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When I first looked at Wikipedia to find out more about Wyandottes the text said that they were named after the breed developer’s father’s boat during the Civil War. Apparently not true, since the text there now is REALLY cut and dried, but I love the story anyway.

This breed was developed in the United States in the mid-1800s and have remained popular in backyard flocks as both meat and eggs birds. When these ladies showed up in my flock, I suddenly felt much more like a “real” chicken keeper.

Wyandottes are a calm, fluffy, mellow birds. They come in several colors - I like the fancy patterns: Silver Laced, Silver Penciled, Gold Laced and Partridge the best. These hens are good layers of brown or tinted eggs can lay 200 - 240 eggs a year. They have clean yellow legs and a small rose comb.