Selfless ; In definition means, ‘having little or no concern for oneself’.

A word that dictates an unselfish quality in a person but does not venture how chivalrous or benevolent Ellen Degeneres is. What a personality. A renewal of security and hope that this world still has the ability to rise out of a dystopian society. I’ve witnessed cruelty in first degree, undoubtedly taken advantage of at the age of 16. Sulking and soaked in self pity, persistent harassment caused me to lose faith in what humanity had become because of a single soul. However…

Last year, on Ellen’s birthday, I was reunited with a girl I had known well throughout high school. It was flattering to see her still interested in me but I was unsure of how to approach her, this, that, what was it? I had pursued men most of my life but something about her kept me consistently nervous. Over the course of 3 months, we spent almost every waking hour together (besides school and work). She had asked me to be hers, without hesitation I was. That was also the same day I started watching The Ellen Show.

My spirit was lifted because two women came into my life, the most selfless and amiable women I’ve gratuitously welcomed. The trust, hope and respect I lost because of a situation evolving around the 'wrong place at the wrong time’ had become a lighter weight on my shoulders. The optimism reimbursed to give me clarity on what I should prioritize as the most important. To allow a heinous man ultimately drive me up the walls or to allow myself to trust in love again, have hope and to forgive myself? I’m working on forgiving myself and to teach myself that it was not myself I should blame. Although my girlfriend is the overall priority to me as of now, I’m thankful of Ellen Degeneres to say the most.

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