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Bat-Aunt: Part 7

Prompt: How Bruce Wayne’s life changes when a little sister is thrown into the mix

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“You look stunning.”

    You glance in the mirror at the man behind you. It’s pure stubbornness that keeps you from scowling. Turning around slowly, you give Thomas Elliot a small smile. “Thank you Thomas.”

    When he takes a step closer you take a step back. You see the frustration in his eyes at the move, but it’s quickly gone. “I was hoping to steal a dance.”

    “I haven’t even made my entrance yet Thomas. There are many things I have to do, before I even think about dancing.”

    “Of course. And do you have anyone to escort you in. There’s quite a few men waiting for you to arrive, and I’d be happy to help keep them at bay.”

    You wanted to laugh at that. You knew about the single men waiting for you. The eligible bachelors determined to get the step up in life that came with marrying into the Wayne family. Thomas might as well have been their leader. “I’m quite capable of defending myself.”

    Before you can blink Thomas Elliot is in your personal space, his hand gripping your upper arm painfully. You don’t let the pain show, you refuse to give him the satisfaction. His voice lowers to a whisper, “Now, Y/N don’t be that way. This game we’ve been playing was fun, but it has run its course.”

    You glare at him before spitting out, “This is no game. I have no interest in you, and I never will. Now let go of my arm before I call security. Then you’ll be in the papers for something very different than you had hoped.”

    The look on his face was terrifying, “Make me.”


    The addition of the new voice was welcome. And as Thomas Elliot was pulled off of you and shoved away, you could only grin at the familiar head of dark hair. The look on your nephew’s face was priceless. It was all anger, but he still looked adorable. He was dressed in his own tux, and his hair was slicked back with some of Bruce’s hair product.

    You’d watched as he and Bruce had gotten ready, as he had begged your brother to let him shave. And Bruce had been insistent that he wasn’t ready. The fact that Dick was ten years old supported that.

    “Well if it isn’t the adopted circus freak.”

    Rage filled you at the words, but before you could surge forward Richard came back with, “I might be a circus freak, but at least I know the meaning of the word ‘no.’ Even better, I know how to take a hint.” Thomas took a step forward, and Richard widened his stance, ready to take the doctor on. You knew Richard would win.

    “Well, what’s going on here?”

    You smile at the sight before you. Barry Allen had always been very casual. His line of work seemed to demand it. But standing there, dressed in a tux, you couldn’t help but be somewhat impressed, and a little flustered.

    Barry’s posture was relaxed, just like it always was, but you could see the fire burning just behind his eyes. Carefully he positioned himself in front of Richard, and taking the hint, your nephew slowly walked backwards, until he was standing right in front of you. Calmly, you wrap an arm around his shoulder.

    “And who are you?”

    The smile never leaves Barry’s face, “Barry Allen. Y/N’s boyfriend.”

    You want to laugh as the meaning behind the words sink in, the look on Thomas’ face almost seals the deal. Instead you glance down at your nephew, who’s staring at you with big eyes. You wink at him.

    “How long has this been going on?”

    Barry glances back at you, “About nine months, right?”

    You shrug, “Give or take a few weeks.”

    He smiles before turning back to Thomas, “As you can see, I have this covered.”

    The rage and Thomas’ eyes, has you pushing Richard behind you, “And what do you, common of the earth scum, have to offer her?”

    You scoff and answer for him, “Love? Laughter? Affection? Hell of a kisser.”

    Barry smiles at you and in that second of distraction Thomas charges him. You watch with a smile as Barry dodges and then puts him on his ass. As if out of nowhere, security shows up and hauls Thomas to his feet. That’s when your brother appears, “You’ve overstayed your welcome Thomas.”    

You watch the doctor sputter, “Bruce, I was just trying to …”

“Force yourself on my sister. Understood. Which is why you are now banned from all Wayne Gala events and Wayne owned buildings. Go near my sister again, and I’ll pull out a restraining order.”

You watch as a yelling Thomas Elliot is hauled out of the building, before turning your attention to Bruce. He and Barry are in the middle of a staredown, when finally he breaks the silence and asks, “My sister?”

