Breach by SleepingTsundere (mermaid AU, in progress) 

Sometimes to find the most important person in your life, you have to look below the surface…or for some, above it.

Inked by Ellerean (tattoo parlor AU, Complete)

Each time the Samezuka Motorcycle Club passed Haru’s tattoo parlor, he noticed that one member in the red leather jacket who’d never come to see him. Then one day, he did.

You smiled because you knew by Ellerean & Damaskino (Flower Shop AU, Complete)

Rin’s a florist, and Haru’s an art student who keeps coming to his flower shop. Rin has no idea what to make of it.

Extraordinary boy by Mangemouth (rinharu/makorin, One shot)

“It’s hard not to love Rin,” is what he says instead, because that’s what brought them to this. It’s nobody’s fault, especially not Rin’s, but it feels like they’ve both been sleeping for so long. Maybe it’s important to remember, sometimes, that it’s not just Rin who has changed - Haruka and Makoto have been growing up too, if with less notice.

Love Game by Shizuumi151 (One shot)

It’s the first time the guys are having a sleepover altogether, and it’ll be at Makoto’s with a bunch of plushies lying everywhere. Rin and Haru are alone though, and there’s really only one way they can kill time together: playing games.

Click here to subscribe by Makuroshi (AU, in progress)

In which Rin is a rising YouTube star, Haru discovers his channel by accident and gets a little obsessed.

Oasis Awaits Us by SleepingTsundere (Arabian AU, Complete)

The Vast. A grand desert where no water lies. In a tale of Sultans and peasants, forbidden love and forgotten times, can there be peace?

Long Distance by clandestine7 (in progress)

Rin leaves for college in America, but he pays Haruka one last-minute visit before he goes. Their relationship progresses in the lulls between academic terms, in the glimpses Haruka takes of the future, in the two steps forward taken for every step back.

How I handle business by Sparklecringe (AU, in progress)

23-year-old Nanase Haruka stumbles into a job as the PA for the marketing director of Future Fish Swimwear, and is less than thrilled about the prospect of being stuck in a boring office job. His boss is a different story.

Catch a Falling star by Hoshruba (AU, Complete)

“Oh, darling, do you remember… what was his name? Makoto, was it?” Haru freezes in place, his breath catches in his windpipe like cloth on brambles. He feels Makoto stifle a gasp and try to shrink into himself.

“I asked if you ever saw him again.”

Theory of Soulmates by Hoshruba (“Catch a falling star” sequel. AU, In progress)

In a loud, unfamiliar city, with loquacious night skies, Makoto meets a boy with startling blue eyes who seems to know him from somewhere.

Sleep Habits by MyCurrentObsession (One shot)

Makoto clings to him in his sleep.

How to train your human by Nezumiprefersdanielleovershakespeare (Future Fish AU, Complete)

Haru is stolen from his ocean home by humans that make him lose his trust in the entire species until he’s rescued by a particular fireman who teaches him that some humans are not just good - they’re wonderful, they’re lovely, they’re amazing (and they’re pretty darn good-looking).

Treasures of the Sea by LadyLotusMoon (Pirate AU, in progress)

Captain Makoto Tachibana, along with childhood friends, Nagisa Hazuki and Rin Matsuoka sail the fine line between Privateer and Pirate in the Caribbean during the 17th Century. Makoto, who suffers from amnesia after nearly drowning as a child and missing for three weeks, finds his memories returning after a mysterious young man named Haruka Nanase joins the crew as their Cook.

Desperate Measures by Peekapika (Stripper!AU, Complete)

In this Future Fish, Haru never went to Australia, never found a dream, never thought he’d regret it until it was too late. Now he’s finding his efforts increasingly ineffective at helping Makoto hold on to his own dream, after the Tachibana’s death.

And we all know what desperate times call for.

The Way to a Man’s Heart by Happymango (In progress)

Sousuke didn’t know Rin could cook.

