ellie x max


Ellie: Clearly you don’t know how angry I am.
Max: I’m getting a very good sense of it right now.
Ellie: You are such a stupid sod! Did you really think I wouldn’t find out?
Max: Come on. It wasn’t meant maliciously.
Ellie: This is about real lives.
Max: I know it’s about real people, OK? Cause I’m one of them. I saw my dad sitting on the end of my bed every night for months. I was eight. He died the year before.
Ellie: I’m sorry. I didn’t know.
Max: Why would you?

Bedlam 2x03 - Unfaithful

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Relationship status: single, but emotionally unavailable
Favorite color: blue (like ocean blue) and purple (darkish purple but NOT lavender)
Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick but neither tbh
Last song: whatever was playing on the radio when i took a bath lolol
Last movie: dark night. kind of a super artistic movie with barely any dialogue based on the theater shooting a few years back. wasn’t too bad, just kinda boring at points.
Top 3 shows: the walking dead, twin peaks, pretty little liars
Top 3 ships: ellie x riley, max x chloe, hanna x caleb

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hi guys! Hope you like them their would be more of my Collage de [blank].