The endless weekend,  the party unending, spinning all day, all night at 120 heartbeats a minute

(don’t worry, it’s nothing like those scary-ass ‘joooooiiin ussss’ hivemind movies, it’s just…well, he doesn’t sleep)

Blood Sugar - Pendulum | A Little Party Never Killed Nobody - Fergie, Q-Tip & Goonrock | Beat It (Mutrix Remix) - Michael Jackson | Heads Will Roll (Little Vampires Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Dillon Francis Remix) - Daft Punk | Antidote (Radio Edit) - Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party | Freaks (W&W Bigroom Edit) - Timmy Trumpet | I’m an Albatroz (Extended Mix) - AronChupa | Too Original (feat. Elliephant & Jovi Rockwell) - Major Lazer | Wasted (feat. Matthew Koma) (Ummet Ozcan remix) - Tiesto
bonus: Human - The Killers


other Pantheon mixes:

[lucifer] [persephone] [inanna] [baphomet] [luci x laura] [sakhmet]

  • elliephant: wowwww, my best friend is so -heart eye emoji-
  • emmettstephans: If I was so heart eye emoji you would come love me instead of leaving me to rot in my car alone
  • @elliephant: me: -wonders why it's 100000 degrees in my room and complains to anyone willing to listen but then remembers that i chose to live in the refurbished attic space and it's 100% my fault-
  • @elliephant: you know you've definitely got a connection with your boyfriend when you both show up to church on easter sunday in color coordinating outfits completely on accident. -laughing/crying emoji, blue heart emoji- @stressedoutzylar
  • @elliephant: also we had 20 people come up to us and make some comment about us looking cute and/or asking it it was intentional so i owe zy a slushee on our next 7/11 trip. -tongue out emoji-
  • @elliephant: -guitar cover video of "friends" by chase atlantic because wow she actually put the uke down-
  • @elliephant: this song has like...weird synth on it...so like...i'm trying to get that same muffled echo...by playing in my boyfriend's bathroom? at like two in the morning? this isn't the weirdest thing i've done?
  • @elliephant: idk just please listen to this and don't laugh at me for censoring the word h*ll.
  • @elliephant: when you've gotta call your boyfriend to come pick you up from dance because a migraine came in like a wrecking ball, then you fall asleep in like ten seconds in his car.
  • @elliephant: zylar is an actual angel, you guys. <3

i wish i could live to see 3008 so i could bear witness to the future’s opinion on “boom boom pow.”  i bet it’s fantastic. classic music stations play it on loop and everyone makes a little chuckle at the appropriate line.  no, fergie, it is you who is 2000-late.

top pet peeves of the lion king:

1.  why does matthew broderick simba call mufasa “father”???  he always called him “dad” as a cub that makes no sense who the fuck calls their dad ‘father’ to their FACE
2.  on that note why the fuck didnt mufasa just tell simba what was up like “yo it was ur evil uncle scar who killed me dont live with this guilt i love u so much” instead of that “blah blah remember who u are” shit like what???  remember the fact that i think i killed u, dad???  HOW DOES THAT HELP HIM RULE ANYTHING
3. hakuna matata.
4. all my friends wanna fuck kovu.  

during a presentation at my first day at this new job they had a little quiz on the projector and the manager asked ‘ok so which option’ and a kid called out “pick number 3 m'lord” while holding up two fingers which means that the first official hour of my first official job was punctuated by a SHREK REFERENCE