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10-Heart Pop-Art Eligibles

So here it is, all in one place. Thank you all, it’s been fun!

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webseries wlw were good to us this year

I think older men are attractive but if one of them ever gave me the green light I’d just

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10-Heart Pop-Art Leah & Elliott [ 4 / 6 ]

These two were a lot of fun. I have a headcanon that she makes her oils with fruit from the valley and he uses duck feather writing quills.

Charity Commission for Ryou!! (@atelierabintra​)

Ryou requested Elliott from Stardew Valley…and you can too! (or any other character of your choice, including OCs).  Commissions are still open- simply donate to the ACLU or Union of Concerned Scientists and send me an email. More details at my blog. 

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