Hello again. Long time no… whatever it is we do. I missed you. Where did you go? Did you leave, or did I? Maybe it was both. Or neither. Doesn’t matter. Do those hopeful moments scare me? Of course. Daemons, remember?
At some point an “action without user interaction"will come along and sweep my legs.This spinning wheel of false highs and true lows will continue. That much I know. Daemons… they don’t stop working.They’re always active.They seduce. They manipulate.They own us…And even though you’re with me, even though I created you,it makes no difference.We all must deal with them alone.The best we can hope for…the only silver lining in all of this…is that when we break through,we find a few familiar faces waiting on the other side.
—  Elliot (Mr.Robot)