ellie de ville

2000 AD Prog 1043 - Cover Date 20th May 1997
Spider Sandwich for Dredd!

Cover art by Dermot Power

  • Published 20 years ago this week!
  • Fun fact! Well, I say fun. It is a fact, at least. An alternate version of this Dredd cover was used as part of Judge Dredd’s (I’m going to go with infamous) infamous appearance in Loaded magazine. Instead of a spider sandwich it’s bacon though. Less interesting.

In this prog:
Judge Dredd: Dance of the Spider Queen part 3 - Script: John Wagner / Art: Henry Flint / Letters: Tom Frame
Mercy Heights Part 10: Deadly Ground - Script: John Tomlinson / Art: Lee Sullivan / Colours: Alan Craddock / Letters: Ellie De Ville
Nikolai Dante: The Romanov Dynasty part 2 - Script: Robbie Morrison / Art: Simon Fraser / Colours: Alison Kirkpatrick / Letters: Ellie De Ville
Al’s Baby: Public Enemy No #1 part 10 - Script: John Wagner / Art Carlos Ezquerra / Letters: Steve Potter
Slaine: The Grail War part 4 - Script: Pat Mills / Art: Steve Tappin / Letters: Tom Frame