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The latest feminism spur was due to the Elliot Rodgers incident that sparked the #YesAllWomen hashtag. Personally, I’m not a feminist, and I’ve noticed that most of the feminist blogs and hashtags and issues these days are completely out of hand. Feminists are claiming that the reason Elliot Rodgers did what he did was because society taught him that women are sex objects and that their rejection towards him was an excuse to lash out. This is a completely irrational argument, as Brendan O’Neill states in his article this kind of argument is no different than one that claims that violent movies make men into maniacs. Rodger’s actions were more anti-humanity rather than anti-women, especially since in his 140-page manifesto he states that, “Humanity is a disgusting, wretched, depraved species”. Also, many people tend to disregard the fact that he not only killed women, but men as well. He also stabbed his two roommates for (I think) being annoying. Yes, many women have been killed for saying no to sex, but many men have also been killed and some for stupider reasons, and the feedback THAT gets is “you go girl”.

Also, it has become very clear that many feminists are misandrists who not only hate some men, but ALL men because “1 in 6 women are bound to be raped”. It is completely irrational to say that all men rape women or want to rape women just because a small percentage of them do, much like it is completely irrational to say that all Arabs are terrorists. Even the most hardened criminals such as serial killers and murderers don’t take rape or abuse towards women lightly. Prison guards often have to lie to other inmates as to why a rapist is in prison, because if the other prisoners find out he raped a woman, they will beat him. Some rapists even have to be put in separate jail cells and not in the general population. Some women also believe that men cannot be raped, and that when men say no to sex, they use that as a way to regain power in the relationship. Women AND men both should be able to say no to sex whenever they don’t want it. Many feminists are also not focused on the correct rights. Women in third world countries barely have any rights, and modern feminists in the western world are too concerned with not being able to wear tank tops and shorts to school.

Too many women victimize the female gender and claim that women must live in fear of being raped for the entirety of their lives. Too many women make all men seem evil, and they force society to believe that all women are in danger. And if some women don’t agree with feminists, they are looked down at. They are presented with too options, either be a feminist or a misogynist, there is no in between.

There is also the Scout Willis incident, in which she walked around the streets of New York City topless to make a statement. This followed with the trend #FreeTheNipple, claiming that it should be okay for women to go around topless just as it is for men. Unlike men, women HAVE breasts. Unlike a man’s chest, women’s breasts are sexually appealing to a man. Nudity is not natural, and even if it was, HUNDREDS of other things are also natural, sex is natural, it doesn’t mean we have to do it in public. Women are not the only ones sexualized, just like a woman has to cover her private parts (breasts and vagina), a man must cover his penis. Also, when women wants to express herself by going naked, she is making a statement and is idolized, however if a man wants to do it, he is seen as creepy. Also, feminists want gender equality yet they present it in a way that oppresses the male gender. If they want equality, it should come in ALL aspects: women should do more physical labor, join the army more, and there should be no expectations for a man to be a gentleman (yes he should be respectful and all, but he should not be expected to pay on dates, open doors for women, etc. – he can do that but it should NOT be an expectation).

Then comes the argument that women are asking for sex because of the way they dress. I completely agree that women should be allowed to wear what they want in public and not be judged for it. But until we live in a society that accepts women to wear whatever they want and not see it as an excuse for wanting sex, it is in a way, PARTIALLY the woman’s fault. It is completely acceptable for a woman to want to wear anything she wants in public without being harassed. But we cannot do that in the society we live in today. Do not dress that way as a means of taking a stand. There are different ways of taking a stand for what you believe in. But when you KNOW that society sees the way you dress as an excuse for wanting sex, do not put yourself in danger and dress that way. Dress however you please when we live in a society that does not think differently of you because of how you dress.

Also, several studies have shown that rape jokes DO NOT create rapists. It is very similar to the argument that claims that violent video games make violent men. In fact, many rape victims and rape counseling groups make rape jokes as a way of getting over the trauma they suffered.

Many people need to understand that not everything is about the patriarchy and not everything is about sexism.

Thanks to Tumblr blog colorsofsocialjustice.tumblr.com for many of my references. 

stay a little longer


When Elliot felt the spark light the room and the heat wash over them once more, he couldn’t keep from breathing a sigh of relief. He could hardly consider Troy a friend and tonight, the man had come to him as a client. They really didn’t owe each other anything, payment be damned. Still, Elliot wouldn’t have felt good about the experience ending on a sour note, even if Troy had been standing in his own way and it wasn’t anything he’d done.

Well that, and the fact that his hard cock was still straining against the soft cotton of his briefs. As honored as he was that Troy was clearly trusting him with a big secret, it wasn’t the trust that suddenly made the room feel ten degrees hotter. It wasn’t what drove Elliot to roll his body back in, hungry for contact to the point of whimpering and pleading for it. It wasn’t what made his whole body shiver in delight as Troy’s hands so innocently trailed over his arms and his chest, a sensation that left him breathless.

Elliot had come out tonight to get fucked and damn him, if he didn’t at least go down fighting for the chance.

Leaning forward, his lips found Troy’s jaw and pressed a trail of hot, sloppy kisses down his neck. Somewhere around his collarbone, Elliot flicked his tongue out, tracing the hard line of bone. The taste of Troy’s cum had barely faded from the back of his throat and he was eager for more. Fuck, he was always so eager for more.

As soon as he felt Troy’s hands skimming down, grazing over the fabric still covering his cock, Elliot found himself moaning against the curve of collarbone. It was all he could do not to rock his hips into Troy’s hands, lest he scare the man off again. Instead, he flexed his fingers and gently dug his nails into Troy’s skin a little; a distraction, to keep the rest of his body still for now. “Please,” he begged further.

With that, he was pulling his head back up and capturing Troy’s lips, kissing him with feverish hunger. In almost the same instant, his hands were tangled in the man’s hair. “I’m so hard for you..” he mumbled, all but speaking directly into Troy’s mouth, before crashing their lips together all over again.