“It sounds like I am being really pessimistic and awful to be like "I’m never going to get the carrot. I’m always going to be a failure in a certain way,” but it is a failure that means nothing to me. By accepting that I am not going to be at the top of the charts, it frees me up from all that crap like “Oh, I gotta be at the top of the charts.” Because if I felt like that, my god, I’d never get anything done. I’d hate everything I’d do.“

Elliott Smith


The slow motion moves me
The monologue means nothing to me


I finally posted a video that I shot just over 12 years ago. It’s of Elliott Smith’s final concert… He died four weeks after this show.

I missed the first three songs sadly (the camera was rolling but I was searching for a place to shoot from, so the footage is worse than bad). Still, I got most of the show from a decent spot and I fixed the audio and video as best I could.

I think of all the amazing music that he would have written. Damn.