Barry smiles, “Yep.”

Bruce looks around him at you, “You’re not going to let me kill him, are you?”

You move forward and wrap your arms around Barry, “I love him Bruce.”

Your brother sighs, “And you couldn’t tell me this why?”

Barry’s hand covers yours, “I don’t know if you know this, but you have a habit of hovering and being just a tad over protective.”

Bruce sighs, “She’s my little sister Allen. She’s a grown ass woman who’s never had a problem making her own decisions. She’s stubborn as hell, and vicious when it comes to protecting those she cares about. And you … well you’re like a bunny. You break her heart, and she’ll chew you up and spit you out herself.”

You smile at your brother before going over and hugging him. “Thank you.”

He kisses your forehead, “Nothing to thank me for. You’ve always had good taste. Speaking of which I need to borrow you for a minute.”

You look back at Barry, who’s dealing with a narrowed eyed Richard, and nod. “We’ve got to be quick. Richard looks ready to interrogate.”

Bruce winks at you, “Exactly the point.”

You follow Bruce down the hall and into his bedroom. You take a seat on the bed as he rummages through his chest of drawers. A minute later he appears in front of you with a velvet box. More than a bit curious, you take it and open it. You stare at the contents before your fingers ghost over the strand of pearls inside. “These are … were …”

Bruce nods, “They’re mom’s pearls. Dad gave them to her, they were one of her most prized possessions. Seems only right, that you should have them.”

You glance at him, “Are you sure?”

He nods, “My neck is too thick to wear them.”

You laugh as he helps you put them on. Once they’re around your neck you walk back to the spot where Barry and Richard are waiting. Your nephew seems a little puzzled over something, but Barry simply smiles at you. Extending his arm he asks, “You ready?”

You nod, “Always.”

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Hi cor. I see that people use nicknames for the Batboys like Dickiebird, jaybird, etc and I wonder if they are canon or just fan-made. Do you know?

Some are canon, some are fanon!


  • Dickiebird: said by Jason → Dick
  • Dickster: said by Bruce → Dick
  • Hunk Wonder: said by Babs → Dick
  • Shortpants: said by Cyborg → Dick
  • Little Wing: said by Dick → Jason
  • Jaybird: said by Roy → Jason
  • Jay: said by Bruce → Jason
  • Jase: said by classmates → Jason, maybe also Bruce and others?
  • Rojo: said by Jason → himself lmao jason stop
  • Ace: said by Jason → Bruce
  • Champ: said by Jason → Bruce
  • B-Man: said by Harley → Bruce
  • B: Babs, probably others → Bruce
  • Pretender: said by Jason → Tim, as a description (“an imposter, pretender…”)
  • Timbo: said by friends, parents (?) → Tim
  • Spookygirl: said by Steph → Cass
  • Batghoul: said by Steph → Cass
  • Cassie: said by Bruce → Cass
  • Ms. Brown: said by Bruce → Steph
  • Boss: said by Steph → Bruce, maybe others
  • Stephie: said by Tim → Steph
  • Steph: said by Tim → Steph
  • Bird Boy: Steph → Tim
  • Alfie, Alf: said by Dick → Alfred, Tommy → Alfred
  • Dami: Talia → Damian
  • You Little Piece of… Damian: said by Dick → frustrating things
  • Little D: Barbara → Damian
  • Marsha: said by Dick, Tim → Dick
  • Jan: said by Tim multiple times, Dick → Jason
  • Cindy: said by Dick, Tim → Tim
  • Cousin Oliver: said by Dick, Tim → Damian 
  • Fatgirl: Damian → Steph


  • Timmy
  • Replacement
  • Babybird                  ((quietly retches))
  • Big Bird
  • Big Wing
  • Big D
  • Batbrat

Unsure if Canon, Need Concrete Sources:

  • Golden/Goldie: Jason → Dick
  • Spooky: Steph → Bruce, Steph → Cass
  • Dickie: someone → Dick

Let me know if you have more info! Please cite specific sources.

