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R5 Preferences

 Preference - More Than Friends

Preference - Your First Kid

Song Preference - Stay With Me

Song Preference - Lucky

Song Preference - Not A Love Song

Preference- Fan Physically Hurts You


Rocky- (College)

Ross - (Chemistry)

Ross- (Eloping)

Riker- (City Boy)

R5 Mini Series

Rocky- Safe  (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

Riker- How Could I Forget (Cover) (Part 1)

R5 Imagines

Ryland Imagine (The Other GIrl)

Ellington Imagine (He finds out he’s a father)

RIker Lynch - A peculiar stranger

Riker Imagine (Proposing)

Riker Imagine (Christmas with Riker)

Ross Imagine Parenthood

Riker Imagine (Ski Trip)

RIker Imagine (I Love You)

Riker Imagine- Bookstore Love

Rydel imagine- Best Friends

Riker imagine - Road Trip

Riker Imagine (Best Friends Brother)

Riker Imagine (Love Hate Relationship)

Ross Imagine - A choice

Ross Imagine - Comforting you

Ross imagine - smile

Riker Imagine (Surprising him on his birthday)

Ross Imagine (First kiss Feelings)

Ross Imagine (He surprised you on tour for your birthday)

Ross Imagine (Long Distance Relationship/surprise him on tour)

Riker Imagine (Bad Boy/Partnership)

Riker Imagine (Bad Boy/Partnership Part 2)

Riker Imagine (Cuddling)

Ross Imagine (Your friend likes him but he likes you, Bonfire)

Ross Imagine (Bonfire imagine Part 2)

Austin and Ally(Not R5 but it was requested..:) (He likes you and Ally) 

Rydellington Imagine (She takes care of him while he’s sick)

Ryland imagine for Lara (More than friends)

Ross Imagine (Cruise)

Riker Imagine (More than friends)

Riker Imagine (Spending the night)

Ross Imagine for Rebeca (The Wrong Guy)

Riker Imagine For Taryn (He surprises you on your birthday)

Ryland Imagine for Lara 2 (Caught Making Out)

Ross Imagine for Rebeca (Cheating)

Ross imagine (Engaged Trust)


Drabble Menu

Ross- “I cant believe you talked me into this.”

Ross- “Please don’t leave.”

RIker- “I think Im in love with you, and Im terrified.”

RIker- “Wait are you jealous?”

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my favorite ross moments 

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Ross Imagine Requested by Anon

Anon requested “best friend tries to flirt with Ross but he ignores her”

