Hello yeah I’m going to need every single photo from this shoot immediately!!! Photography by the amazing Wes Ellis 😍 (ft. loads of awesome new shirts)

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King of Masked Singer Judges on LE

- she sounds foreign

- she sounds like Cyndi Lauper

- her voice is buttery lol?

- they thought she was a vocalist but not a main vocalist, her voice is pretty so she probably sings the highlights/killing parts of her group’s songs so probably a sub vocal

- (SHINee’s Key) probably an idol with years experience because she knows to use her voices uniqueness? She sings like Nicole or CL and sounds foreign so one of them or at least an idol that debuted around the same time as SHINee

- she isn’t an idol but a golfer who works abroad because a celebrity wouldn’t look so awkward lmao poor Elly

- her beatboxing was too simple lol

- “she sings so well. Goodness, she’s so good”

- nobody expected to hear the less shy/quiet sexy confident voice from her and they’re amazed

- “she’s definitely a singer she’s so good”

- “why didn’t we hear this before?”

- Key : “see she’s an idol singer I knew it”

- she’s so cool (after she started rapping)

- she’s not only a good rapper but a good singer too

- one guy loved her voice in Every Night

- “this voice is a rare gem”

hi this is ellie carl and she’s a cutie pie imo!!! i’m too lazy to write up more but she’s a figure skater, 20ish, and most likely a blizzard! i’ll probably request the rest of her family but otherwise if anyone wants an energetic, feminist af, rising star figure skater please let me know!