elliot rawson

The point that many TLSP’s fans are missing is that YAK didn’t say “Alex and Miles are assholes”. I don’t know if you know that, but 90% of the times the artist (the band, in this case) and the support artist (the support band, in this case) don’t really interact, so there’s no chance that YAK are mad at TLSP. So calm your tits. What YAK are saying is that they weren’t given the chance to do the soundcheck on different occasions, and I can basically confirm that. I went to two TLSP’s gigs, in Milan and Berlin, and both times I heard YAK doing the soundcheck at 6/6:30pm (causing also the venue to stay closed longer than the time said on the ticket). The fact is that I also saw, both in Milan and in Berlin, Oli (YAK’s singer) with his guitar in his hands at 2/3pm, meaning that he/YAK was/were ready to do the soundcheck a lot earlier than when they actually did it. I don’t agree with YAK tweeting what they tweeted and then deleting it, I mean: they should/could have solved that with TLSP’s staff, but you can’t just say YAK are assholes. I mean: they have all the rights to do the soundcheck because, like their music or not, they are musicians. I understand that you payed to see TLSP and not YAK, but YAK were chosen as support band, so you have to see them, too. If you don’t want to, go to the concert at 9pm. You don’t have to love YAK, but they are artists (don’t you dare fight me on that because you may not like the music they do, but they’re objectively great at what they do), so respect them. I’m repeating that: I know that they shouldn’t have tweeted that, it was a bad move, but they’re humans and just like humans do, they got mad over something they care about: their music.