ellie sabet


Vermont, March 2016

We drove to Vermont last weekend. 

There is something about Vermont. Breakfast taste better. Hiking feel soulful. The rivers and mountains are stunning. The adorable covered bridges. The air just feels different. 

The little inn we stayed at didn’t have an electric car charger but a B&B down the road had electric car chargers (4 of them). The owners of the B&B told me that Tesla paid for the gear and installation and they use it quite often for Tesla & Prius (mostly). Even better, this B&B is completely powered by solar so they smiled and proudly declared that our car was given a charge from sunshine.

Did I mention I love Vermont.


The last few nights have been quite cool in the Boston area. When I took our dog Sam for an evening walk last night, my phone told me that it was 47 degrees outside. I threw on my denim jacket and a scarf. The flip flops were pushed to the back of the closet.

So here are some of the last photographs of summer.

Over Labor Day weekend we made a day trip to Crane Beach which is about an hour from our house. It was our first time there. The beach just beyond the parking lot was extremely crowded. But a 15minute walk south along the water, was quiet and wide open. It was a gorgeous day. The sun was out, the sand was hot and the waves were cool.

I cherish days like that.

(All photographs taken with a Leica MP and Kodak Portra 400 film scanned at Richard Photo Lab in California)


There are a variety of filters and presets on the market to help us get back that film look. Some of them are really quite amazing at turning our digital images into film like versions.

It’s particularly difficult to get a sense of digital vs film when squinting at images on our mobile devices. But on a big screen or better yet, on prints, film just feels alive.

These images won’t win any awards. They are just a bunch of photographs from a recent roll of film.

But getting back a roll and seeing them all brings back a bunch of memories from the past week — my son’s little league game when he pitched for the first time, a meal with the family, a walk by myself, a morning hike with our dog, and a cortado at the local cafe. Simple pleasures. 

At the rate of digital improvement, I’m not sure how long we will have access to film and high quality photo labs.

But I do hope film lasts forever.


Another weekend, another road trip to see far away friends. We just got back from Fire Island. It was my first time there. The island is quite small and super chill. The weather was about as good as it gets.

And seeing our dear friends, even over a short time, was absolutely wonderful. 

(I shot a bunch of film too but sadly I left it in a super hot car for a few hours. I’m not sure what shape they will be in but I’m sending it to the pros and hoping for the best).