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Game Aesthetics: Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)

bts reacts: you bring him coffee

anon asked:  could you do a bts reaction of you bringing surprising them by bringing them food?

weLL anoN, i can try. i can’t promise how good it’ll be though cause i currently have writers block and everything i write is absolutely aWFuL and cheesy and blEh but nevermind, hope you enjoy! (also, changed it a lil tiny bit again, idk why i did, iT jUsT AcCiDEnTily aLl tuRnED inTo cOffEe)

note: i try to keep these gender neutral but sometimes i slip into female pronouns out of habit 💕

yoongi: “you really should eat something, you know. you’ve been in here for hours now, and you haven’t even had a glass of water-”

“___, i can promise you-” he was interrupted by one of his own yawns. “i can promise you that i’m fine. i just need to finish this, and then i’ll be right back, okay?”

“okay…” maybe finishing what he was doing had been his plan, but he had just been tired- it didn’t take a genius to figure that one out. nonetheless, when he lifted his head off of his desk after what one could only presume had been a nap, he was frustrated- frustrated that he hadn’t got the work done that he had needed to. a sigh that held tones of exasperation would sound as he reached for a cup of coffee that, now he thought about it, hadn’t been there before. he noticed a small scribble on a spare post-it note that had been stuck to the corner of his desk, read the rushed writing, and smiled, suddenly feeling a lot better.

just for when you wake up- :) x

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hoseok: it would start of as a joke, with him saying something along the lines of, “you know what, i’d kill for some coffee right now,” or him just offhandedly mentioning a coffee shop that you might have passed on your walk home, but even so, when you walked in with the mug in your hand he would be happy. just because you had paid attention to something he had mentioned as small as coffee, it was just like a reassurance that you actually care, and that was nice every once in a while- not that he needed it, necessarily.

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namjoon: it would be a casual thing; he would be sat there reading- reading a physical book, reading online articles, tweets, just about anything; reading was just something that the two of you did together when you had time alone (like carl and ellie from up, that’s what i’m picturing in my head)- and you would silently just place the mug on the coaster beside him. no words would be said, but he would smile at you, even at such a small gesture, like you were his whole world.

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seokjin: but i’m just imagining that if he was ill and his s/o brought him anything there’d be a lot of, “oh really? are you sure? you didn’t have to, i promise you i could’ve done it myself-” when even he knows that he couldn’t because he’s practically bound to his bed, but he’d drink it anyway and just say a lot of quiet “thank you’s” just so that he was assured that you know he appreciated it, however small.

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jungkook:  “morning…”

“hmm?” he’d probably still be half asleep, and he’d blindly grasp for a hand or something with closed eyes. “morning.”

“i brought you coffee?” he’d pull a tired smile as a thank you in response, automatically sipping from the straw without giving it a second thought, but the more he thought about it, the less it made sense.

“___, did you get out this early in the morning to get coffee?”

“i mean, i got one for myself too, but- yeah, yeah i did.”

“you’re adorable.”

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jimin: it’d be one of those times where he was busy, but tired. one of those times where he really needed to get something done, but he was just so, so incredibly tired that he could barely keep his eyes open. he’d drink the now slightly lukewarm coffee that you’d left for him, knowing that you’d left it with the intention of helping him stay awake, and he’d smile to himself, almost as if it was a reminder for him to tell you that he appreciated the little things like this that you do.

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taehyung: but imagine a cold winter, like a really, really cold winter, and it’s just that cold in the house that you have to wear coats inside, and you walk into the living room, where he’s buried under several layers of blankets, and you have two cups of coffee. the look on his face would be a mixture of “oh my god, you’re a genius,” “you’ve literally just saved my life right now do you realise that,” and then a tiny bit of, “oh, why didn’t i think of that?”

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i don’t know why yoongi’s turned out so long compared to the others or why they are all the same but i do know that heartache on the big screen by 5sos is a bop cause i listened to it on loop while writing this for no reason whatsoever

but anyway, here’s my masterlist if you liked this and maybe wanted to check ot any of my other stuff!

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Haikyuu!! Elderly Domestic Headcanons

Headcanons about six of some of the Haikyuu!! pairings when they are old and domestic. The pairings featured in this are TanaNoya, KageHina, BoKuroo, KuroKen, IwaOi, and DaiSuga. If you would like me to do headcanons like this for other pairings, you are welcome to request which ones!

Thank you for this request!

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The Exchange Student // Tom Holland AU

Pairing: Tom Holland + Reader (Y/N)
Description: In which the reader attends a birthday game night and a surprise awaits her there
Warnings: Some cussing (?), drinking
Word Count: 1,207

part 1 /part 2

“Can’t you just forget about Barne’s class for one night? Come on, all of our friends are going to be there. It’s just a small friendly get together, were going to play games and have fun and get tipsy in the process.” Patty begs. She was visiting for the night, and her and Ellis had invited a few people to a game night to catch up and have fun. You wanted to go and join them, but you knew that if you didn’t finish your notes and studied for your quiz on Monday, you’d be hating yourself knowing that your grade could be better.

