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Can you do a Bill S. imagine where he’s at an interview and he gets all blushy and cute when they start showing pictures of you two together and you guys always slay red carpet events 💗           

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Can you do one where Bill is telling the story of him scarring his wife (reader) and she hits him out of instinct and immediately she feels bad about it? Thanks💛

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader      

A/N: Woooow! thanks for all the likes and good vibes with my previous writing, that means a lot to me <3 here’s another one because my crush on Bill is getting bigger and bigger :3 sorry for my bad english and I hope you like it <3

Title: Social experiment

They were just a few days before the world premiere of ‘It’ film, which was expected to be a success due to good reviews from websites such as Rotten Tomatoes among others, Bill had been invited to an interview to Ellen DeGeneres Show and he was more than excited to talk about the movie, so there he was, behind the scenes waiting to be introduced by Ellen to enter to the small stage, suddenly heard his name and entered as he was told.

He ran into a huge crowd which applauded and screamed to see him, his wife was in the front row and stood up like everyone else to receive him

Ellen greeted him and made some strange grimace at noting his large height, especially because she wasn’t very tall, she told him to sit on a small beige couch, Ellen sat in front of him on another identical couch.

“wooow… what a good genetics” the audience laughed

“thank you” replied Bill, smiling at her

“Well, Bill, your siblings Alexander and Gustaf have already been here, both agreed to kiss me, I hope you do too, it’s for a social experiment” the audience laughed and Bill too

“Oh Ellen!, I wish I could support you in your social experiment, but you know, my wife is among the public and I doubt she’s very happy with it” The audience laughed even harder and the camera focused on Y/N, his wife, who also laughed

“Look at her, I’m sure she will agree to support me in my experiment” The camera refocuses on Y/N and could read on her lips saying, “go ahead” and Bill laughed ashamed buried his face in his hands, they were always this playful and they loved to make a fool of each other from time to time “Well, I have her approval Bill, but we can leave it for later. Now I want to focus on your new movie, It, where you play Pennywise”

“That’s right”

“Then, tell us, how someone as handsome as you, can play this devilish and horrible clown”

“You just said it, you know, it’s in my genetics to play psycho and attractive characters”

“Were you an It fan before you got the role?”

“Well, I remember watching the 90’s movie, and I also remember sleeping with the light on for the rest of the year, so I could say yes, I was a fan”

“We already know that your wife is here with us, you have a short time being married, am I wrong?”

“We’ll celebrate our first anniversary next month” he smiled victorious “we’re excited about it”

“Oh wow! Congratulations Bill, look, here we have some pictures of you two” on the big screen behind them began to appear images of they both in different places, walking her French Bulldog, going to Starbucks and especially on red carpets and movie premieres “You both look very in love, eeh” Bill began to feel his cheeks burn and he gave a shy giggle

“We are, Ellen, Y/N is one of my favorite people in the world, she knows how to show up the best of me in the worst moments” The public said an ‘awwwwweee’, seeing to Bill so in love” I mean, every time I see her, I feel like the first moment I met her”

“How did you meet her?”

“I was visiting my brother Gustaf on Vikings set, she’s part of the cast and was wearing those weird clothes…. I could only think “that woman’s so hairy” then I realized that it was the makeup” The public laughed out loud and Ellen too

“What did she say to you when you told her that you were chosen for the role of Pennywise the dancing clown?”

“She was like ‘Fuck yes, dance to me clown daddy’” Y/N laughed along with the public and her face turns red like a tomato because those were the exact words that she had used when her husband told her that he would play Pennywise

“It’s not going to be necessary to ask her if she’s fan of the book” said Ellen, who was laughing too

“Not at all”

“I heard that both are very pranksters, and that you love to make each other all kind of heavy jokes” on the screen appear small videos taken from Y/N Instagram, where she scared Bill on countless occasions and he fell in each one of her jokes, from the smallest to the worst “We found this video on Finn Wolfhard Instagram“ a short video where Y/N appeared entering Bill’s trailer on ‘It’ set, was on the screen “We don’t have much information, we only know that Finn was dying with laughter and decided to publish it with the caption  ‘LMAO, HE DESERVES THIS, SHE’S MY IDOL’  Do you want to tell us a little more about this?” she asked

