week

Elliott Smith - Coming Up Roses (1995)

Well time for this weeks Time Machine, i am posting Elliott Smith as it would have been his 47th birthday, yesterday August 6th. Elliott was in my opinion the greatest singer / songwriter of his generation. His death in 2003, was so devastating. Reb

Steven Paul (Elliott) Smith was an American singer / songwriter,  born in Omaha, Nebraska, raised primarily in Texas. He was born on 6th August 1969, and was sadly taken from us on 21st October 2003. After playing in the indie  rock band Heatmiser, who released three albums. Smith began his solo career in 1994. 

Coming Up Roses is taken from Smith’s second studio album, Elliott Smith, which was released on 21st July 21 1995. The release was preceded by the single, Needle in the Hay, which was the albums lead track. Coming Up Roses was the closing track on side one, of this 12 track album.

Video directed by Ross Harris.

I’m a junkyard full of false starts
And I don’t need your permission
To bury my love
Under this bare light bulb
The moon is a sickle cell
It’ll kill you in time
Your cold white brother all right in your blood
Like spun glass in sore eyes
While the moon does its division, you’re buried below
And you’re coming up roses everywhere you go
Red roses follow
The things that you tell yourself
They’ll kill you in time
Your cold white brother alive in your blood
Spinning in the night sky
While the moon does its division, you’re buried below
And you’re coming up roses everywhere you go
Red roses
So you got in a kind of trouble that nobody knows
It’s coming up roses everywhere you go
Red roses

MMFD Fanfic: Feel Good, Inc. Chapter V

I could not stop myself. Reader beware, you are in for my first foray into smut. (omg)



The afternoon was the best she’d had in recent memory. Strolling through the crowded stalls at Camden Market, trying on strange novelty hats, snacking on fresh samosas – it was like she was walking in a dream. It was like this unspoken chemistry that had never left had just been lying dormant all these years. What we lacked in time, we always made up for in chemistry, Rae thought, studying Finn’s stubbly face from across the rows and rows of vinyl at her old employer, Platter Princess. It was the only female-owned and operated record shop in London and they specialized in music of the indie-girl-rock persuasion. Finn thumbed through some old Huggy Bear albums, a Le Tigre album tucked under his arm. He still had that intensity about him, a seriousness that masked his inner playfulness and gentleness that had carried Rae through some of the darkest times of her life. He furrowed his brow and he returned the Huggy Bear and scanned the bright pink pop palace and smiled at the giant poster of Blondie that adorned the wall.

“This place is brilliant, Rae.”

It was brilliant. University had introduced Rae to woman studies and it was through these iconic women that she found an outlet to express herself. It was fine and dandy to relate to the pining words of beautiful blokes, but these women helped her find her strength. Embrace what made her Rae. Platter Princess was her favorite place in London and she was so excited to share it with Finn. It was like having him read her diary. She winced, remember all too well that he’d already done that and it did enough damage back when they were involved. She now kept her diary on a password-protected encrypted file on her laptop. She never left it to chance again.

Finn headed to the register and then linked arms with Rae and headed outside. She felt her heart pounding against her rib cage. She tried to act cool, like walking arm in arm with a gorgeous lad was an everyday occurrence.  She snuck glances at him as the ambled leisurely back toward Islington. Time had been kind to Finn Nelson. If at all possible, he’d grown even more into his brooding features, still broad-shouldered and well fit. His hair was a little longer on top then it had been when they were young, his fringe messily swept to the side. It occurred to Rae that after several blocks, neither of them had said anything.

“Well, where to next?” she asked casually. Our bodies are just pressed against each other. It’s no big deal. Breathe.

“I figured we’d just head back to yours? Maybe play a little music? Finish what we started?”

What we started? Rae instinctually pulled away from him. He looked down confused, and mimed a joint in his hand. Rae laughed a little too loudly.

“Yes. Absolutely. Yes, we did start that.”


She couldn’t believe he put on bloody Elliott Smith. Of all albums, he chose the most introspective, haunting, and broody album in her collection. He flopped onto the couch, his domain in the sea of Archie and Rae’s clutter. He was living very neatly out of one duffel bag. It was this Spartan simplicity she had always envied. She was nostalgic, busy, and prone to sentimentality. She perched on the edge of the couch as Finn passed her another expertly rolled joint. It was dusk now, and the apartment was sparsely lit. She and Archie usually lit candles but it seemed like it might send the wrong idea in present circumstances.

“So it was just like that?” she asked.

“Excuse me?”

“You just up and left Manchester.”

“Yeah. It was, y’know, the right time.”

“And Laura just…?”

Finn turned his body towards her, lifting his arm up on the edge of the couch. Smoke lazily escaped his lips as he considered her. Rae’s entire body felt charged. It was as if her panties were about to drop of their own accord. She swallowed hard and grabbed the joint out of his hands.

“Laura and I just didn’t fit. We tried. But you can’t fake it until you make it, I’ve found.”

Rae nodded a little too emphatically. Her head was starting to feel light and buzzy. Her whole body was pleasantly warm.



He hadn’t stopped looking at her. She nervously passed the joint back, but he placed it on the ash tray on the table.

