ellie the goat

Kinktober #12: Master/Slave

aka: the fluffiest master/slave AU ever. 

Hinata has a good feeling about today.

He’s trained for many long, hard years. He’s learned how to sit and stand with the best posture, how to eat in a way that looks like he’s not chewing, smile with his mouth closed and cover it when he laughs. He knows how to dance and how to read (mostly), he knows that perfume is the most alluring on the nape of the neck and backs of the knees, he knows flattery gets you nowhere, but a well-placed compliment will open doors.

He is ready.

He stands in a lineup with a group of other men and women, all of them different heights, weights, hair colors. A good variety. Most of them, Hinata is familiar with, and they are familiar with him. Most of them never thought he’d make it this far, deeming him a simple goat herder’s son.

Hinata has never been sure of why this is a bad thing. Goats can climb and eat anything, two skills he has always felt are very important in life.

The buyer that day is a wealthy merchant. Maybe not quite as illustrious as a prince or a king, but those opportunities come rarely, and this is still a good prospect. The man, it appears, is looking for a “companion” for his son. The exact role doesn’t matter—companion, concubine, sex slave, they’re all the same thing. Whatever they’re called, they’ll be fed and housed and their debts paid off. There isn’t much more desirable in life than that.

Or so Hinata thinks.

The buyer doesn’t come himself; instead he sends his son, which is appropriate. They bring the man into the viewing room, and everyone perks up because not only is this man rich, but he’s also very, very attractive. The slaves all posture like a bunch of peacocks, but barely has Hinata struck a sultry pose when the merchant’s son points and says,

“That one.”

He is pointing at Hinata. Hinata’s eyes widen.

“Me?” he squeaks, and immediately wants to kick himself. How unattractive.

But when the traders ask the man again, just to make sure, he nods and says brusquely, “Third on the left,” before turning on his heels and marching out.

Third on the left is Hinata. Just like that, he is sold.

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Meet Ellie she goat she has been on this earth seems the 1960’s she has a twin brother named Lucian but Ellie is a pacifist she helps people who need it and she always where’s a cloak to hide her face her and her brother have become a legend told by generations


Perf: SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!!!! \O///3////O/ <3

So, I was back to my old habits of worshipping satan. And as per @lucifersass instruction to worship via the dark lord via Tom Ellis, I procured a goat to sacrifice. But, I failed. I ended up adopting the goat. And now he’s in my living room playing Skyrim with my husband. We named him Sami Said Morticai Penelope. Is this proper worship? I should have made this an ask to my overlord @lucifersass but as a follower of satan, I’m not obligated to follow any rules.