ellie the last of us cosplay

Ich brauche mal Rat^^ Ich plane momentan Ellie aus dem kommenden the last of us zu cosplayen und dazu bräuchte ich das Armtattoo. Vorlage ohne, mit Hintergrund, gespiegelt hab ich schon. Jetzt ist die Frage was ich am Besten mache.

1.Selber aufmalen, obwohl mir das eigentlich zu kompliziert ist

2. das irgendwie mit Tattoo-transfer-folie machen. Sprich Bild in A4 auf die Folie drucken mit nem Tintenstrahldrucker. Hat einer Erfahrung damit und wo ich das am Besten kaufe? @official-german-cosplay (ich wollte das an dich schicken, aber tumblr meinte immer ich hätte nen link in der Frage)

eventuell hat jemand ja noch ne andere Idee?

Hier mal ein Beispiel

FINALLY (after dyeing it four times — I’ll explain in a minute) I got my Ellie shirt to be the right color! SO HAPPY NOW! :D The top left picture is my shirt, compared to the game shirt on the right. The top bow is my bow, compared to the in game bow on the bottom.

Also finished up adding the details to the bow! I couldn’t be more pleased with how accurate it is.

So… How I did the shirt. First I dyed it with a red and tan mixture. It came out extremely coral looking for some reason. It was crunch time so I went with it and painted on it anyway. I wasn’t happy with it, so today I bleached it with Clorox. It ended up waaaaay too light so then I tried dyeing it with a tea bath. That made it too brown. So then I redyed it with a combination of red, orange, yellow, and tan. It turned out way too red. XD So then I bleached it again twice, with berg little at a time. And then I tea dyed it (yes, drinking tea) again except with a lighter amount of tea and for a shorter time. I was finally satisfied with the color after that. So then I took a diluted water bleach mix and brushed it on to make it unevenly faded and spotty. It still needs some dirt and blood and grits, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the color and distress.


Hey, So I said I was bringing out my Ellie Cosplay again, but with a surprise! As you can see, you also got this perfect Clementine from TWDG Cosplay, by my amazing little @mayrothwell and isn’t she perfect?! We would have taken photos together, but I moved 7 hours away from her a few months ago, but we will get pictures together soon!!!
I kinda got a lot of inspiration to do this from @sadzombiegirls :) If you love both these characters, I suggest you follow them!!!


I can’t walk on the path of the right, because I’m wrong.

I did the thing!!! Ofc i couldn’t resist trying older Ellie bc she’s my angel, even if i did bad job ahaha.

I was going to try it with all the blood but I wasn’t sure how the blood would come out on camera and i don’t have any makeup wipes left :’)

*pls pretend Ellie has piercings bc I can’t get them out*

Ellie: Catana (Me)
Riley: Jassassin
Photographer: Alyssum Nelson Photography

Why I hate hetalia so much

So the people in question are Elli and Zoey. Neither are their real names. Elli is my best friend since I moved to the states for School, Zoey is pretty much a ticking time bomb.

The three of us WERE all roommates (Elli and I finally moved out!) and we were all into cosplaying. Zoey did a lot of anime and manga cosplay (Elli and I were in Love Live Hell for the last couple weeks) while Elli and I did mostly video game and Movie cosplays. Our next con was AnimeNEXT and Elli and I would room together while Zoey roomed with her friends.

Zoey thought it would be a good idea to make a “Historically accurate FemKorea” cosplay from the series Hetalia a few weeks before con. Did absolutely no research, thought any asian culture would be okay to throw onto the costume, completely shut down my thoughts and ideas for it and shouted at me “well its not like YOU’RE gonna wear this!”. Which was true, but as a first generation Korean American who is seeing her culture ripped to shreds all for the sake of a convention, yeah I would say it is my business.

Zoey finally caved and had me help her, I even showed her MY hanboks (traditional Korean Dresses) to get some sort of idea on what could be done. Then about  couple days before we all left for AnimeNEXT, I noticed the 3 garment bags that held my hanboks were missing. I asked my roommates and they both said no. I should have gone with my gut feeling but I was so panicked that I couldn’t think straight because those hanboks had a LOT of sentimental value to them and they were one of a kind! Elli convinced me we would look for them after the con.

Saturday of Con, we found them.

At the Hetalia shoot we saw Zoey wearing my cream and fuchsia hanbok incorrectly and disrespectfully with red dots on her cheeks and Chun Li styled hair buns and chopsticks in her hair and flapping around a Japanese style fan acting as if she was the greatest cosplayer here.

Now im furious. I pulled her aside from the shoot and demanded them back. Other Hetalia cosplayers were yelling at me to leave her alone but FUCK THEM.

I fucking had her take us to her hotel room to get the hanbok off her greasy ass and thats when I see them. Two very familiar garment bags. Zoey kept freaking out that those were hers even though the bags have my initials on them IN KOREAN. And there they were!

One Navy blue and gold hanbok with a Star and Moon motif and one Lavender and Lilac purple hanbok with a butterfly motif to it. The very same ones that went missing from my closet.

Remember how I said that the hanboks had a lot of sentimental value to them and how they were one of a kind?

Both my late grandparents made a living by sewing hanboks for both men and women. They were also the ones who raised me since I was a baby. They MADE the three hanboks for me as gifts: the Butterfly one was a High School Graduation Gift, the Stars and Moon one was a farewell gift, and the Cream and Fuchsia one was for my up and coming Coming of Age gift (I’m currently 19). It really hit me hard to see the dresses go missing because they passed away about 4 months ago but I couldn’t be there because of school.

She stole my possessions just to play dress up for a day and did it so poorly that I’m 100% sure my grandparents are rolling in their graves! Pretty damn sure they’re STILL rolling in their graves!

At this point I go off on her! Spit is flying, She’s crying as if she’s the victim, You could hear me scream down the fucking hall, her roommates are trying to make it seem as if it was my fault, etc etc. She ONLY gave them back after I threatened to call the cops and have her charged with theft. and that really freaked her out because I guess she “Can’t go back to jail”. So for the rest of the con, I was hobbled up in our bathroom TRYING to clean the makeup, grease, sweat, general filth off my hanboks. What a way to spend a convention weekend!

90% of all the Joel and Ellie cosplays I’ve seen online are literally just some young guy with a fake beard and his girlfriend 
and many of them take pics of themselves kissing, in cosplay???