Exclusive: Tommy Elliot Returning to 'Gotham' in Season 4

During the Season 4 premiere, Jonathan Crane returned to Gothamafter a long absence, completing his transition into the villainous Scarecrow. Thankfully, he’s not going to be the other popular Batman character to making a comeback this season.

After just one episode on the show during Gotham’s first season, Tommy Elliot is officially returning to series.

While speaking exclusively with co-executive producer Bryan Wyndbrandt, we asked about the possibility of young Tommy finding his way back into Bruce’s life this season.

“You will see Tommy Elliot back in Gotham this season,” Wynbrandt confirmed.

Of course, comic fans know Tommy Elliot grows up to the infamous villain, Hush. As he continued, Wynbrandt revealed that, not only was Elliot on his way back, but there had been discussions about including the Hush story as well.

“Obviously when Tommy Elliot is discussed, there’s always is that Hush story line. That is something that we’ve discussed. Right now, we’re kind of still feeling that out. It could be something on the horizon, but I can’t say for sure.”

In the comics, Elliot was Bruce’s best friend growing up, and he helped Bruce after the murder of his parents. Unfortunately, after Tommy’s father was killed, he blamed Bruce and took on the Hush persona in order to get revenge. The story went a little differently on Gotham.

In the eighth episode of Season 1, “The Mask,” Tommy Elliot (Cole Vallis) was a bit of a bully to Bruce. After a chat with Alfred, and some pent-up aggression, Bruce ended up punching Tommy in the face. The character hasn’t been seen since.

There has been no word as to when in Season 4 Elliot will return, or if Vallis will be reprising the role.

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You did heights but what about ages? I'm new to the Codotverse, forgive me

The ages have yet to be set in stone for all the rogues, but here’s what I do know:


Edward Nygma is 37
Jonathan Crane is 44
Bruce Wayne is 43
Harvey Dent is 43
Lucenzo Valentino is 35
Victor Fries is 92
Basil Karlo is 119
Jervis Tetch is 36
Selena Kyle is 39
Thomas Elliot is 42

Those are the ages that I have made an actual note on. Others will fall into place as I need them to.


You were heading to your next class when raised voices caught your attention. They weren’t the typical rowdy, carefree voices you usually heard in the hallways. These were angry, like,really angry.

Frowning, you put your books down and began making your way up the stairs. You quickened your pace upon hearing the slap of skin against skin.

“Don’t talk about my mother!” you heard a familiar voice cry. Bruce. Your frown deepened as you realized what was happening. Tommy Elliot was being an idiot again.

Stepping forwards, your head held high, you made yourself known, “Leave him alone, Tommy.” you growled, glaring at the bully.

“I just wanted to know what happened to his parents.” Tommy sneered, causing you to bristle with anger.

“Leave him alone.” you repeated, clenching your fists.

“I will when he answers my question.” Tommy replied smoothly, turning his gaze back to Bruce, who was seething with anger, “You gonna tell me or what?”

“Back off,” you warned, stepping between the two boys and Bruce.

You weren’t sure who hit first. You dad had taught you a lot about what to do if you got in a fight so you knew how to handle yourself. The next thing you remembered, you were straddling Tommy, punching his arrogant face as hard as you could. At some point, you were pulled off of him and then you were at home with your dad, holding an icepack to a bruise on your cheek.

“Are you going to ground me?” you asked at last, focusing on your hands. The knuckles on your left hand were bruised and your right hand was wrapped in bandages from fracturing it on Tommy’s face.

“Yeah, I considered it.” your father chuckled, grinning at you. “But then I remembered that my daughter doesn’t fight without a good reason. Also, Bruce Wayne vouched for you.”

A small smile found its way to your lips but you didn’t say anything.

“The school’s suspended you,” your father informed, “Apparently they don’t approve of a detective’s daughter beating up a bunch of rich kids.”

“Tommy had it coming.”

“I don’t doubt it. But take it easy next time, okay? Maybe try not breaking your hand?”

“You’ve got it, dad.”

“That’s my girl.”

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