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You did heights but what about ages? I'm new to the Codotverse, forgive me

The ages have yet to be set in stone for all the rogues, but here’s what I do know:


Edward Nygma is 37
Jonathan Crane is 44
Bruce Wayne is 43
Harvey Dent is 43
Lucenzo Valentino is 35
Victor Fries is 92
Basil Karlo is 119
Jervis Tetch is 36
Selina Kyle is 39
Thomas Elliot is 42

Those are the ages that I have made an actual note on. Others will fall into place as I need them to.


You were heading to your next class when raised voices caught your attention. They weren’t the typical rowdy, carefree voices you usually heard in the hallways. These were angry, like,really angry.

Frowning, you put your books down and began making your way up the stairs. You quickened your pace upon hearing the slap of skin against skin.

“Don’t talk about my mother!” you heard a familiar voice cry. Bruce. Your frown deepened as you realized what was happening. Tommy Elliot was being an idiot again.

Stepping forwards, your head held high, you made yourself known, “Leave him alone, Tommy.” you growled, glaring at the bully.

“I just wanted to know what happened to his parents.” Tommy sneered, causing you to bristle with anger.

“Leave him alone.” you repeated, clenching your fists.

“I will when he answers my question.” Tommy replied smoothly, turning his gaze back to Bruce, who was seething with anger, “You gonna tell me or what?”

“Back off,” you warned, stepping between the two boys and Bruce.

You weren’t sure who hit first. You dad had taught you a lot about what to do if you got in a fight so you knew how to handle yourself. The next thing you remembered, you were straddling Tommy, punching his arrogant face as hard as you could. At some point, you were pulled off of him and then you were at home with your dad, holding an icepack to a bruise on your cheek.

“Are you going to ground me?” you asked at last, focusing on your hands. The knuckles on your left hand were bruised and your right hand was wrapped in bandages from fracturing it on Tommy’s face.

“Yeah, I considered it.” your father chuckled, grinning at you. “But then I remembered that my daughter doesn’t fight without a good reason. Also, Bruce Wayne vouched for you.”

A small smile found its way to your lips but you didn’t say anything.

“The school’s suspended you,” your father informed, “Apparently they don’t approve of a detective’s daughter beating up a bunch of rich kids.”

“Tommy had it coming.”

“I don’t doubt it. But take it easy next time, okay? Maybe try not breaking your hand?”

“You’ve got it, dad.”

“That’s my girl.”

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THEORY: Bruce Wayne is dead and has been replaced by a look-alike, named “Tommy.” You can see in the photos that this new Bruce Wayne is different from the old one in several ways, and appears to have several facial scars..

The real Bruce Wayne’s death may have something to do with the recent allegations made against his family. Though his family’s name was cleared, the stress brought on by this negative attention may have been too much for him to handle. His family may have hired a body double to act in his place to avoid further controversy.

Mi primer amor lo fue todo, un amor del que nunca te alejas, porque ni lo intentas ni lo deseas. Un amor tan grande y tan fuerte que nunca muere, que nunca se apaga, que nunca pierde su luz. La clase de amor por el que luchas, la clase de chico por el que luchas.

okay so let’s talk about how tommy elliot is literally the antithesis of bruce wayne without even being a supervillain

  • bruce’s parents died and left him everything in the blink of an eye, while tommy had to try twice over the course of the first 20 years of his life to replicate the same circumstances. tommy tried to kill both his parents when he was ten, but thomas wayne saved his mother; he later killed his mother when he was 20-ish, according to heart of hush, and even then it was only because of peyton riley’s help that he inherited any of his family’s money.
  • the father. tommy had an abusive father whose sole interests in life were cars, alcohol, and women. he spent all his time avoiding responsibility and living a hedonistic, selfish lifestyle. compare this to thomas wayne (who, i might add, is very likely tommy’s namesake): the selfless surgeon who dedicated his life to helping those less fortunate, and would ultimately die trying to maintain peace between a mugger and his family.
  • the mother. oh my god. oh my god. okay, like, first off, martha wayne does not get enough love and i’m so mad, because bruce has mentioned time and time again that his father was often too busy with work to dedicate a lot of time to him consistently, so he had a lot more quality time with his mom than his dad to begin with. her reading him alice in wonderland has come up a few times as one of his cherished memories of childhood. her broken pearl necklace is a huge icon for him in terms of trauma and pain. compare this to marla elliot: probably ended up raising tommy basically on her own, so they had a lot more time together than tommy and his father did. marla read him aristotle. her jade pendant is clearly his most prized possession, despite his apparent hatred for her– even though he had already tried to kill her once, when he and bruce are children, bruce snatches the pendant off tommy’s neck and tommy starts beating the crap out of bruce. bruce and tommy both looked at their fathers as larger-than-life characters, they had closer emotional bonds with their mothers, they both maintain some kind of iconography of their mother as a result of trauma.
  • hush keeps colleagues at arm’s length, while batman gets attached. when he debuted as a supervillain, tommy worked with almost the entire main rogues gallery, but nobody except the ones who helped him orchestrate it– harvey dent, riddler, and scarecrow– even knew who he was under the bandages. compare to batman: he makes it his business to care about everyone he works with, whether he knows he’s doing it or not.
  • dangerous women. tommy was engaged to peyton riley: a daughter of the mob, willing to kill if she has to, blending right in with gotham’s upper crust at galas and parties. bruce is involved with catwoman: a daughter of the mob, willing to kill if she has to, blending right in with gotham’s upper crust at galas and parties. tommy and peyton are together before they put on a costume; bruce and selina get together after.
  • they both wanted to grow up to be thomas wayne. bruce wanted to help people. tommy wanted to cut them open.
  • hush’s fighting patterns. he uses two guns and fires in pairs. bang. bang. sound familiar? it’s the same thing bruce heard when his parents died.
  • my point is that hush and heart of hush are MIRED in foreshadowing and dramatic irony and from the second tommy and bruce met each other they have been two sides of the same coin; while joker will always be batman’s greatest nemesis, hush is the complete antithesis of everything bruce wayne stands for both in and out of the costume and that makes him so interesting as a character