You stepped out of your car onto the pavement in a spot that was just meeting the grass. You slammed the door shut and walked halfway to the other side to see your best friend coming around to you. You walked up to the walkway through all the other cars crowding the driveway and stepped onto the porch. When you arrived at the door you rang the bell. The large red door opened about 30 seconds later and Stormie greeted you with a warm smile. “Hey girls, everyone’s out back.” “Thanks Stormie!” you replied starting to walk through their house. The Lynches were having a bonfire and Ross had invited you and your best friend to come over. You had gotten pretty close to the Lynches. You loved going to their parties, and concerts, but you especially loved hanging out with Ross. He could be silly and goofy, but he could also be sweet and caring. He was pretty much perfect, except for one thing. You were pretty sure he had a thing for your best friend, and you knew she had a huge crush on him. It seemed like she was always flirting with him, and she would talk about them sort of having “a thing” together. You opened the glass sliding door that led to the outside and stepped out onto the pathway. “HEY!” Rydel leaped up and wrapped her arms around you in a hug. “Hey!” you both responded cheerfully. And walked up to the burning pit where the rest of the people sat. Riker, Ellington, and Rocky were hunched over the fire holding sticks with marshmallows on the end. “Hey Riks” you chimed. “Hey, you want one?” he asked signaling to the burnt marshmallow. “YES!” you answered, and he pulled the marshmallow out of the fire. You turned your head and saw your best friend on the other side of the campfire already flirting with Ross. You turned your head back to Riker and the marshmallow and rolled your eyes. Riker chuckled. “What?” “Oh…uh nothing.” You replied trying to cover up why you looked upset. “Seriously why’d you roll your eyes?” he asked again. You stuttered a little trying to find what you should tell him. You hadn’t actually revealed to anyone your feelings for Ross, and you planned to keep it that way. You couldn’t tell Rydel for she might tell Ross and you couldn’t tell your best friend for obvious reasons. You loved her but sometimes you felt like she was always better than you. She always got what she wanted and it was clear she wanted Ross. You didn’t want to ruin your friendship so you just kept it to yourself “Umm…Uh… it’s getting cold out here!” you muttered hoping to change the subject. “I was freezing before but Ross gave me his sweatshirt and its super cozy.” Your best friend spoke now standing next to you. “I’m glad for you.” You muttered sarcastically and rolled your eyes again. “Hey have you seen my-” Ross stopped in his tracks right in front of your best friend. “You took my sweatshirt” He put his hands on his hip. “I thought one of the guys took it!” Your best friend’s cheek turned a bright shade of red. “I…I thought you said I could have it.” She stuttered clearly embarrassed. “Dude I’m like super cold can I have it back.” He said sounding a bit irritated. She grabbed onto one of his arms and pouted “Rossy I thought” He stepped back pulling away from her and crossed his arms “Can you stop calling me Rossy, and I want my sweatshirt back.” He said sounding even more annoyed. “Fine, here!” she said pulling off the sweatshirt and handing it to him. Her face still bright red from the failure attempt of flirting with Ross, she backed away a little and turned to walk over to Rydel. Ross rolled his eyes and walked over to a small tabled loaded with snacks by the house. You couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of joy. You felt bad for your best friend but at the same time it made you happy to see him reject her. You turned around and saw Riker smirking at you. “What?” you asked. “So that’s what’s going on here!” he spoke slyly. “I don’t have the slightest clue what you’re talking about!” you replied. He raised his eyebrows and leaned in closer to whisper something. “You have a thing for Ross.” “I DO NOT!” you defended “oh come on, Its pretty obvious the way you light up when he talks, the reason you rolled your eyes earlier when she claimed he gave her his sweatshirt, you have a-“ “Hey short stuff.” Ross cut off Riker setting his elbow on your shoulder.” “Hey” you replied turning a little red in the face. Riker smirked and wiggled his eyebrows again. You shot him a glare and silently mouthed “shut up!” To him. He chuckled a little and walked away eating another marshmallow he had just toasted in the fire. “How’s it going?” he asked you backed up and sat on the log that was sitting behind you. “Oh pretty good I guess.” You answered shivering. Goosebumps started to appear on your arms and you pulled your flannel down to your hands. “Brr… It’s chillier than most nights!” you exclaimed “Are you cold?” he asked sitting down next to you. You shook your head and shivered a bit more. “Do you want my sweatshirt?” you were taken back by his question. “I thought you said you were really cold?” you enquired confused.” “No, not really I just said that because I didn’t want her to have it, she’d probably never give it back.” You raised your eyebrows suspiciously. “I thought you liked her.” Ross widened his eyes and shook his head. Making you giggle a little. “I like her as a friend, but I would never date her. Don’t hate me for saying this but honestly I think she tries a little too much. You smiled a little. “Yea I love her but sometimes she can be a little over the top.” “Plus there’s kind of a different girl I have my eye on.” He voiced giving you a wink. He wrapped his arm around you, and pulled you close. You leaned over and rested your head on his shoulder cuddling up to him. You looked up and met eyes with him and you both just smiled. You placed your head back onto his shoulder, and his hand gently rubbed your left arm warming you up. You sat there in content next to fire, listening to all the conversations, hearing all the laughter. Everything finally was perfect.

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This video gives me so many feelings

I want 17 year old Riker back