things NOT to do when an oppressed person says they hate white/cis/het/male/able bodied people

  • say “well not all of us are like that” or “i’m not like that”
  • say “that’s just reverse racism” or “you can’t fight fire with fire!”
  • say “why does everything have to be about you guys?”
  • say “well maybe if you were nicer people would listen to you

things TO DO when an oppressed person says they hate white/cis/het/male/able bodied people

  • listen to what they have to say
  • try and understand why they are saying what they say (hint: they’re not just saying it to be hateful, they have actual fucking emotions and reasoning behind this)
  • support their cause in any way possible WITHOUT making it about yourself
  • let their voices be heard

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fav movies babe?

I could be here for hours. This kind of just became a list of movies I love…

The Social Network, All Harry Potter tbh, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Clueless, Star Wars - all of them but esp. the original 3, The Parent Trap, Grease, Goodfellas, The Fighter, The entire Step Up franchise, Wayne’s World, Definitely Maybe, Heathers, Whiplash, Legally Blonde, Pretty in Pink, Fargo (!!!), Bring it On, Zombieland, Across the Universe, The Artist, Psycho, Juno, Kill Bill, Wanted, Drive, Going the Distance, Attack The Block, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Aladdin, Good Will Hunting, Scott Pilgrim, Inception, That Awkward Moment, Brokeback Mountian, Bend it like Beckham, Whip It, The Perfect Man, Rear Window, The Big Lebowski, The Wolf of Wall Street, Deadpool, Ex Machina, Boogie Nights, The Pursuit of Happyness, Almost Famous, The Dark Knight trilogy, BASEketball, HSM, Captain America: TWS, The Outsiders, The Aristocats, Step Brothers, Birdman, Romeo + Juliet, Dope, What’s Your Number, The Big Sleep, Jawbreaker, Me and Earl and The Dying Girl, Back to the Future, The DUFF, Charlie’s Angels -

I should stop now mayhaps

achilles and patroclus (tsoa) icon creds - half-infinite.tumblr.com

a playlist to help me vent my emotions having just finished the song of achilles


take my hand - simple plan // if i die young - cover by michael henry and justin robinett // golden days - panic! at the disco // centuries of immortals - mashup by sam tsui and khs // battle cry - imagine dragons // run - snow patrol // you are my sunshine - sara hickman // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // the last goodbye - billy boyd // warriors - imagine dragons

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The bug wearing that shirt saying "enjoy a Coca Cola" but I know you would say to him "I know what your shirt says but I'd much rather be enjoying you" and then he'd giggle a stupid giggles and kiss your head :)

you right i would be so smooth (or i would try, fail miserably and tell him a terrible joke to make him laugh and distract him from how embarrassing i am he would dig that too)