Dear Wonderful.

I wish I could explain with words the feelings that bluster through my mind. Every feeling of fear and hope exploding inside me, and the feelings of love and enjoyment taking over every single inch of my body and the car crash of emotions that’s swarm over me like an angry brigade of hornets. I wish I had words to explain my love for you… I guess you would call that indescribable love. Who would have thought that years later a simple kiss would be the opening credits of an amazing love story (one titled “based on a true story… A really true story”) my thoughts run rapidly through my mind at rates faster than you can process a single beam of light and every word I thought I was going to say to you just changed 50 times in just under a second because if it just wasn’t perfect than you deserved better. You deserved better 3 years ago. You deserved better last year. You deserved better 7 months ago and I’m trying really hard to be everything you need. I am everything you need and more I’m discovering that each day. Each day that I woke up is one day closer to when you would be carrying my last name (or some variation of it) or my children, maybe even my hand or say I throw out a hip… I know you got my back… Some lame pun intended………..

Ultimately I know I don’t have all the right words and I know I’m not all the perfection in a person. Hell I’m only human but I’ll be damned if ill admit someone else said anything better than I have or will right now. elighdurieu you are my everything, you are my world, you are my light, my beating heart, my hopes, aspirations, dreams and most of all my love. I love you with every fiber of my being, every single microscopic tissue of my existence… Your smile makes the sun look like the moon, your body, touch, eyes… Your whole atomic arrangement drives me wild. your heart loves like no one ever could, you are everything I have ever wanted in a person. I have never met anyone as genuine, amazing, beautiful or interesting as you and I do not ever plan to venture out looking for anything. I have the whole world right in front of me. I will never leave your side. I will always take care of you, I will always strive to provide you with more than you could ever imagine and all I’m asking in return is for your love trust and honesty. I will love you until my dying day.