ellie goulding poster


Ellie Goulding Merchandise

Some photos of the merchandise sold on the Bruno Mars Moonshine Jungle Tour

Shirts(2) // $35 each
EG Logo Beanie Hat // $30
Ellie Goulding Halcyon Days Tour 2013 Poster // $20
Total of $120

Shirt 1 - Grey cotton with Halcyon cover art photo and ‘Ellie Goulding’ lettering on the front and Bruno Mars tour dates on the reverse side w/ small EG logo - art and print are both screened on

Shirt 2 - Grey cotton with Halcyon cover art full length and small EG logo on the bottom, plain reverse side - art screened on

EG logo beanie hat - Black 100% acrylic stretchy material; one size fits all, folded bottom with EG logo embroidered and black pompom on top - this beanie hat was previously featured on Ellie’s web store with limited stock but has since gone out of stock - I was particularly happy to buy this as I had ordered one months ago and my order never went through

Halcyon Days Poster - Full size poster with Halcyon art and small EG logo, 'Ellie Goulding Halcyon Days Tour 2013’ print on top, plain white reverse side

These were the only items for sale on the Bruno Mars Moonshine Jungle Tour
The Ellie Goulding merchandise was less expensive than the Bruno Mars merchandise but was of lesser quality but nonetheless good