ellie borderlands 2


I gave in and decided I wanted to make a Borderlands 2 sticker set as well, so I roughed up almost all the designs last night before bed.

I already made Maya’s sticker late last year for a friend, so that one is already covered.  Since it’s going to be a 12-pack I have one more character to make, and a lot of my friends are asking for a Mr. Torgue one so it might just be him!

Axton and Angel are my fave in this lot.  I’m also going to re-work Zero and Salvador a bit (they were the first I sketched so they’re way more rough and not as on point).


ELLIE IS PRECIOUS. If you don’t like Ellie please leave. I wanna drop off Shade’s ass at her garage. Hello you beautiful woman please take care of this half dead little man. She would provide a loving home. And then they could slaughter all the bandits together. AND PLAY BOARD GAMES. AND HUG. 

I’ve finally finished the inks and colours on all the Borderlands 2 sticker designs (I forgot to pop Maya and Torgue into the picture, but they are done too!) I invested in a couple of new markers for some of the colours to this set as well.

Hope to start making some of the actual stickers up next week when I get get more printer inks and new paper.