ellie krieger


This gets me so triggered 😣😣😟😩😩next thing you know, Tobin will be out of the April camp or she won’t suit up for any of the games. With her absence right now, it looks like she won’t be playing a lot of minutes if she stays in camp. RIP USWNT MIDFIELD


Okay Jill, You can stop now ✋

If these three don’t get better by the friendly against Russia, Imma be so upset Jill will catch these hands 👐 (I’m joking ya’ll. Jill is actually okay because she plays my faves a lot) . The midfield would be such trash without them. I hope they get better but I’m not too worried because it’s only preseason and these games don’t matter

And with this mindset, you too could be Jill Ellis

1. Place all players in a different position no matter what they say.
2. Alex morgan is the new keeper and Kelly O'hara will never play.
3. Place the worst 3 in back while the best play right bench.
4. Never blame yourself for the inevitable failure.
5. Repeatedly fire all players to make room for the 2019 WWC young guns, but never give them a chance to learn from the veterans who played in an era where THINGS WERE WORKING.

Ali Krieger

Ali Krieger enters Starbucks and orders tea, but the baristas try to convince her that she loves coffee. She grabs a table near the front with the Spirit. After awhile, she gets up and says she’ll be right back. While she’s gone, the Spirit trade her to the Pride for a handful of coffee beans. She’s confused and hurt, but at least the tea is good in Orlando.


ok for y'all interested, here was my take on the game. So me and my friend got there around the middle of the first half of the germany vs. england game. It was pretty chill and people were starting to file in. The crowd went wild when germany scored. When the game ended, Tony duggan from england saw a sign for her and went over to take some pics. A lot of the german players were cooling down in front of us so we moved one row up to try and get pics. They were super nice and so many of their players stayed and signed almost everything that everyone on my side had. Alex Popp was super cute and so nice and took pics with us. She also gave away her cleats to fans. I saw the german goal keeper did the same with her gloves. Marozsan (german captain) stayed the longest and signed pretty much everything. She was talking to some of the girls next to us with Germany jerseys on and was really appreciative of us. The gals finally came out to warm up and were super pumped. I saw allie and pughs hand shake in real time so that was amazing. Wish i recored that. Tobin and christen were shooting on goal together and they were on fire. Alyssa was warming up so well and ash kept patting her and giving her thumbs up. The game started and the crowd was pretty interactive. Halfway thru the first half the subs came to keep warm a few feet from me. Everyone kept yelling for julie and then we started chanting her name and she looked so cute and bashful and smiled. Ali and ash were attached at the hip the whole game. They warmed up together, would turn and talk about the game, and then warm up together again. During pregame/national anthem ali moved to stand by ash and then she was talking to kelley after and moved all the way down the bench to sit with ash. Too cute. after half time everyone was definitely frustrated with the game. Everyone was praising alyssa so that was super sweet. You could tell the team was getting frustrated, ali and ash were warming up in front of me when the 3rd goal went in and ash just shook her head and turned away and ali game a closed lip upset/disappointed look to the stands. After that they walked back to the bench. After the game, the girls stood around during the ceremony and looked so sad. It hurt my heart. after that, kelley left right away (probs bc of her injury), and so did jill (which she better have because so many people had some stuff to say to her…) and then the girls started signing stuff. Press came our way but didn’t sign muted. She looked like a sad puppy which made me so sad. She didn’t say a word to any of the fans. Carli looked pissed (understandably) but came over and took pics and signed stuff and was a great sport. Moe came our way and was super sweet and smiley and appreciative of the fans. Lynn also came to us and signed everything given to her. She was super sweet and was chatting with some of the littler girls beside us. Ali stayed the longest (I’m guessing cuz DC) and she signed so much. She came our way but turned which made me a little sad, but i was appreciative that she stayed so long for everyone. She was very smiley and was deff being a great sport also. Becky i think did some media so she was the last to leave the field but she was waving and thanking everyone, true hero. Although it wasn’t a great game, i can say it was a great experience. Ps allie long was so funny all game she is deff one of my faves. She looked like she was being so interactive with fans

The days of the USWNT relying on individual skill to get by and win are slowly coming to an end. The program is not short of talent - but other teams and their development programs are catching up. Women’s football is getting more competitive. Look no further than Canada in another Algarve Cup final, producing talent like Fleming, Buchanan and Lawrence. Spain being in that final, too. England getting better. France not underachieving for once with this group of talent. Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, etc are all threatening in a tournament. The USWNT often win in spite of Jill’s nonexistent tactics. Nobody on the team played with a purpose in this tournament because they looked lost thanks to Jill’s mediocrity. I don’t expect her to get fired anytime soon but let’s not forget that Sermanni got fired for a lot less. It’s not good enough to say “it’s a process” when Jill has no plan and hasn’t since the WC win.


So much about this has me crying:

Alyssa and Syd right at the start

Arod’s mini pep talk to herself

Alex calling Abby her big sister

Hope tearing up and the crack in her voice as she talks

Ash crying

Syd crying

The raw emotion in Ali’s eyes and in her voice

How serious Arod is at the end

And for some reason I’m even crying at Pinoe at the end even though she made me laugh

90 will never be the same without you Abby