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When Simon meets Jace at a kitten daycare, it’s love at first sight. But with his horrible track record of dealing with crushes, plus the fact that he can’t seem to formulate a proper sentence every time he’s face to face with Jace, will they ever be more than just friends? Oh, and then there’s the vampire thing. How on earth is he going to explain that to Jace?

love is sacrifice; a mix about mulan and aurora, but mostly about mulan, and how she went from ‘i’m not leaving without you’ to 'i’m joining robin hood’s band' 

drew holcomb and the neighbours - what would i do without you // death cab for cutie - i will follow you into the dark // charlene soraia - wherever you will go // i’m gonna be (500 miles) - sleeping at last // angus and julia stone - you’re the one that i want // lotte kestner - halo // katie herzig - closest i get // ron pope - a drop in the ocean // bon iver - i can’t make you love me // chester see - you’re not the one // anouk - lost // jasmine thompson - let her go // bob dylan - tomorrow is a long time // regina spektor - the call

(listen here)

achievement hunter band au (part 1)

ryan, ray and michael are in a band and they play in old smokey bars and their only audience is some old man drinking away their regrets and the bright eyed british boy that seems to adore their music and michael has to stop himself from smashing his guitar everytime he misses a note and ryan likes to hide behind his drums and ray falls asleep a lot.

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