Before he could say a word, Bill started to laugh and took a drink of water “Actually, there’s a very good story behind that video, it almost cost me my fiancée, but it was worth it, until a certain point of course.  You’ll see, Y/N had made me a very heavy, like really heavy joke, so I had planned my revenge and Finn had agreed to help me, we were in the city filming some scenes, my car was in the workshop and Y/N had me taken to the set in the morning and would pick me up at night, about eight o’clock, so… She arrived and she already knew that she could park the car in my place. She called me by the phone and said she was waiting for me, but I told her to get off the car and wait for me on my trailer because I was talking with Andy and it was going to take a few more minutes. Actually, I was in my trailer, full dressed as Pennywise, even my makeup artist was behind all this because she accepted to wait to remove my makeup once I had fulfilled my plan. Then, Finn was hiding in front of my trailer and filming everything from the outside, I had left my phone inside recording everything and then he would help me to edit it. I was hidden in my trailer and the lights were completely off, I heard Y/N approached and opened the door. She couldn’t turn on the light when she tried and it was when my revenge began.  ‘Hi Y/N’, I said in my Pennywise voice and I started to laugh, ‘You’ll float too’ and I appeared in the dark laughing like a maniac, making all that clown stuff and running towards her, but instead of being scared or I dunno know, perhaps by instinct, she hit me in the face and then in my throat or she tried, but I fell to the ground and my nose began to bleed exaggeratedly” the public and Ellen began to laugh and Y/N put her hands hiding her face feeling guilty again “She approached me and when she saw my state, she panicked and pulled me out of the trailer, that’s where you can see Finn laughing at saw my nose bleeding, Y/N instantly repented, well, she repented and then when we went to the hospital, I still full dressed as a clown to get x-rays and realize that my nose wasn’t broken, she said “you deserve it”, that’s when I decided not to bother my wife never again when she just arrived from her kick boxing class”

“Did you sleep on the couch that night?”

“Uhhm, not exactly, she felt really bad for hitting me, my nose was very swollen”

“She’s lucky not having sanctions for domestic violence in her records, uh?” Ellen joked “What about kids?  Have you planned to have any?  You would give us very beautiful babies”

“Oh, thank you, Ellen” Bill laughed “But we’re not interested yet. Both Y/N and I are very focused on our careers, maybe in the future, but not now”

“That sounds good Bill!  And just to say goodbye, could you make that characteristic Pennywise’s smile?”

“Of course, for which camera?”

“Number two” Bill turned to the camera and made the smile, the audience applauded and gets excited “thank you Bill! I hope to have you here again very soon!”

“I hope so  Ellen, it was a pleasure” He stands up to say goodbye and Ellen kissed him for her “social experiment” the audience applauded and Bill turns red with embarrassment, he had completely forgotten about that…

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Interview Secrets

Tom Holland x Reader

“Are you and Y/N dating?”

word count: 1334

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Flipping through the channels on the giant TV in front of you, you paused at the sight of your best friend Tom on the screen. He was currently on the daytime show Ellen, and you snorted as he turned up the charm. 

Tom was one of the nicest people in the world, but when he was on these talk shows, his ego was at maximum capacity. 

Tom Holland had been one of your closest friends since you were ten, and within the last few years, you had started to develop feelings for the dark haired boy. Although some might say that you only fell for him when he was famous, but it was more than that. 

When you saw Tom grow in fame, he didn’t turn into a bad apple, and he didn’t even change even with all of these new fans. He was still the same Tom that had punched your first boyfriend in the face after he had broken your heart at aged 16. 

There was no way you couldn’t have fallen for him, but the only negative to this was that you weren’t sure he returned your feelings. So, you kept quiet, opting to be there for him through every break up and every stupid girl who literally just wanted to sleep with someone who was famous.

Smiling, you turned up the volume and turned to Harrison who was sitting next to you. 

“He looks like such a dumbass.” You mumbled, laughing. 

“Let’s just hope the chair doesn’t break this time. Or, let’s do hope.” Haz wiggled his eyebrows as you both dissolved into giggles. 

A few weeks ago, Tom had done an interview, and in this interview he leaned over to grab a water bottle that was by his foot. When he leaned over, the chair he was sitting on broke, and it was quite possibly the funniest thing you have ever witnessed. 

Both of you turned your attention back to the TV as Ellen started asking Tom more questions about what it was like hanging out with the stars of the Avengers movies. Snuggling further into the couch where you and Haz were, you pulled a blanket off the back of the couch and wrapped it around yourself. 

“Any favorite cast members so far?”

Tom chuckled and responded, “Anthony Mackie. We are best of friends off screen, and I know he only says good things about me.” 

Your mouth dropped open as you started hysterically laughing at his answer. Mackie was famous for saying nothing good about Tom. Both him and Sebastian Stan were always mocking him about something in all of their interviews. They never did it maliciously though, they were always just messing around, and sometimes you would even join in on the teasing as both Tom and Haz frequently took you on set to hang out. 

You were laughing so hard that you almost missed the next question that Ellen had asked. 

“So, Tom, a lot of your fans have been wondering about Y/N. She’s constantly on your Snapchat and Instagram, and we have to know, are you two together?”

Your heart nearly stopped as you froze, your mouth dropping open. 

“That’s a big question.” He responded, smiling a little. His response had your heart beating a mile a minute, but you were also kind of confused. Blinking, you glanced over at Haz who was staring at the TV with a small smirk.


He didn’t say anything, and although he didn’t look over at you, you saw his smirk getting bigger.

“Harrison,” You tried again, wanting an answer as you knew he had to have some inkling of what was going on. 

He just ignored you and took the remote to turn up the volume.

“Harrison Osterfield what is going-”

“Shhh, keep watching!” He lightly smacked your arm. 

