i see your “neil takes over the foxes” headcanons but since thats canonically dan’s dream it makes me feel a little uneasy putting neil in that role so i give to you another option: neil starting a charity for underprivileged kids to get to play exy

  • it starts with neil volunteering teaching kids exy at an after school community center program
  • but then he starts noticing this girl who always watches the practices from the bleachers but never plays
  • so one day while the kids are cleaning up neil goes over and talks to her and is like “you know we could always use more players, the more the merrier”
  • and she explains that she would but she couldnt afford the gear. or at least she’s too worried to ask her parents about the price
  • and neil gets really sad and mopey about it because everyone should be able to try something they’re interested in
  • eventually andrew is like oh my god just buy the girl a damn racquet im so sick of you being annoying about this
  • so neil does. he gets the gear and he realizes by now that she probably cant or wont except it as a gift so he decides to get some extras as loaners for other kids so she wont feel bad about it
  • and this inspires him so he starts talking to some local youth groups about donating racquets and armor like around christmas and stuff
  • and soon the other OG foxes and some of neil’s pro friends hear about it and are like yo how can we help
  • so he gets like memorabilia signed, a racquet by kevin and posters by matt and thea and jerseys by jean and jeremy and goalie shit signed by andrew and stuff and has it all auctioned off for insanely high prices and uses all the money to give low income and at risk kids gear and donations to schools and community centers and stuff who want to build exy courts
  • and allison might not be pro but shes rich af so she helps out by making matching deals like if we raise x amount at this fundraiser she’ll match it by a certain amount
  • and it soon becomes a Thing, he’s suddenly not just known as the smart mouth who makes reporters cry hes now the smart mouth who is mean to reporters but apparently has a heart of gold because now he’s a major philanthropist
  • and he just loves being able to do this so much?? so it gets bigger and bigger so he visits the childrens hospital aaron and katelyn work at to make the kids smile and he talks to physical therapists about how practicing exy drills can help patients (kevin did it so could others) and gives them whatever they need for that
  • and he gets contacts with a bunch of social workers and foster care departments and works with juvie systems to get exy programs there with andrew in mind
  • and through renee he gets americorps and programs who help kids at risk for gang violence and for dan he finds programs for minors who because of economic reasons get into sex work and for matt drug prevention programs
  • and after he retires from being pro he does this full time and it feels good
  • but he never stops teaching at his community center

Hey! Out of all elligible voters between 18-25 years old in the last UK General Election less than 50% actually took part, which is insane. With a snap General 3
Election likely in June now, go sign up to vote and then go vote or do what im doing as I’m in France and send off a postal vote. I won’t say who to vote for I know I will be asked who I am going to, so you can ask, but answer I will NOT. MAY you please share to make sure people do as I feel it may have screwed the younger generations a lot with low turn out from the younger people in the EU referendum and General Election. Ta

7+1 tips for coding…

I had this post sitting on my drafts for a few weeks, so I decided to make it pretty and post it. Enjoy!

Based on what my teachers told us.

1. Think before coding.  →  Take 10 minutes, 20 or even 30, whatever you need and think about which design pattern (if any) is appropriate for what you are going to code. Really think about it, you’ll be glad for those “wasted” minutes when you have to change or add something on the code and it only takes you 30 minutes instead of 5 hours.

2. Comment your code. →  Seriously, there’s nothing worse than check your own code two months later and don’t remember what it does. Comment everything important, avoid really obvious things.

3. Write clean code →  Indentate. Use spaces. Separate your code in blocks by functionality.  Read Clean Code by Robert C. Martin, it’s really useful. Also, follow whatever convention/standard the code has (like the Java Code Conventions), especially if it’s a shared code.

4. Refactoring is your friend. →  Nobody likes those looooooooong methods with tons of lines. Usually (almost always), that means you’re mixing functionality. Separate the code in more manageable methods. It also helps to make the code more reusable… which lead us to 5.

5. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE CODE.   →  If you have the same chunk of code twice or more times, you’re probably doing something wrong. Read no. 4.

