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Thank you!!! 💖 I was tagged by lovely @miroir-fille to post 4 albums I’ve been listening to recently, but I’ll just do my top 10 because I have so many!!! 😕

 🎵 1. Frank Ocean - Blond
🎵 2. Japanese Breakfast - Psychopomp
🎵 3. Noname - Telefone
🎵 4. Talking Heads - Remain in Light

 🎵 5. Ka - Honor Killed the Samurai
🎵 6. Whiteny - Light Upon the Lake
🎵 7. Mitski - Puberty 2
🎵 8. Clams Casino - 32 Levels
🎵 9. New Order - Low-Life

 🎵 10. Elliott Smith - XO

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July 8, 2017


by Never

After 80 years of a drugstore sitting at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Parkman Ave., in 2015 Sun Lake Drugs could no longer juggle rising rents, lower insurance reimbursements, and competition from the chains. Jonas Never, aka Never1959, has now done murals for something like 15 different Floyd’s 99 Barbershop locations so when Floyd’s took over the drugstore property Never was one of the first to get a call. After researching the music scene of the neighborhood—and having to make some changes to the art midstream—Never arrived at this composition highlighting a variety of artists connected one way or another to Silver Lake, including Jackson Browne, Beck, and Silversun Pickups (the band named after the liquor store diagonally opposite). Featured front and center however is the late-great Elliott Smith who’s “Figure 8” album cover was photographed in front a mural just a mile up Sunset.  @never1959  @floyds99barbershop  @elli0ttsmith  


Time Machine Video of the Week

Elliott Smith - Coming Up Roses (1995)

Well time for this weeks Time Machine, i am posting Elliott Smith as it would have been his 47th birthday, yesterday August 6th. Elliott was in my opinion the greatest singer / songwriter of his generation. His death in 2003, was so devastating. Reb

Steven Paul (Elliott) Smith was an American singer / songwriter,  born in Omaha, Nebraska, raised primarily in Texas. He was born on 6th August 1969, and was sadly taken from us on 21st October 2003. After playing in the indie  rock band Heatmiser, who released three albums. Smith began his solo career in 1994. 

Coming Up Roses is taken from Smith’s second studio album, Elliott Smith, which was released on 21st July 21 1995. The release was preceded by the single, Needle in the Hay, which was the albums lead track. Coming Up Roses was the closing track on side one, of this 12 track album.

Video directed by Ross Harris.

I’m a junkyard full of false starts
And I don’t need your permission
To bury my love
Under this bare light bulb
The moon is a sickle cell
It’ll kill you in time
Your cold white brother all right in your blood
Like spun glass in sore eyes
While the moon does its division, you’re buried below
And you’re coming up roses everywhere you go
Red roses follow
The things that you tell yourself
They’ll kill you in time
Your cold white brother alive in your blood
Spinning in the night sky
While the moon does its division, you’re buried below
And you’re coming up roses everywhere you go
Red roses
So you got in a kind of trouble that nobody knows
It’s coming up roses everywhere you go
Red roses

Elliott Smith

“This is a song about the Moon”
Elliott Smith - Satellite 

While the hands are pointing up midnight
You’re a question mark coming after people you watched collide
You can ask what you want to the satellite
‘Cause the names you drop put ice in my veins
And for all you know you’re the only one who finds it strange
When they call it a lover’s moon
The satellite
'Cause it acts just like lovers do
The satellite
A burned out world you know
Staying up all night
The satellite

I was tagged by @truismes  🌸 here are ten albums that shaped me as a person, placed in no particular order. I’ve likely forgotten one or more important ones but I hope not.

I tag @pjharvey, @retroandcatsandstuff and @h0rza ! Sorry to be a nuisance if you’ve already been tagged by someone else xo

New Elliott Album Release Confirmed

Kevin Moyer, friend of our community and co producer of the recent Elliott documentary Heaven Adores you, breaks the news. This upcoming release would serve as the soundtrack to the documentary and marks the first full length official Elliott Smith album since 2007’s New Moon. With the likely inclusion of “True Love,” it also marks the first time unreleased music by Elliott owned by Universal is seeing release and in our opinion, bodes very well for future releases. Thank you Kevin, Nikolas Rossi, Larry Crane, all labels, and anyone else that made this possible. Please share the good news!