ellie says no~


David Tennant characters shouting costars’ names



Day 6: Jumin

Seeing him bicker with Zen is always so much fun hahaha they’re like an old married couple rofl (◐▽◐) 

And is it just me or shouldn’t Jumin be concerned if Elly is dropping so much hair…?

Happy Valentine’s week! ❤

Day 6 of @mysticmessimagines event ^^

Just an FYI to any LGBTQ+ WoSo fans out there: you are under no obligation to support Jaelene Hinkle. Do not let anyone (especially a few certain WoSo writers out there) make you feel like you’re being intolerant for not supporting intolerant beliefs. Don’t let anyone try to gaslight your feelings. Someone like Hinkle not seeing your humanity or existence is not a simple disagreement - that’s something very serious. Do not feel like you have to accommodate your existence for anyone…especially someone who uses religion to be hateful. 🌈

Ok but give me Matt that doesn’t recognise Katie as Pidge and refuses to believe it’s her because he can’t trust anyone anymore.

Give me Matt that believes Shiro died in the arena and doesn’t believe him either.

Give me Matt trying to fight the paladins and breaking down because he can’t handle seeing his friend and sister again after believing for so long he would never see them again.

Give me Matt watching with pride and surprise as his baby sister fights and wins over and over.

Give me Matt regretting leaving at all because then his sister wouldn’t have had to learn to fight and wouldn’t have to put herself in so much danger for the sake of the universe.