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TDBM drabble - Scars

Words: 300
Pairing: Alice/Matthew
Warning: mention of scars, slight allusion to self-harm. Nothing too drastic but I want to make sure everyone is okay.
Other: Originally planned as an askbox ficlet for Ellie. And then it refused to fit into the askbox. Sorry, my dear! I hope you like it anyway. ^^’


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did someone say emotionally manipulative assholes playing string instruments cause that’s like my biggest and most specific weakness

there’s a puppet string joke in there somewhere

anyway i could apologize for spamming the tag with art and say i’ll stop but i’d be lying probably

Naked Man

Characters - Reader x Lucifer, Reader x Chloe (sister)
Word Count - 489

Your sister, Chloe had just picked you up from the airport, and then proceeded to surprise Trixie with you in the car, since you hadn’t saw her since Christmas. You had dropped into the ice cream shop and sat for half an hour before coming home. Chloe handed you the house keys, to which you took and got out the car. Walking up to the front door, you placed the key in and turned, unlocking i. you opened the door to be welcomed by a man standing up, you looked him up and down before raising an eyebrow.
‘Chloe why is there a naked man in your house?’ You shouted out to Chloe as you took in the handsome man that was standing there in all is glory.
‘You like what you see love.’ He said in a British accent, you scoffed and rolled your eyes as you heard Chloe coming in behind you.
‘What nak-’ She trailed off as she came across the stranger
‘Lucifer.’ Chloe said in disbelief and shook as she walked in and took in his appearance. He obviously not a stranger to her, you turned and looked at her.
‘Does he always turn up like this?’ You asked her, she shook her head before looking at you.
‘No, but there’s been a few times.’ Chloe replied deadpan. You were about to ask more questions, but they never got the chance to leave your mouth.
‘Y/N.’ You heard call behind you, you heard her little footsteps coming closer.
‘Trixie, don’t come in.’ You shouted out. Her footsteps were at the door, you turned around quickly taking off your jacket and flinging it towards Lucifer, he caught it just on time for Trixie entering. She looked up at you and smiled.
‘Lucifer!’ She said happily as she noticed Lucifer standing in the dining area. He smiled tightly at her.
‘Why are you wearing Y/N’s jacket?’ She asked, Lucifer looked down, when he brung his head up he was met with you and Chloe staring at him with your eyebrows raised.
‘He’s just spilt something down him and he’s going to get changed.’ Chloe said as Trixie looked at her. You stood beside them watching as Lucifer held a confident smirk.
‘Trixie can you head to your room please.’ Chloe asked, as she smiled sweetly at Trixie and she nodded.
‘Well detective it’s lovely to see you again, but
‘Is he always this cocky?’ You asked as you looked over to Chloe, she nodded.
‘Yeah.’ Chloe sighed as she took off her jacket and hung it up.
‘Well he obviously has to make up for something.’ You commented before opening the door and heading out to the car getting your luggage.
‘You’ll find that I do not.’ Lucifer said just as you were about to close the door. You turned around and raised an eyebrow, looking at him and then glancing at Chloe who looked fed up.

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