Blood on our hands by Sparklecringe (In progress)

Sousuke is afraid he’s the wrong shade of blue.

Along the Shoreline by Kaspian (merman AU, soumakorin, in progress)

Rin made the mistake to befriend not just one merman, but two.

Eighteen by Manzana (Tinder AU, One shot)

Good guy Haru & good guy Nagisa introduce their buddy Rin to the magical world of smartphone dating apps.

Told you so by Manzana (One shot)

In which Rin has an easy solution to the whole “I miss your face” aspect of this long distance relationship thing.

This gentle heart will mess you up by Ad_Astra [part 1] [part 2] (Complete)

Rin and Makoto start off wanting to bang Haru but end up banging each other instead.

Hot and Cold by Risotto (Salon AU, One shot)

Rin Matsuoka shaves, but soon learns waxing might be more up his alley.

His Fate, Tinted Red by Isuilde (Soulmate AU, One shot)

soulmate AU prompt where everyone is born into a world of black-and-white, and only their soulmate could bring colors to their world, as well as take it away.

Can’t run from the Sun by Ad_Astra (AU, in progress)

Makoto takes pictures; Rin poses and rules the catwalk.

One day, they meet, and the world is never quite the same after that.

Loose Ends by four_sweatervests (Complete)

Rin’s just trying to be a good big brother. No, really.

No Telling by Peekapika (Complete)

Rin’s life is quite successful, even if he has drifted away from everyone a bit again. There’s no animosity between them this time, which is good, because when tragedy strikes, he needs all his friend’s help to get through it.


1. Trigonometry for Beginners by Trixiechick (One shot))

A week after Haru watched Makoto and Rin on the beach, all three of them are together again.

2. Buttons and kisses by Trixiechick (One shot)

Hana-chan has something she must do before letting the third years go.


1. Isolation Exercices by Trixiechick (Complete)

It starts when Makoto has to take a business trip…

rinharu fic rec masterlist aka pls rescue me from hell

So before season 2 started I basically reread every single rinharu fic I had bookmarked on ao3 and I wanted to organize them a little better! Also, thezhenger is currently going through a rough breakup(?) with her current otp so I’m trying to seduce her to join me in rinharu hell. So here they are, 32 of my absolute favorite rinharu fics. Note that these are just my very faves…there’s probably another 30 that I really like. These are just the ones that I’ve reread again n again n again. Karen, that’s a shitload of fic, you might say. Well *clears throat* I have been reading rinharu fic for almost…a year now…yep. A whole ding dang year. No shame. Karen, are you sure they’re all good? HELL YEA I AM.  I have great taste. If you don’t trust me, good thing for you I wrote up recs for each one!!  Starred fics are super extremely recommended.

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anonymous asked:

any rinharu fic recs? :)

let’s seeee

these are rated general/teen and up:

and these are rated mature/explicit:

Fluid Like Water

this is the first multi-chapter fic i’m posting, but i couldn’t resist. it’s not complete though, which was why i was hesitant to post multi-chapter fics in the first place. i wouldn’t want you to suffer with the wait for next chapters.

well, this fic is a post-series continuation. where Rin and Haru become olympic swimmers and date and stuff. (secret: they’re going to get married!)

there’s a bit of Makoto and the others, but not that much. or not yet, at least.

soanvalcke  asked:

I am sitting here giggling over every single one of your descriptions of my fics in that rec post. I fangirl over my fans as much as they fangirl over me. remember that <3






already saved this in the happy folder like woWOWOW

Test Run

by: FMAvatard & Ellerean
(aka sleepingtsundere & letssswimtogethernanase)

pairing: Rin/Haru

rating: Explicit

He’d never really thought about how Rin might feel. Rin had invaded his space often enough—an arm around his shoulder; that god-awful tickle attack—but to reciprocate it was something he’d never considered, and not to this degree.

Competing against each other was what they knew best, though it had never before included the complete shedding of clothes.