Meghan Markle speaking to Nick News in 1993 after writing a letter to civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred, then-first lady Hillary Clinton, and Nick News anchor Linda Ellerbee in response to a sexist commercial she had seen on television. Meghan’s commitment to speaking out had a lasting impact and the commercial was changed in response to her letter.

Final Thoughts on all of this Bullshit so I can be done

Apparently, the excuse for the lack of development for Korrasami that everyone, including Bryke, are grasping at is that “Nickelodeon held the reigns too tight and isn’t a network that supports homosexuality so Korrasami has an ambiguous plot line and ending that doesn’t feature a kiss." 

Oh really? Nickelodeon doesn’t like homosexuality? Is that why Nick had a Nick News with Linda Ellerbee: Coming Out that featured openly gay kids sharing their stories about their lives? Is that why they had a show about same-sex parenting? Would a network that doesn’t support homosexuality have a show like this? -___- 

Is that why Nick aired the show, 6teen (a PG Western Animated series), which shows throughout 5 seasons TWO CANONICALLY STRAIGHT MALE CHARACTERS having a ton of homosexual moments together that they enjoyed…… including hand holding, spooning, ass smacking, and kissing. The show also features a gay side character and a lesbian character. The show is filled with so many damn sexual innuendos, some weird scenes, and talks about one’s sexual identity all the time. There are literally several episodes that the writers have dedicated to the LGBT community.

There are also a ton of other shows on Nick that touch on homosexuality…. Drake & Josh has a gay kiss, iCarly has a gay kiss, Degrassi has a multitude of lesbian/gay couples, Sam & Cat has some moments, Spongebob has its fair share of moments too, 6teen sure as hell had its moments, and now that includes LoK as well. 

So please tell me again that Nickelodeon is against homosexuality and that two "highly acclaimed” writers could not develop a bisexual couple further, giving them more scenes together, including some more personal moments. Nick has already shown multiple gay kisses on their network. They couldn’t do that for Korrasami? Also, how is Nick “holding the reigns tightly” with Bryke when Nick was done with them and their writing by the end of Book 2? That’s why the show had budget cuts and was moved to online. That means they didn’t give a shit about it….. so why would they be holding any reigns on what they’re doing, subject-wise? 

-___- They were glad to be getting rid of the show. And Nickelodeon is a business, first and foremost, so they would only be concerned with Bryke if they were going over budget or if their writing featured something that they thought the public would not enjoy/something that is bad to show. Seeing that Nickelodeon supports homosexuality, and they had to be on board with the idea that Bryke presented to them, how is Nick holding the reigns tightly here?

I guess I’m failing to see how Bryke “pushed the envelope” with this couple, when the representation for Korrasami is miniscule. And if you look at these glowing reviews for LoK (only because of Korrasami being confirmed canon), Nickelodeon is being praised for them as well…… so wouldn’t they want to push the envelope further considering that they have a past of featuring shows with representation? I guess I just hate seeing these ridiculous excuses for why Korrasami wasn’t developed further or people saying that their “development” that they had was enough. 

I wouldn’t blame the network considering Nick is totally pro-homosexuality…..it’s called poorly executed writing……. that’s all there is to it. Korrasami, unfortunately, was tacked on the end, almost like an afterthought (WHICH IS RIDICULOUS), and people who ship the couple or people that want representation are praising this show for doing so with this minuscule amount. This isn’t the representation that this couple SHOULD HAVE HAD, or better yet, DESERVED. They deserved BETTER build up and BETTER representation.

I guess what’s pissing me off is this: 

Korrasami lacked development. They were portrayed as friends in Book 3 after no buildup in their relationship from the previous two books. And it is sad too that in this Book, we are told that they are best friends because they got past all of their Mako drama, but all we see is Asami being a doting friend. There are rarely any moments in which Korra cares about Asami or Asami’s well being. Then in Book 4, we’re given maybe four scenes that one could infer that they may have feelings for each other, but they are so minuscule and insignificant that it is ridiculous:

  • We see Korra blush at a compliment from Asami.
  • Korra writes one letter to Asami over a span of three years.
  • After three years apart and barely any conversation, Korra hugs Asami, but she also hugs Mako.
  • Korra puts her head on Asami’s shoulder during a GROUP hug that includes Mako.

It’s sad that these two ladies couldn’t be given more moments together, especially when they are the endgame couple. 

Their relationship becomes very one sided here too, in which we see Asami as the doting handmaiden/servant who praises Korra for all that she does. Not once does Korra ever concern herself with Asami’s life. The scene where they are in the restaurant features Asami sharing important news about her father with Korra and Mako…… Korra asks if her father is manipulating her again, to which Asami snaps back that she knows what her father is capable of. From this point on, Asami doesn’t bring up anything personal about herself until the last thirty seconds of the series. And after this point, Asami becomes irrelevant to the plot and is in the background. Asami only returns for some brief lines in Remembrances where she talks about Korra being the greatest human being there is over tea in a gazebo. *insert eye roll*

Korra and Mako go on an adventure together for an episode, and Remembrances features Mako’s feelings about Korra and how she “inspires” him. *insert eye roll* 

The end features Hiroshi sacrificing himself for Asami……there is little concern coming from Korra during the fight. Only after a set period of time, we have a wedding, and Asami is the one to approach Korra and then Korra hugs a sad Asami and then they go on a vacation holding hands and looking at each other. 

The problem for me is that:

1. How did we get from “we’re just friends” to “omfg be with me for eternity in the spirit world?” I don’t know about all of you, but relationships and friendships require work….. one can’t just be gone for three years with just one letter written back saying what they are doing and not asking about the other person. And when one returns from their three year absence, wouldn’t one’s so called friendship be a bit off? But apparently in one episode, we are told they are still back to best friends and then they’ll be lovers after four more episodes because that’s how relationships work in LoK. 

2. Speaking of rushed relationships, remember how rushed and forced and toxic Makorra was? This is a repeat of that. However, Makorra at least had moments of constant interaction and they both were concerned about the other. Also, they both kept confessing how much they loved each other…..*insert eye roll*  Where was that during this book? If Korra and Asami really “fell in love,” like Bryke keeps telling us……. where is their confession of love? And where is their portrayal of love? 

3. Why did Korra and Mako have so many scenes together if they were not going to be the end ship? Bryke, you ship teasing bastards.  Seriously….. couldn’t Asami have gone with Korra to go visit Zaheer? Did we really need to see Mako go with her and be by her side? And then go to her when she awoke on the ground? Where was Asami during all of this? Working on saving Korra’s ass in the finale probably. 

My point to all of this: You want representation? Cool, you should have it. You want some badass bisexual women being a powerhouse couple? Cool, you should have it. 

It’s sad that the representation given here was good, but it could have been SO MUCH BETTER, had this couple been really developed. Their relationship should have had more interaction and more couple-esqe moments, and they should have grown together. Instead, we got a forced and rushed couple that was tacked on at the end, like an afterthought, and we’re praising Bryke for, at best, writing a mediocre couple that had the potential to be fantastic. It’s truly sad that fanfiction tells a better love story between Korra and Asami……. and those writers aren’t getting the same praise, nor half the paycheck that Bryke’s shoddy writing is receiving.