Generation X

Latest huuuge commissioned illustration of some gifted youngsters! 

Starring Quentin Quire, Bling!, Magician (he is a guest from Ultimate universe), Stepford Cuckoos, Match, Glob Herman and the best cameraman there is — Doop. :)

Sim I’d Like to F…ondle Tag 😏

SILF = Sim I’d like to F.. ondle

There’s surely a sim out there, you’d like to fondle… Well, it’s time to tell it to everyone. Don’t be shy!

RULES: Choose a sim made by an another simblr you’d like to fondle if he/she was real… and then tag 5 simblrs.

*If you can find a picture of your SILF, it’s better but not mandatory.

So I was tagged by @reveal-the-fkn-sims (*fangirls*) 

So the sim basically came (no pun intended) to me immediately anddd

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Okay so what started off as a joke, just doing some edits on pics; it actually turned into a pretty damn good art piece like holy shit. I mean I guess it’s okay but still I shocked myself after I made it. I was just fucking around and came out with this and it looks neat. 

It’s just a photo of Adam lanza that I royally fucked up with poor editing. Put this in the MOMA. 

 I title this one “Fiction" and I would like to say that I dedicate it to @dahm-sub , @crimepsycho @itsminxxycat, @columpunk @naturalselector98, @rebsg0ddess, @ak-romanov, @retroff, @harrishate, @twunnythree, @heavyflovv, @intimacy-issues-and-a-gun, @sturmgeist89@timothymcfuckingveigh, and @filthkid  I’m sorry for any trauma I have caused you all

I’ve gotten more confident and comfortable with being alone than I used to be, like now I’m content with just staying in my obscure as hell true crime world but it’s fine it keeps me busy and content, but whenever I go somewhere where there’s a lot of teens hanging out with their friends or theres couples my obnoxious elliot rodger side of me tries to come out and Its.. ……a challenge,,


First of all - sorry for my shitty art abilities 😂 I’ll do better when I’m not at work and drawing on my downtime sheets.
Anyway! These are my twin brother OC’s. On the left is Elliot and on the right is Enoch. They’re both 21 years old, and live together in a small apartment since they can’t stand to be separated. When they were 9, their mother died via a brain aneurysm. Since then, their dad became a drunk, and by the time they turned 10, became very abusive to them. It lasted until they were 13 years old when “it” happened, and their father was taken into police custody and the boys went to live with their mother’s sister until they were 18.

Elliot is the eldest twin, if only by half an hour. Due to the abuse he endured as a child, he suffers from crippling anxiety and paranoia. Despite what happened to him, he does believe the world is still a beautiful place - even if it overwhelms him, and even though he doesn’t think he can be a normal part of it. He is easily triggered by people with the same stature of his father, or men who yell, stomp, or get angry. He has terrible nightmares that prevent him from sleeping more than five consecutive hours in a row - so his constant stress + sleep deprivation = him catching every illness that comes their way. Thanks to his brother’s actions, he is quite skilled in first aid, and he works in the local flower nursery down their street.

Enoch, the younger boy, is almost the complete opposite of his brother. He believes the world is dirty and tainted, and he believes almost everyone has the ability to do what his father did - the one exception, at the moment, being Elliot. He had Borderline Personality Disorder with very strong manic episodes. He likes to pretend that the abuse didn’t bother him, but of course that’s a lie. He is his best self when he is in the company of his brother - he’s calm and doesn’t act, or hardly think, of any violent acts. Away from his brother, though, he looks for fights wherever he can find them - usually causing him to show up at home bloody and beaten. He believes he is toxic for his brother, but can’t bear to be without him either. He works as a computer programmer from home.

They are both aromantic and asexual ❤️