Monthly Follower Appreciation - February Edition

So, I’m gonna do a thing so I don’t fall too out of the whole swing of doing readings. Monthly follower appreciation!

For the duration of this semester of school, I’m going to make a new post like this every month. Prizes and rules below!


  • First place winner gets a Past Life Snapshot and may request a Romance Reading. (No crushes though. Gotta be established.)
  • Second place gets any reading allowed by my rules OR a Romance Reading since it’s February. (Still no crushes though.)


  • Must be a current follower as of this post going live. I will take a note on who my most recent follower is.
  • New followers will be elligible for the next month’s follower appreciation.
  • Likes and reblogs count.
  • Ends on: 2/24/17 at 1pm EST.
  • Winners have until the following afternoon to claim prizes.

That about does it!

Six of Crows Pride and Prejudice!AU Headcanons

So I know that probably NOBODY in the SoC fandom is into Pride and Predjudice, but I am (so please forgive my dorky headcanons). 

-Inej is basically Elizabeth Bennet (quick-witted, lively, etc.) and Nina is Jane Bennet (beautiful, kind etc.) and Wylan is Lydia Bennet (somewhat naïve and a prone to running away)

-Mr. (Kaz) Brekker is the wealthy owner of Pemberly who may or may not have earned his money through unscrupulous methods. All the same, he’s an elligible bachelor with terrible social skills.

-Kaz initially snubbing Inej but then eventually realizing his feelings and struggling to express them

-Mr. (Matthias) Helvar, the kind (if stiff and proprietary) gentleman who is not particularly good at anything but earned his money rightfully. 

-Lord Jan Van Eck being a general bastard about everything and trying to intimidate Inej into not marrying Kaz

-Jesper Fahey as the acquaintance of Kaz Brekker since childhood who tried to get Kaz to pay off his gambling debts by flirting with him. He, after trying to court Inej, runs away with Wylan (much to the horror of Inej and Nina). 

-Nina/Matthias and Inej/Kaz (and Wylan/Jesper sort of) in all of its Regency glory

  • Me: look doc, im getting weaker the longer i stay on blockers without replacement hormones and im starting to develop symptoms of osteoporosis
  • Doctor: oh fuck dude here go do some bloodwork to go make sure youre ok. Just give me the brand/dosage, i trust you to know what youre doing, and ill sign it off
  • Me: holy shit thank you so much
  • Pharmacist: uhh those cost like 100$/m and arent covered like you thought they were, but if you get your doctor to sign a thing itll be fine
  • Me: ok ok *runs home to print the papers*
  • Pharmacist: actually its gonna take 6-8 weeks to process
  • Me: ???????? God... ok give me just the estradiol and ill pay out of pocket when its ready *goes back to the clinic*
  • Doctor: yeah honestly i dont think youre elligible for that kind of coverage
  • Me: ok ok while i was waiting for you to be free i noticed this brand was covered could u just prescribe this instead?
  • Doctor: yeah sure no problem
SMH tour HCs because the college process is about to engulf me

Just Sophmores through Seniors bc they’re the elligible ones and, frankly, Even though he’d probably want to, I don’t think our moustache son is ready to take on other people’s overbearing families.

(under a readmore bc I went a tiny bit overboard)

Ransom and Holster:

  • Frankly they’re pretty spot-on for tour guides social scene wise
  • And they’re bubbly AF so they know what to do
  • Frankly their biggest flaw as guides would probably be the fact that other students are always interrupting/greeting them mid-explanation
    • Their tours take 15 minutes longer than they were supposed to from sheer socialization
  • They do the thing where you go around the circle and say your name, your hometown, and your main interest
  • every tour there’s that one goober who asks about zimmerman
  • Ransom actually changes a few outlooks now and then
    • Like, part of the tour is sitting in a seminar room while the guide gives a brief description of Samwell’s academic life, And he goes on his own schpeal about how, yes, academic life takes a lot of work and it’s important at Samwell to work hard 

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Bohemia Bell Moon

Loner | Loves the Outdoors

Nora’s Skin [ ✓ ] Neptune’s Eyes  [ ✓ ] Neptune’s Hair  [ ✓ ]

Beauregard Bay Moon

Easily Impressed | Excitable

Nora’s Skin [ X ] Neptune’s Eyes  [ ✓ ] Neptune’s Hair  [ X ]

Bohemia is elligible for heir! 

Kekkai Sensen - Blu-ray DVD Vol.1 Limited ED: Mini Shikishi 

Those who purchase the BD volume 1 from selected stores are elligible to receive a bonus mini shikishi (an autograph board type item) from participating stores. Note that stores have their own specialised shikishi, so if you’re after a certain character then please order from that specific store. 

You can receive the shikishi bonus from the following stores (though stocks are limited and not every order is guaranteed to include them):
Sofmap (Leo), Tower Records (Zapp), Rakuten (Zed), Animate (Steven), Tsutaya (Klaus), Animega (Michella), Gamers (Chain), Toranoana (KK), Amazon JP (Black), HMV (White), and 7net (Femt)

man ok, just one thing to be clear:

when people are talking about the US elections and pressuring people to vote

it should be obvious that people under the age of 18 and people who don’t live in the US are not who that post is meant for. 

if you are not an elligible US voter, please withhold your complaints about how much we talk about it. this is a very, very important election that the future of the political system could possibly hinge on. let us talk about it, let us pressure people to vote, and don’t make us look like we’re being mean to people who can’t do anything about it. We know you can’t. those posts aren’t for you.