6. Use meaningful names. →  It’s always funny to name your int variable “elligent” or your char, “mander”; but that doesn’t say anything about what it is for.

7. Test your code. →  Test, TEST, test, tEST. Also, test as you code. Don not wait until you’re done with the program to test it or you’ll regret when you find a giant bug you don’t even know where it came from.

7b. Automated testing is usually worth it. It also helps to save a lot of time with retesing and regression testing.

7+1. Learn to debug. →  In my first year, I used to think that I could manage without knowing how to do it and by printlning every time I had a problem. Wrong. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even find the bug and checking for “lost” println is a waste of time.

Monthly Follower Appreciation - February Edition

So, I’m gonna do a thing so I don’t fall too out of the whole swing of doing readings. Monthly follower appreciation!

For the duration of this semester of school, I’m going to make a new post like this every month. Prizes and rules below!


  • First place winner gets a Past Life Snapshot and may request a Romance Reading. (No crushes though. Gotta be established.)
  • Second place gets any reading allowed by my rules OR a Romance Reading since it’s February. (Still no crushes though.)


  • Must be a current follower as of this post going live. I will take a note on who my most recent follower is.
  • New followers will be elligible for the next month’s follower appreciation.
  • Likes and reblogs count.
  • Ends on: 2/24/17 at 1pm EST.
  • Winners have until the following afternoon to claim prizes.

That about does it!

The King’s Daughter...

((I REALLY liked this request!!))

((Word Cont: 2,099))

He hadn’t meant for it to happen. He…actually he wasn’t sure how it happened. He had watched you grow up, hell he had been in the hallway dressed in his white Kingsguard armor when you were born. It wasn’t the age difference that made it uncomfortable for him. After all, in Westeros age didn’t matter. It was the fact he had known you as a little girl. He had helped you learn how to ride a horse and he had cheered you on when you finally got your way and was allowed to learn archery and the art of sword fighting. It was wrong and it made him feel so dirty, but you were sixteen now and so beautiful. Your Baratheon black hair fell in soft curls down past the middle of your back and your Baratheon blue eyes with specks of Stark grey shined so brightly with laughter and joy. It was contagious and he had never been able to stay upset when around you. And he was always around you. He was, after all, the Kingsguard Knight that had been chosen to act as your personal body guard on the direct order (and threats) of King Robert, your Father.

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Orange Lilies 6/?

A/N: On to the next chapter! 

Prologue // Previous // Next


Chapter 5: Filly has a Very Bad Day

           Torako spent the next day, night, and half the day after alternatively sleeping and crying at Officer Nathan’s apartment. Then, heart still heavy, eyes red and nose stuffed full, she willed herself to get up. Then, after she managed to do that, she forced herself to make dinner and stop being such a burden.

           “Sweetheart,” Hepsa said when Torako brought her dinner, her knitting falling off her iron nails, “you didn’t have to! I was going to call in for food. You need your rest.”

           “And you need yours,” Torako said back. She straightened the jacket Bentley had sigilled for her, back in her cult hunting days. “Besides, you’ve put up with my caterwauling for the past what, thirty-six hours? And fed me? It’s fine.” She set the tray down on Hepsa’s lap, then sat in the stool next to her.

           Hepsa frowned. It was intimidating, and Torako couldn’t stop herself from squirming and glancing away at the reinforced closet doors.

           “They’ll find him. It will be okay.” Hepsa reached out, and Torako obediently held her rough hand, slightly cool to the touch from the denseness of Hepsa’s skin.

           Torako swallowed and closed her eyes. They stung. She was sick of crying, but it just wouldn’t stop. She wanted Dipper. She couldn’t have Dipper unless she went home. She didn’t want to go home. She wanted Bentley back, and Dipper there, and she had no access to either of them.

           If Dipper had been around more this last week, she couldn’t help but wonder, would Bentley still be at home? She pushed the thought aside as soon as she had it, not ready to face the idea.

