I think I want to do daily braindumps and I just got dejavu so I probably said this before but never carried it out. (oops)

  • I got to have an actual conversation with my boyfriend’s sister on skype two days ago and it was really nice. I’m not sure why but having my partner’s family like me is very important to me and I get really happy when I know that they do. I guess I just like to be liked. Apparently, she’s very interested in me and thinks I’m really cool. We exchanged numbers and text each other from time to time now. 
  • I think I really have to work on consistently messaging people, particularly those who identify as female because for some strange reason I seem to have a better time keeping up with messaging people who identify as males.
  • Wait no, that’s actually a lie, I’m bad in general
  • I did absolutely nothing today and it feels terrible. I feel disgusting and I can’t shake off the feeling.
  • Sometimes I listen to so much music that I get really sick of listening to anything and an absolute silence is absolutely necessary. 
  • Cindy (famously known as @inatoms) is talking to me via tumblr inbox and I think we could be onto something. (I will be v happy if we become v good friends because she’s really awesome.)
  • I’m also very happy with how much floral I’ve been collecting.
  • But otherwise I feel like a puddle of poop right now.