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soundofmess  asked:

do you have any jealous Beckett fics? please?

Yes I love jealous Beckett! I will write the subject of the jealousy next to the fic.

Hers by blue252 - Kristina Coterra

Shades of Green by ThePossibilityofMagic - season 4, random woman

Jealousy Will Drive You Mad by zkcaskett - Meredith and Serena Kaye

Kate’s Man by purplangel - Kristina Coterra

Marking her Territory by vignette1989 - Jordan Shaw

Diversionary Tactics by Mindy35 - Serena Kaye

Because Flowers Wouldn’t Work by Balboanne - Kristina Coterra

Distracted by Dmarx - Serena Kaye

Past & Present by NevynR - Sophia Turner

Natalie vs Beckett by Michelle285 - Natalie Rhodes

Dangerous Game by JillianCasey - season 2, random woman.

An Envious Muse by morgangirl11 - Jordan Shaw 

This chapter of What If? by KelliP - Serena Kaye

It’s not just Coffee (Natalie Rhodes)  and Bachelor Auction (Ellie Monroe and Meredith) by LittleLizzieZentara

Personal Belongings by BerLina - Serena Kaye

The Us in the Unit Cohesion by PollyLynn - Sophia Turner

Missed Opportunities, Pandora’s Box and Pandora’s Box 2 by Liv Wilder - Sophia Turner

And these chapters of Kiss Me Castle by Cora Clavia - Jordan Shaw and Ellie Munroe

Thank you for your message, hope you enjoy these fics!

•Ellis’s Eight Favorite Single-Issues of 2014•

(5) || Amazing X-Men #3 (Aaron and McGuinness)

“I hereby claim this ship in the name of the X-Men. Anyone who objects… pick up a sword and step forward.”

A little while ago, I was having a convo with simptasia about X2, and how it is the source for my abiding love of Kuroro….

but like, goddamn this scene is so awkward and poor Jean is right there, probably telepathically yelling at Scott “this is not what I fucking signed up for what the fucking fuck get the professor, tell him I quit”.