           Hepsa squeezed her hand, lightly, careful of Torako’s relatively fragile skin. It reminded Torako of Dipper, and she clenched her teeth to stop herself from turning back into a saltwater fountain. “They will. You have to have faith.”

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Six of Crows Pride and Prejudice!AU Headcanons

So I know that probably NOBODY in the SoC fandom is into Pride and Predjudice, but I am (so please forgive my dorky headcanons). 

-Inej is basically Elizabeth Bennet (quick-witted, lively, etc.) and Nina is Jane Bennet (beautiful, kind etc.) and Wylan is Lydia Bennet (somewhat naïve and a prone to running away)

-Mr. (Kaz) Brekker is the wealthy owner of Pemberly who may or may not have earned his money through unscrupulous methods. All the same, he’s an elligible bachelor with terrible social skills.

-Kaz initially snubbing Inej but then eventually realizing his feelings and struggling to express them

-Mr. (Matthias) Helvar, the kind (if stiff and proprietary) gentleman who is not particularly good at anything but earned his money rightfully. 

-Lord Jan Van Eck being a general bastard about everything and trying to intimidate Inej into not marrying Kaz

-Jesper Fahey as the acquaintance of Kaz Brekker since childhood who tried to get Kaz to pay off his gambling debts by flirting with him. He, after trying to court Inej, runs away with Wylan (much to the horror of Inej and Nina). 

-Nina/Matthias and Inej/Kaz (and Wylan/Jesper sort of) in all of its Regency glory

I just need a Bachelorette parody with Dany as the eligible partner everyone is dying to marry where

Jamie Lannister

Euron Greyjoy

Some random Baratheons and Tyrell cousins are all lined up as her eligible prospects

And then there’s Jon Snow, 

Who doesn’t even know how he got on this show

sleeplessbutdreaming  asked:

Top 10 Buffyverse friendships!

Yes!! I love friendships more than anything! :)

1. Angel/Faith

Originally posted by hotcocoaandwarmblankets

2. Buffy/Dawn (is this elligible?)

Originally posted by whatisyourchildhoodtrauma

3. Buffy/Giles (and this?)

Originally posted by notcordeliachases

4. Willow/Xander

Originally posted by creoencasiangeles

5. Buffy/Willow

Originally posted by imlovesbitch

6. Buffy/Xander

Originally posted by piper-haliwel

7. Angel/Cordelia

Originally posted by bellaamyblakee

8. Angel/Wesley

Originally posted by carry-on-my-wayward-wesley

9. Dawn/Tara

Originally posted by marilynmay

10. Cordelia/Wesley

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Thanks a lot!!! :)

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well right her– oh. srry i’m afraid etoile isn’t elligible. 

she cute but she also attac

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zevran, you’ve always been a minx !!

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oh, thank god. someone who’s sane. *sobs*

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i drink wine but i’m a serial killer. does that suffice.

should i be worried about the alcohol preference or the serial killer part? pretty sure it’s the wine… 

Kekkai Sensen - Blu-ray DVD Vol.1 Limited ED: Mini Shikishi 

Those who purchase the BD volume 1 from selected stores are elligible to receive a bonus mini shikishi (an autograph board type item) from participating stores. Note that stores have their own specialised shikishi, so if you’re after a certain character then please order from that specific store. 

You can receive the shikishi bonus from the following stores (though stocks are limited and not every order is guaranteed to include them):
Sofmap (Leo), Tower Records (Zapp), Rakuten (Zed), Animate (Steven), Tsutaya (Klaus), Animega (Michella), Gamers (Chain), Toranoana (KK), Amazon JP (Black), HMV (White), and 7net (Femt)

jcogginsa  asked:

If you had to pick four writers to collaborate on a Weekly DC Series a la 52, who would they be? (This is a pure fantasy question, so people who are dead/retired/on bad terms with DC are elligible)

Based on the critical combination of speed and ability, I’d say Ewing, Kirby, Morrison, and Bennett - they’re all right up my alley and I think they’d be operating on a pretty similar wavelength.