JULY 23: Ruth Ellis (1899-2000)

Ruth Ellis, the LGBT rights activist and oldest lesbian to ever live, was born on this day in 1899 and would have turned 188-years-old today!

Ruth Ellis poses for the camera as she leans against a car in 1951 (x). 

Ruth was born on July 23, 1899 in Springfield, Illinois as her parents fourth child and first daughter. Her mother and father, Charles and Carrie Ellis, were former slaves from Tennessee but the abolition of slavery allowed them to move north and build a prosperous life for themselves and their family. Ruth’s mother died when she was young, but her father became the first black mail carrier in the state of Illinois and managed to put three of his children, Ruth included, through high school. Ruth would graduate from Springfield High School in 1919.

Ruth came out to her family as a lesbian when she was just 16-years-old, which was an unheard-of admittance in 1915! She would also recall meeting her partner, Babe, just five years later in 1920. For the next 30 years, Ruth and Babe would live together in Detroit, Michigan, where their home eventually became a major hub for the city’s black gay and lesbian community. Ruth also became the first black woman to ever operate her own printing company in the whole city of Detroit; the business specialized in printing stationary, fliers, and posters, and was operated out of her and Babe’s home.

Ruth is photographed hard at work operating the printing press that fueled her successful small business (x). 

Ruth and Babe eventually separated because, as Ruth said, “We were just two opposite people.” Although the refuge of Ruth and Babe’s home ceased to exist, Ruth remained incredibly involved in the LGBT community and reached somewhat of a celebrity status in the 1970s. She became noticed as a frequent attendee of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival and eventually began being asked to speak at different universities around the country about her experience as an out lesbian in the pre-Stonewall days. Her 100th birthday was celebrated with the release of the documentary Living with Pride: Ruth C. Ellis @ 100 and that same year Ruth was the honorary leader of the San Francisco Dyke March.

A special photo shoot to celebrate Ruth’s 100th birthday shows her smiling sweetly and holding a bouquet of flowers (x). 

Ruth passed away peacefully in her sleep on October 6, 2000 when she was 101-years-old. The Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit continues to be operated in her memory and is one of only four American organizations specifically dedicated to housing LGBT youth.


anonymous asked:

YO what is wynonna earp and why should i watch it

wynonna earp is a supernatural western about a girl who inherits her family curse and has to take down all of the people her great-great grandfather killed (who have resurrected as demons) with the help of her adorable younger sister, her seemingly emotionless boss, a morally ambiguous cowboy and her local lesbian cop.

you should watch it, first and foremost, because it’s such a fun show with some really great characters. as well as all the action and demon-killing there are some wonderful one-liners and some heart-shredding emotional scenes.

it’s also a super feminist show. it has a female showrunner in emily andras (who is wonderful) and wynonna is such a great, complex character. she’s like the male protagonists you might find in a show like this but she’s ultimately more sympathetic. i don’t want to give too much away but there are storylines that i don’t think any other cast and crew could have handled well but this show knocks it out of the park.

it’s also really gay. currently there are 3 confirmed gay characters (i say currently because i think it’s been hinted that there might be more???), two of whom are in a really healthy, supportive relationship and get portrayed as individuals on the show with separate storylines as well as the ones they have together. there is also a gay man of colour who gets flustered around the other male characters but never at the expense of his job and said other male characters don’t react badly to it.

it’s also a show that really cares about its fans, in particular its lgbtq+ fans (unlike some other shows i could mention). the cast and crew are hyperaware that the fans are the reason they’ve got so far. during season 1, which aired last year, the showrunner announced that the gay characters in the show would survive the season to put fans at ease, and in the finale the show openly challenged the bury your gays trope in a scene i’m not going to tell you about because spoilers.

anyway you can probably tell that i really love this show and have spent a lot of time convincing others to watch it


Am I reading too much into the styling choices of the Asian leg of Niall’s Slow Hands promo tour? Or am I reading exactly as much as Ellie Stidolph intended? I’ll let you decide. (And/or Ellie confirm).

THE LOOK: Percival Niwaki Pine print shirt
WHAT DOES IT MEAN?: Niwaki (庭木) is the Japanese art of sculptural gardening. The shirt fabric was designed and woven in Japan, while the shirt was made in London by a UK label. Making it kind of like the Wagamama of fashion - inspired by Japan, but not deeply authentic. By wearing it, Niall conveys an appreciation of and affinity for Japanese culture, while also being quite endearingly confused by almost every element of daily Japanese life.

THE LOOK: Kent & Curwen appliqued rose t-shirt
WHAT DOES IT MEAN?: According to Hanakotoba (花言葉), the Japanese form of the language of flowers, a pink rose symbolises trust, confidence & happiness. By wearing a pink rose over his heart, Niall conveys emotion and communicates directly with the viewer without needing the use of words: trust me, I’m confident that listening to Slow Hands will bring happiness into your life.

THE LOOK: Percival Vincent jacket
WHAT DOES IT MEAN?: In ethnically Chinese dominant Singaporean culture, red corresponds with the element of fire and symbolises good fortune and joy. By wearing red at his Singapore showcase, Niall embodies the joy which his music brings into the lives of many, especially if you have the good fortune to see him perform live. And, like fire, he looks smoking hot while wearing it. Bonus points for the nod towards the red and white of the Singaporean flag. 


One more video from the roundtables. 

Do the wings change him (abilities/physically)? If he wanted to he could fly but if you get a present from someone you don’t like what do you do with it?

There is a purity about Ella that is alluring to Lucifer.

Linda might be time to open her self up to Lucifer this time around. 

Chloe is the closest Lucifer he had to a relationship (the *thing*) so with Marcus for the first time he will feel…. Well, Dan was never a real romantic interest for Chloe for Lucifer so now he has someone standing as tall as him (6′3″) and turns Chloe’s head. 


I had to add this to the ever growing pile. 

Around 4:00 minute mark, Tom talks about how the relationship between Chloe and Lucifer might change once she finds out the truth. 

Kinda interesting on hearing his thoughts on this. 

And then his comments at the end. ;D (non Deckerstar related)