Are you a fanfic writer?

Do you want to meet some fab other writers that will feel your pain when it comes to writers block, character development and googling the weirdest shit just because your story demands it?

Then *does the most awesome dance ever* I have something for you.

The Scribe Network is a brand new network for all fanfic writers who want to meet other people that are writers like them. You’ll get some coolio perks to being part of the network including meeting fellow writers, getting any kind of writers help that you need and so much more. Sounds super exciting right? Yes it does!!

If you’re interested go here to check out how to apply and all that jazz.


this was the patreon exclusive wallpaper for june!! i really like summer so i had fruit juice popsicles on the brain. i’m experimenting a bit with smaller tiled images and for being a first effort i’m pretty proud of these–but they could have been better, and i want to revisit the concept. if i had the time, i would have liked to make a few more variants, but june was a pretty hectic month for me.

so if you’re new to this blog, i make a wallpaper for my $10+ patrons every month over at my patreon! any commission or other donation tier you are in that is above $10 will make you elligible for both a new wallpaper and some tutorial media every single month!! you get early access to these wallpapers, in many pre-sized desktop resolutions (for big/landscape images) or in many sizes (for tiled images, such as these). i have these ready so that you will recieve them extremely soon after your payment processes at the start of every month. there are only a few days left in this month, so please jump onto the bandwagon if you want access to august’s rewards! the deadline is coming up soon.

★🐝 patreon 🐝★

more pixels

anonymous asked:

r u currently a non-degree student? cuz otherwise you should also be getting other stuff for aid, since that amount of a pell grant generally only happens when ur already elligible for like, a shitload of other things (umass amherst grant, massgrant, work-study, perkins loan). i work at umass dealing with financial aid, just wanted to let u know.

i don’t kno shit about fuck but I won’t be starting at umass so idk how much of that would even apply tbh. I’m new to all of this I’m just pretending I kno what I’m doing