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On the twenty-third day of the month of September, in an early year of a decade not too long before our own, the human race suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very existence. And this terrifying enemy surfaced, as such enemies often do, in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of places.

 Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

PJO Headcannon

Fuck it one more tonight. Singing.

Will can’t. He sounds like a dying whale when he tries he can play the lyre as every child of Apollo can but that is the extent of his musical talent.

Annabeth isn’t great. She can carry a tune, but she normally doesn’t care to.

Piper beat boxes. And she does it well. She can sing but after discovering the hard way that charm speaking as powerful as hers carries over she chooses not to.

Leo wails. There’s really no other way to describe it. And he does it whenever he’s working on something. The Hephaestus cabin has invested in earplugs.

Frank is shy about it but has a decent voice. He’s a baritone which surprised pretty much everyone but Hazel loves listening to him sing though most of the time he doesn’t know she’s there or he’d get too embarrassed to do it.

Hazel is a beautiful singer but much like Frank is very shy about it.

Jason caterwauls, and he doesn’t do it well.

Percy sounds like a freaking siren, most likely because he’s related to them. Unlike Pipers charm singing he can’t make people do things but he can make everyone within hearing distance stop whatever they are doing and listen and crowd around him while they are at it. He’s pretty much been banned from singing at the campfire because an Ares boy nearly walked through it to be closer to him when he sang. He’s ok with this because Annabeth doesn’t sing either.

Nico literally has the voice of an angel though it took months to discover this. The only people who know are Will and Lou Ellen who were doing cabin inspections and didn’t knock on the door of the Hades cabin. Nico was wearing Wills iPod singing along to the song Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy. Neither of them interrupted him until the song was over at which point Lou Ellen started applauding and Will burst into tears. Nico thought Will was upset because he could sing better than his boyfriend and started frantically apologizing but Will explained through sobs that that song always made him cry and he’d never heard a more beautiful version of it. Lou Ellen never stopped teasing them about it. Nico never told Will that that song made him think of what could have been with Percy.

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Touhou 03   (Tabula Rasa ~ The Empty Girl)

—English fanlyrics—

So I heard, some people believe that magic is fake.

Here I am… so then how can it be?

Don’t you know, that magic can be something you make?

Or I think… but that’s just my philosophy.

I look up… through the dark…

And the answer hits me like a spark.

What I say, you may just think is sentimental fluff.

I can try to straighten up, but will it ever be enough?

Who am I?  Who, I am fuwafuwa~

So long as I’m working hard, my life goes on.

With a light head, feeling fuwafuwa~

I’ll be working hard however long.  (No matter how long…)

Once more, singing fuwafuwa~

Maybe I’ll leave something here before we part.

All I have left is a fuzzy memory,

Wiping clean the tablet of my heart.  ♪

Each day is a fuwafuwa day…

I feel like I’m forgetting something still.

So I see me in the mirror, and I say:

What of me has changed, and what else will?  (I wonder what else will…)

White clouds passing through a blue sky…

Try to name a shape, but then it’s far too late.

I’ll forget now, and embrace tomorrow.

My heart is an ever-empty slate.

God, please let me love and be loved!

Even such a fleeting heart can make this prayer.

It’s a magic I can only dream of…

Someday dreaming might just be enough to take me somewhere…

Dream on…  Love is fuwafuwa~

Only such a fleeting heart would see this way.

‘Cause I love you, won’t you write upon me?

Writing a new story every day.  ♥