Elliott performing “In the Lost and Found” in New York, 2000

I seriously can’t take how he stands with his hands on his hips. It kills me!!

“I knew Elliott. I don’t pretend that I knew Elliott. Ours was a recent acquaintance, but it was no less treasured. I met him about a year ago, at the beginning of what appeared for him to be a slow rebirth following years of self-destructive behavior. He was a strange guy, acutely sensitive, but totally sweet. He didn’t say much, but when he did, you held your breath in anticipation of his thoughts, always profound and often witty. He was unflinchingly honest. His brain seemed to operate like a computer designed to accept only truth and produce only beauty. He recognized falsehood instantly, but he rejected it awkwardly, as if it threatened to crash his system. He seemed utterly unaware of his own genius and processed every compliment with total humility.”

Liam Gowing


“A lot of people are kind of depressed. I’m happy some of the time and some of the time I’m not.” - Elliott Smith in 1998

Lost interview. Never broadcast.