#EatTheRare Fic Roundup: Hugh/Mads Rairpairs

Whenever we see a new Mads character, we as a fandom solemnly and with great deliberation proceed to ship him with EVERY POSSIBLE PERMUTATION OF HUGH.  Sometimes more than one of each!!  This festival has been amazing for the most ingenious pairings, and i think we all have new favorites now. Let it never end!

The Roundups will be broken into Mads/Hugh pairs, Hannibal Rarepairs, and a special category shoutout for Femslash Rarepairs, because WOW!! NICE JOB FANNIBALS!!!  There will be separate posts for Art and Fic, for a total of six, and then we will sent out one final post with all of the post links.

Thank you to @camilleflyingrotten for the gorgeous banner art!

In alphabetical order!

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The work of Warren Ellis is extremely highly regarded so it’s amazing how little of it (besides Red) has been adapted to the screen. But that’s about to change. Hardy Son & Baker will be adapting the graphic novel series ‘Trees’ by Ellis and illustrator Jason Howard. In another deal, Hardy Son & Baker will also produce ‘Pendulum’, based on the crime thriller by Adam Hamdy. The line-up at Tom’s production company just keeps getting better and more exciting…!

Check out Trees at //imagecomics.com/comics/series/trees

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From deadline.com ~

NBCUniversal International Studios has optioned rights to Image Comics’ graphic novel series Trees. First published in 2014, the sci-fi works are by comic book writer and New York Times bestselling author Warren Ellis (Red) and illustrator, Jason Howard. Adapting for the screen will be London-based Hardy Son & Baker, the production company founded by Tom Hardy with whom NBCU International Studios has a first-look deal. NBCUIS has also picked up Adam Hamdy’s forthcoming crime thriller Pendulum, which HSB will also produce.

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i love luke a lot he makes my heart so warm like the first sips of hot tea and the content of mornings with no alarm, just laying in bed basking in warmth and comfort and i hope he’s so happy i hope the stars never leave his eyes and the smile never leaves his face :-(