You let out a sigh, and look up from your computer. “Look, I would if I could, but this is the hardest unit. I really want to make sure I get a good grade.” Patty purses her lips and frowns.

“Please? You can head back here whenever you want. I’ll even help you study tomorrow if you want, but come join us. We’re just trying to have a good time for Ellis’s birthday. You promised” That, you couldn’t say no to. After all, he was your best friend, and it was his birthday weekend. And the thing is, you did promise to celebrate all weekend with him and your friends, and this was just day one of the celebrating.

“Don’t do this to me.” You groaned, covering your face. Patty pulls your hands away and grins.

“Come on, let’s walk there together so no one has to DD tonight.”

With a sigh, you grab your purse and keys, following Patty close behind in the direction of the dorm-style houses on campus that Ellis resided in. You could hear the sound of laughter and talking become louder little by little while you got closer to the living area. Before Patty could even knock, the door was swung open and you blink before noticing that it was the cute boy you typically admired from afar. Shit.

“Welcome to day one of the party, come on in. Everything’s happening in the living room.” He steps aside to let you two in. You look in the direction of the living room, where a few of your friends were sitting on the floor with red solo cups and multiple packs of cards and games. Ellis looks up from his hand and grins.

“Join us for the next round?” He says. Patty goes and plops down next to him, while you stand behind the couch a bit awkwardly and nod. You weren’t sure what to do with yourself knowing that he was here and that only another one of your friends was here. The other two were Elli’s buddies from the out of school soccer team he was in, and you’d only talked to them a handful of times.

You decided to sit next to your other friend, Amie, as soon as the group finished playing that round of uno. The losers took a shot, with the winner being one of Ellis’ buddies. While Ellis and the other boys set up a game of La Loteria, you and Amie caught up and talked about your classes. It had been a while since you two had seen each other, and this chat was much needed.

“Have you noticed Holland over there?” Amie asks while watching Patty shuffle the cards. You frown.


Tom Holland, the exchange student.” She said in a hushed town. “He keeps looking over at you.” You blush, sneaking a quick side eyed glance at the now named boy. He seemed to be thinking about something, but you weren’t sure what.

“You’re just being silly. Come on, let’s begin.” You direct your attention to the now starting Mexican game. Each spot on your card had a tiny plastic shot cup, and for every card they called and you had on your playing card, you had to take a shot. Now this was a wild game. There was no way you wouldn’t end up feeling this tomorrow morning.

At some point you shot your left hand up while taking your last shot. You had cleared the card, making you the winner of the first round. “How does it feel to lose, birthday boy?” You tease your friend. He rolls his eyes and gives you a congratulatory side hug before picking up the deck of cards. You guys play a few more different games, and at one point you give up and sit out for the night. You weren’t sure how much more alcohol you would be able to handle, especially at the wild pace everything was going. You were no lightweight, but you also didn’t want to blackout.

You watched everyone play from the top of the kitchen island, which is where you sat. They genuinely seemed to be enjoying the night, and seemed to have no plans of stopping. Tom approaches you from behind, offering you a cold water bottle. You take it, thanking him.

“How long?” He asks. You tense for a moment. Did he know? Did Ellis tell him that you watched him and thought he was cute and got nervous around him?

“Uh, what?” You say, trying to hide your nervousness. He climbs up and sits next to you.

“You and Ellis, how long have you been friends?”

You sigh with relief and clear your throat. “Since seventh grade. I don’t know if you know what grade that is actually, so um, since we were around twelve. How did… How did you two become friends?”

Tom shrugs, taking a swig from his water bottle. “Met ‘im this year in our core fitness class. We didn’t actually become friends so to speak until earlier this month I believe.” He paused for a second. “He talks about you so much, I thought you two were a thing for a while until I realized he just really cared for you. That, and I met Patty.”

You laugh and shake your head. He wasn’t the first to think that you and Ellis were a couple. The two of you had more of a brother-sister relationship than anything, but it had never come to one or the other having feelings for the other.

“You’re not the first to think that, but no. He’s too much like a brother to me for that to ever happen.” You look over at him and smile gently before looking away and fiddling with the cap of your bottled water. You look at your phone only to see that it was half past two, and you immediately get off of the counter. “It’s pretty late, I should probably get going.” You say. You head to grab your bag from the couch and say goodbye to your friends.

“Let me walk with you. It’s pretty late, and I’d feel bad if anything happened.” Tom suggests. You bite your lip, having a moment of indecision. It wouldn’t be the first time you had walked alone at night at this hour, let alone back to your dorm. But then again, it might be nice to get to walk with him.
“I guess you can come along.” You shrug casually. Tom grins, going in and opening the door for you. You head out, and he follows right behind.

Safe Haven

Hey guys- this oneshot is a continuation of 13x23, about Omelia staying at Meredith’s with the Shepherd kids while the chaos ensues in Grey Sloan Memorial after the fire. According to Debbie Allen, apparently there would be 2 storylines going on at the same time in the season finale. I’m assuming that the storylines are the fire and Omelia at Meredith’s. Here, I’m going to explore how Amelia would be there to support Owen, while babysitting the Shepherd kids.

