So I wrote a letter to LUSH to try and get a Golden Ticket a few weeks ago, and I got this in the mail today from them! :) And they wrote a little message on one the other side which made me smile! I was so excited when I opened my mail box and read it. :)

(btw, I didn’t win anything and that’s okay. :) ) 


Disney has already been an amazing experience these last 3 days. And I can’t believe what happened today. The team surprised me with a birthday cake (and dinosaur cookies!) I feel so lucky to work for such a great company surrounded by wonderful people.  Thank you so much and I hope my birthday wish will one true~ ;D (I wished that Pokemon were real.)

Happy 22nd Birthday to me!


There was a Lunch and Learn seminar today at work, and Eric Goldberg was presenting on Disney Animation.

I ended up sitting right behind him which was really neat! And after the presentation, my awesome co-worker, Aron J. Shay, pushed me to talk to him and ask for an autograph! She knew the first time we met him I didn’t get one, and I wouldn’t of this time without her!! Thank you!! Look it has a little Genie!

He is very sweet and funny and I had a great time at his presentation. :)