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I thought this quotation perfectly explained the best way I’ve changed this year, learning to see my blank pages as opportunity instead of an anxiety. Day 8 of the December challenge by @journaling-junkie

Here’s to the kids who spend hours upon hours watching live performances of their idols on the internet because they’ve learned to accept the fact that that’s the closest they’ll ever get.

Maggie smashes him in the face with a gun lifted from one of the men coming to the group’s aid.  She doesn’t know this man; he’s not familiar, but trying to touch her.  She aims at his head even though the pistols light, unloaded.

“Maggie!  Maggie, he’s with us!”  Jesus can see she’s not fully there; none from the RV are.  “He’s new, he’s with us,” he repeats, softer, going over to her.

“Ellis,” Ellis mutters through a newly re-broken nose.  He examines his reddened hand with more interest than anger…apparently he wasn’t meant to keep his nose in the right shape after the apocalypse.

“What?” Maggie questions, her adrenaline keeping her upright, but confused.

“My name…” he swallows down a flood of blood.  “Is Ellis.”


“You’re bleeding, Maggie.”  He notes.  “Very badly.”

She looks down with everyone else to see the crotch, the inner thighs and legs, of her jeans gone almost inky black.  “Oh god…”  Having it pointed out made it real again.  She cringes, holds her stomach with terror-wide eyes.

Jesus grabs and lifts as she starts to go down.  “I’ll get her to Dr. Carson.”

Ellis nods, looks over at the rest.  They all look a mess; blood-spattered, beaten, and drained.  “Anyone else need medical attention?”

…Cassidy watches from the top of the wall as Ellis approaches and examines a portly, mulleted, man with a bashed-up face.  “Who’re they?” she asks one of the sentries.

“They’re from Alexandria.  Made a deal to get ridda Negan with ‘em, but guess Negan got ‘em.”

“Never hadda chance, huh?” She smirks a touch.  Funny how Negan was everyone else’s own personal boogeyman; everyone else was such a pussy.

The man sighs.  “Got some of ‘em while back, just not the ones that mattered.”

Cassidy turns back to watch the group pull out bodies with red mash for heads and bites her lip to keep from smiling.  “Guess not.”  They never got her.

So, obviously, this is directly after Negan’s little introduction to Rick’s group and they went to Hilltop to get Maggie medical attention.  Cass has been laying low while recovering, figuring out how to play Hilltop (and Gregory lol) to her advantage, while Ellis has been trying to make himself useful.  …Sadly, the poor guy can’t keep his nose intact though, haha!

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Gifs are from Google, but the top one I made out of two different (Google) gifs…go me, lol!

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Get to know me meme: [7/?] favorite movies →  Kill Bill vol. 1 & 2 (2003 and 2004)

Revenge is never a straight line. It’s a forest, And like a forest it’s easy to lose your way… To get lost… To forget where you came in.