elliot leblanc

Not Fair

As Elliot lay sprawled on his back, one arm over his aching eyes and the other lying across his stomach, one thought pierced the misery of his physical condition: it was not fair. The other boys never had to come in and cool down. They never said the sun hurt their eyes. It certainly never made them sick. He couldn’t remember a single time that any of them had fainted.

But he had. He’d been outside, helping the hired hands with their daily duties (for Papa said it was good for the master to know his servants’ lives firsthand). He was quite fond of some of the boys, but most of the older servants treated him like a spoiled child and not the heir to his father’s hold. He had quickly grown tired of their disproving stares and gone off to the training yard instead.

He should have known something was wrong wen halfway through his drills he began to feel dizzy, but Elliot was determined to finish. He would just suffer through– or, at least, that had been his plan.

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We're Not That Close

“Aslan Berkant! You are a dead man!”

Aslan looked up from the blade he was sharpening as Elliot approached. The young man seemed angry, though the reason escaped him. The way his friend was stalking across the barracks in his stocking feet, though, he was about to find out.

“Give them back!”

“Give what back?”

“You know what!” Elliot said in a huff. “Don’t play the fool with me. Those are my boots!” demanded the young man, pointing at Aslan’s feet. The foreigner wiggled his toes inside the soft leather shoes and grinned.

“But Elliot,” he said, “they’re so comfortable.”


a/n: prompt: “stop stealing my shoes”

Trying to write a drabble a day with KaliArren. We’ll see how it goes. 100 words almost seems like it’s too small to do any real exploration, but…. writing is writing?

But I Don't Like Water

The water felt cool and refreshing to his aching feet. He splashed a bit, grateful for some time off, and Aslan shied away.

“Look out, Elliot!”

“Sir Elliot,”his friend corrected. Aslan scoffed.

“You’re not a knight yet,” he reminded him.

“No,” the other admitted, “but tomorrow I will be. We will be.” He kicked his feet in a moment of childish glee. “We made it, Az.”

Aslan grinned back. “Yes we did.”

“Together,” said Elliot. He paused. “Hey, Aslan?”


Elliot placed his hand on his friend’s back, and Aslan smiled. Elliot shoved.

“Better hold your breath.”


a/n: daily drabble post. I was really bored at work!! XD

Dangerous In, Dangerous Out [2465]




Elliot’s body jerked violently as air rushed into his lungs; his eyes flew wide open, and he coughed and sputtered with the force of that one breath. He lifted his head just enough to look around, but the effort made him dizzy. Putting a shaky hand to his head as he lay there on the stone, he felt the unmistakable stickiness of drying blood.

What had happened?

He could remember nothing but an inexplicable urgency. He could sense that something terrible was going on here at the tower. He had to get up, but he could hardly breathe. His limbs trembled with weakness and his head spun, and it took several tries just to flip himself onto his back. His breathing came more easily then, and Elliot began to take in his surroundings.

He could see outside through one of the high windows. The sky above was red, bloody and violent, churning as if stirred by some raging wind. That seemed strange, but not as strange as it should; by all rights that should have concerned him, but he did not spare it more than a moment’s thought. As he lay there, catching his breath and trying to desperately remember– something, anything– he heard cries in the distance, horrible inhuman shrieks and painful, terrified, piercing screams.

Sun, moon and sky– he remembered.

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