ellie the last of us cosplay


I can’t walk on the path of the right, because I’m wrong.

I did the thing!!! Ofc i couldn’t resist trying older Ellie bc she’s my angel, even if i did bad job ahaha.

I was going to try it with all the blood but I wasn’t sure how the blood would come out on camera and i don’t have any makeup wipes left :’)

*pls pretend Ellie has piercings bc I can’t get them out*


Another post about this!!!! chronological order from the first time I tried cosplaying Ellie (the weekend after the last of us came out) until yesterday (older Ellie).

Yes, I’m waaaaay too committed to this character but she means a lot to me!

I’m really proud of how much my makeup and cosplay skills have come, especially with Ellie BC as ya’ll know, she’s my FAVOURITE character and cosplay ever. Thought I’d share!!!

FINALLY (after dyeing it four times — I’ll explain in a minute) I got my Ellie shirt to be the right color! SO HAPPY NOW! :D The top left picture is my shirt, compared to the game shirt on the right. The top bow is my bow, compared to the in game bow on the bottom.

Also finished up adding the details to the bow! I couldn’t be more pleased with how accurate it is.

So… How I did the shirt. First I dyed it with a red and tan mixture. It came out extremely coral looking for some reason. It was crunch time so I went with it and painted on it anyway. I wasn’t happy with it, so today I bleached it with Clorox. It ended up waaaaay too light so then I tried dyeing it with a tea bath. That made it too brown. So then I redyed it with a combination of red, orange, yellow, and tan. It turned out way too red. XD So then I bleached it again twice, with berg little at a time. And then I tea dyed it (yes, drinking tea) again except with a lighter amount of tea and for a shorter time. I was finally satisfied with the color after that. So then I took a diluted water bleach mix and brushed it on to make it unevenly faded and spotty. It still needs some dirt and blood and grits, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the color and distress.

Ellie: Catana (Me)
Riley: Jassassin
Photographer: Alyssum Nelson Photography