ellie mouse


Archer, I… He closed his eyes, taking a few deep breaths before continuing. It hadn’t helped at all to quell his nausea. I know that Tiberius is still really young but would you… How would you feel about becoming a father again?

The corner of the blond’s mouth quirked up. With you?

Better fucking be with me, Levi rolled his eyes, pushing the man playfully. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ellie & Mouse but the rest of your kids better be mine, blondie. 

Archer laughed, putting his hand’s on the man’s hips & pulling his body in closer. I think I can handle that. His brows pulled together as he searched Levi’s face for answers. You know that I want us to have our own children, L. 

Even if it happens sooner rather than later?

Archer’s face softened & his eyes lit up. Are you…? Levi nodded, meeting the man’s gaze. A wide grin spread across the blond’s lips. Really, baby?

Are you happy? Levi asked, acting much more shy than Archer had ever really known him to be. 

His fiance cupped his face gently before kissing him, calming him immediately. Of course I’m happy, Levi. As long as we’re still.. he paused, motioning towards the area where their wedding ceremony was starting.

Oh, fuck yeah we are, blondie. Let’s go make me a Hawke!

ON THE AIR: SIDE A - Songs that remind me of Nightvale orz

// Radioactive - Imagine Dragons // What the Water Gave Me - Florence + the Machine // Wait - M83 // Heavydirtysoul - Twenty One Pilots // Meet Me in the Woods - Lord Huron // Thousand Eyes - Of Monsters and Men // Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap // The Ground Walks with Time in a Box - Modest Mouse // Lights - Ellie Goulding // Hunger of the Pine - alt-J // Midnight City - M83 // Monster - Imagine Dragons // Kill Your Heroes - AWOLNATION // Don’t Wait Up - Robert DeLong // Feeling Good - Avicii //