This is also based on a prompt sent to @omeliafics

Prompt : Can someone write something about a prediction of what happens after the last Omelia scene we saw ( Owen sleeping) and what happens when Megan comes and stuff?

P.s  This is written before the season finale airs.

Thank you so much @jia911 for helping me to proofread this  :)

The door closed behind Meredith, leaving Amelia alone in the sitting room with Owen still peacefully sleeping on her lap.

He had poured out his heart and soul to her earlier on, as he admitted to how guilty he felt for giving up on finding Megan and moving on with his life while she was being held captive and most probably tortured. He let out all his anguish and regret as he sobbed in her arms while she held him in a warm, comforting embrace. After all the times he had been there for her, including holding her as she sobbed in the elevator a week ago, she knew it was her turn to support him. So she held him tight and rocked him in her arms, the gesture which she knew would bring him comfort. Gradually, his sobs ceased as his hold on her loosened and his eyes closed.

She slowly rested his head on her lap as she stroked his hair softly, like she would do to the Shepherd kids to calm them down. Looking down at Owen’s sleeping figure, Amelia felt a guilt pang. She ran away and left him with a mere note, letting him believe that he was responsible, when in fact all he had been was kind, caring and loving towards her. His eyebrows were still furrowed in his sleep, inadvertently showing the burdens he had been carrying alone all this while. She now realized that when they had been staying apart - she still had her sisters to talk to, and her nieces and nephew to cheer her up. Owen, on the other hand, had no one at all. He had been keeping all his emotions, his anger, loneliness and sadness pent up inside, and they all exploded when he received news about Megan.

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Worked on this painting in between projects for a few weeks. Inspired by The Last of Us (and the terrifying Cordyceps…)

thejayman49  asked:

Interesting thing I read on TV Tropes: Apparently, there was going to be a flashback scene in "Cars 3" that showed Doc Hudson passing out while racing with Lightning before cutting to Doc's funeral, similar to Ellie's death from "Up". Try and wrap your head around that.


The Protected, Part 9

Pairing: Bucky x OFC

Word count: 1243

Warnings: Drama, intrigue, humor, and a little romance. Slow burn.

Catch up here.

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Ellie and Bucky spent the rest of the morning going through what Tony had sent. In a huge box, there were enough clothes to last them a few days, including a tux and dress for the reception. Ellie sorted through passports and other paperwork so that they could travel easier while Bucky pulled out the easily concealed weaponry Tony had included.

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Break My Heart: Chapter 3 (A Solangelo Fanfic)

I graduated, hurray! And because of that this chapter is late, forgive me! But things are being set in motion at this point of the end of Day 1 in the infirmary, officially. I hope you all enjoy what’s in store (and as always my advice is, reread that dream if you don’t quite remember it, all details are important)! Also, yes, I am very invested in bi!Will Solace, and as such, that does play some importance. Just a head’s up. And yes, remember, this is a slight canon divergent AU, so, things go a little differently in this fic then in canon. But just slightly. 


Previous Chapters on Tumblr: Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Read it all on AO3


“Hi Will, how are you doing, it’s nice to see you too. Oh, thank you Clarisse for asking I really appreciate it,” Will said as he leaned against the desk with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Don’t be a bitch, Solace,” Clarisse told him with a roll of her eyes.

“And deny myself all this fun? How could I?” Will reminded her before sighing. “Yes, Clarisse, Ellis isn’t dying, and I haven’t killed him though he has tempted me constantly. Can I get you anything else with that order? Fries and a shake?”  

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Hogwarts headcanon: Evan meets an excitable and talkative Hufflepuff girl (like Ellie from Up) his first year that thinks he is the most adorable thing ever. At the beginning they have a lot of one-side conversations. Mostly her talking and Evan stuttering tiny responses. A few months pass and they're inseparable. Evan helps to rein her in a little bit and she draws him out of his shell. The best part? It's 100% platonic and they are best friends until the end of their days


Chapter Two

A/N: This is only chapter two, so we’re still getting into it, but I would appreciate any feedback as the story is still new and I’m still getting the feel of it.

Harry squinted out over the polo field, frowning. It was only the third match of the season, but already the grounds were packed. Polo was becoming a more and more popular sport – or maybe it was just because he and William would be playing – but the numbers of spectators each week were growing.

“You see Kate?” William asked from behind Harry. “She said she was going to find a good spot to sit with the kids, so that they could see me.”

“I can’t see her,” Harry said, dropping the tent flap and moving back into the changing rooms, pulling his t-shirt over his head. “Hey, feel free to let her get into your head, you know? Feel free to distract yourself and fall off your horse.” He was grinning.

William smirked too. “At least then you’ll be in with a chance of winning, huh?”

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Ellie Fredricksen from Pixar’s “Up” is pro-choice.

She wanted to become a mother when she wanted and with the man she loved only, and she feels that all people should become parents only if they want to and when they want to. Also, she knows how it feels when you have to put money aside all the time and she doesn’t wish for people to have children just when they cannot afford it. She believes everyone should try to be happy and optimistic, whether they have/want kids or not.