“You know I’m not really good at, er, speakin’.”

She nodded, avoiding his gaze. Is this really happening?

“More of an action-oriented person, really.”

 "I remember that about you, funnily enough.“

She looked back up at him and he ran his eyes down her body and he leaned in a bit closer.

“See, there’s just something I’d like to…if it’s okay with you…”

Rae felt a burning deep in her belly. Her lips were suddenly tingling with want. She nodded slightly and then as if she’d been hit back by an all-encompassing wave of warmth, his lips were on hers, gentle at first, and then passionately pressing against her. His strong arm came down off the couch and wrapped around her, pulling her into the kiss.

They broke for a moment, foreheads pressed together. It’s like he was saying paragraphs with just one look. She knew that she was already in way, way too deep. I could stop it now. Just get up. Just get up and walk away. She felt his breath on her cheek and she knew it had been a long time since she’d felt this. Not just horny, but alive with every fiber of her body. Her entire body ached with need in that moment that they were apart.

She took a deep breath and pressed her lips hard back on his and a Molotov cocktail of passion exploded between them. As she opened her mouth to invite his tongue in, his hands gently roamed her body, refamiliarzing himself with her skin, her legs, her arse, her breasts, her face. She leaned back, allowing him on top of her and wrapped her arms around his neck, running her fingers through his hair. He groaned against her and she felt her back arch with anticipation.

But then he broke the kiss and froze. She seized with anxiety. What’s wrong? Am I not living up to expectations?

“I…I can’t.”

Rae’s face immediately began to burn.

 "You what?”

Shit. Shit. Shitting shit.

“I can’t let this sad-sack music be the soundtrack to this…”

Finn gave her a quick kiss on her forehead and rolled off her and made mad dash to her turntable. Rae couldn’t help but laugh as she adjusted herself on the couch, laying awkwardly as he pulled out a new record. The needle dropped and to her immense approval, the first track of Air’s Alone in Kyoto began. Sexy-trippy French synth-pop.  Of fucking course. Rae’s breath caught in her throat as Finn resumed his place on top of her, kneeling between her legs and kissing her sweetly on the lips.




Rae reached up to remove his shirt, which caught on his head. He ripped it off and she ran her hands all over his chest before pulling him down to her.

His kisses traced from her lips to her jaw down her neck and to her shoulder. He carefully pulled her scarf from her neck and pulled off her shirt, leaving a cleavage-y dress below. He swore at the sight of what were, in his opinion, the gold standard in breasts. He was tempted to spend the rest of the night reacquainting himself, but decided to head on down to see what else he’d been missing.

He gingerly tested Rae’s comfort-level by raising her dress up to feel her soft tummy. He was relieved to find she no longer seized up with terror when touched in this area. Emboldened by her heavy breathing and occasional moans, he pulled down her leggings, planting kisses down her leg as he slid them off.

Entranced by  her body’s delicious warmth, he plunged his head between her legs. This action was met with a cry of approval from Rae. It was about here that he completely lost it. It was like something primal had taken over. He endeavored to make her come harder than any bloke she’d been with since their tender fumbles way back when. He slid his fingers inside of her, feeling her tense around him. He teased her with his and pumped his fingers in and out in rhythm to the music. It wasn’t long before he felt her entire body tense up and release in an amazing rush.

She sat up, breathing heavily, face masked with lust. She pulled him up to her mouth and kissed him hard on the lips. He felt his cock threatening to burst in his trousers. He pressed himself against Rae and she reached down to stroke him. He cursed into her neck as she unzipped his pants and he sat up to pull his pants and trousers down.

“Have you got a johnny?”

“I’m, er, on the pill…”

Finn nodded and kissed her with renewed fervor. She guided him in and he felt his entire body tense as he made his way back home. He took it painfully slow at first –drinking in every sigh, every tug of skin against skin. He looked into her eyes and it was like everything they couldn’t say was said. There was no going back. He picked up his pace and she cried out against him, then stiffiled a giggle.

“What?” he whispered, much raspier than he’d expected.

“This is…too lovely.”

He pulled himself out and with a swift motion flipped her over. She readjusted herself and he entered her from behind. He pressed himself against her back, wrapping his arms around her and whispered what he was sure was incoherent horseshit into into her ear. He brushed his lips up her spine, delighted by the the shivers it seemed to send through her.

He grinned to himself and buried his face within her hair. He gave it all he had and within moments their bodies both collectively tensed and released. Out of breath, Finn rolled off of her, lost his balance, and landed on the floor. Rae couldn’t stop laughing.

He was delirious.

“Rae…listen, Rae…” He was choking on his words again. There was so much he wanted to say. Rae shushed him as she helped him back onto the couch, wrapping her arms around him.

“I think you should know by now. Words are overrated, mate”

Finn felt like that was a bit of an understatement and pulled her into his arms.


So this is my first smut. Hope it’s not too awkward? This has been a fun writing excersie, guys! Thanks for reading. Not sure if there will be more. I had ideas of a roadtrip back to Lincolnshire to see our old friends Chop, Izzy, and Chloe?

Let me know what you think!