You nervously turned your attention back to the TV. 

Tom cleared his throat and began to speak again. “We aren’t together, but I want us to be.” 

“Oh my god.” You mumbled, completely in shock. 

“I um, well I’m kind of in love with her. It’s hard not to be!” Tom was blushing a little bit as Ellen laughed and moved the conversation in a different direction. The interview went on, but you sat there in shock, your mind whirling around. 

He loved you? 

“…you can do it dude. I totally- wait, are you even listening?”

“Harrison of course I’m not listening! A bomb has been dropped!”

You stood up quickly, the blanket falling to the floor as you started pacing back and forth. Your eyes flicked to the TV, and you noticed that the interview was over. Which meant Tom would be back within the next two hours. 

Holy shit. 

Two agonizing hours passed, as you and Haz tried to think of a game plan. The entire time you wanted to smack him, but you refrained, too nervous to do anything. 

Apparently, Haz had told Tom weeks prior to declare that he liked you in a grand way, and apparently Tom took his advice.

The sound of the front door opening made you freeze. 

“Hey guys!” Tom called happily, shutting the door behind him. His face was turned down towards his phone that was in his hand, and he toed off his shoes before jumping over the back of the couch. Sliding his phone in his pocket, he threw his arm around the back of the couch.  

“What’s up darlin’?” He asked, grinning at you and Haz. 

Your brain nearly short circuited.

“What’s up?” You repeated, your voice raising an octave. 

Tom cocked an eyebrow and stared at you. 

“Yeah? Isn’t that what people ask when they come back from places and want to know what their friends are up to?”

Dumbfounded that he was acting like the whole interview didn’t happen, you just stared at him.   

“Mate, she saw.” Harrison mumbled, smiling. 

Tom froze and swallowed. 

“Y-you saw the interview? Well, I guess I should have seen that one coming.”

Blowing out a breath, Tom turned his body to face you as his eyes flicked over to Harrison. Haz was already standing, saluting the two of you as he slipped out the front door.

Once he left, an awkward silence passed over the two of you. Your eyes dropped down to the hole in your jeans. Picking at the threads nervously, you waited for Tom to say something. 

“Okay. Um, Y/N, everything I said was true. I-I love you. And honestly I didn’t even think you would be watching it, and I wasn’t really thinking about censoring my answer. Which, now that I’m thinking about it was probably a really selfish thing for me to do. And maybe you don’t feel the same way about me, and if that’s the case I really hope we can still be friends, and I really hope that you aren’t mad at me.” You watched Tom nervously say all of this, his cheeks a light pink. 

After a second of silence you spoke. 

“I-I am mad at you. But I’m mad that you didn’t tell me this in person instead of me having to find out like this. Tom, I love you too. I have had feelings for you for a while now, and-”

Before you could finish what you were saying, Tom pulled your face towards him and pressed his warm lips to yours, effectively silencing you. His lips were soft, and when he slid his hands down to your waist, you nearly groaned. 

He pulled away to rest his forehead on yours, a huge smile on his face. 

“‘M sorry you had to find out that way love.”

“It’s okay. It was better than not finding out at all.”

He nodded and laughed softly. “I’m glad you found out because I really want to kiss you again.”

“Oh?” You said smiling.

Before pulling you in for another kiss, Tom whispered three words that made your heart nearly burst with joy. 

“I love you Y/N.”

Let Me Take You Out (Tom Holland x Reader)

Hello!!! Can I have one where the reader (a celebrity) is on Ellen and starts talking about how she has a celebrity crush on Tom Holland and he comes out and scares her? And this would be the first time they meet. And the reader is embarrassed and all this fluff? Thx :)

“So,” Ellen announces with a sly grin, “I heard a rumor that you have a celebrity crush on our new Spiderman, Tom Holland.” A cherry red blush blooms across your face and you raise your hands to shield yourself from the cameras jokingly. “No,” you deny loudly before admitting quietly, “okay maybe.”

Ellen laughs at your meek agreement and asks, “No boyfriend or girlfriend?” to which you respond, “I for real don’t have a boyfriend. I sit by myself and watch Law and Order.” which emits a cheer and laugh from the live studio audience. Ellen continues to embarrass you with your crush by saying, “So, If Tom Holland was here right now what would you say?” As you think, the man in question walks out onto the stage area and raises a finger to his lips to keep the crowd quiet. “Umm, I’d probably say ‘Please marry me, to be honest. I’d have to at least try,” you say after a few seconds of thinking.

“I won’t agree to marriage right now but maybe some point in the future, sweetheart. Let me take you out on a date first,” Tom says and places his hands on your shoulders as he stands behind you. Shocked by his appearance, you jump and turn around with your hands over your mouth. “Oh my lord, Hello! Hi!” You whisper and lunge into his arms for a hug. He laughs and embraces you before saying, “I was serious. Let me take you out on a date first. Then you can propose!”


Ellen Sings Womanizer in the Bathroom with Fall Out Boy!

So this is old. But it’s also great and it would a crying shame to not share it with you guys.