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My favorite tweets from today pt. 2 (sad that I have to make another one of these in the first place. First it was the bathrooms and now this.)

From the other side

Request: Can I get a namjoon scenario where you’re an American music artist on a show kind of like jimmy fallon, and the host asks you who your celebrity crush is and you say it’s namjoon. The people are like “who dat” and then the reader explains (maybe gets asked to dance to a song and they do so?). Then somehow the boys see it and show it to nams ^~^ sorry if this was too much

Word count: 2.2k

A/N: I had a great help from @sunwasrising when adding the last bit, hope it’s okay! I didn’t know if you wanted a fake text, or a short story. So, I did this lol, and if you had a stage name? I have NOT edited or corrected the story, because I am a little busy and I’m hoping, there aren’t too many errors.

Y/S/N = Your stage name

Rock-records = Music company (I maybe, have watched big time rush)

“Welcome to Y/S/N!!” A female confidential voice, were searching your name. As the big blue boarders revealed your dressed-up frame, giving the audience your latest song. The crowd cheering and clapping at your entrance, as the speakers boomed with your angelic voice. After a few minutes of performing, a short-haired blonde approached you with open arms as her smile were pulling your lip muscles.

“Welcome to the Ellen show! Thank you for coming!” She spoke, guiding you to the white chair. Her contagious smile, made your cheeks hurt.

“Thank you for inviting me! I was so thrilled getting an invitation” You responded with a light giggle, as you both got seated in each of the chairs.

“I’m glad you could come, I wasn’t sure if it was possible with your stuffed schedule. Your latest song has been reaching the charts the past weeks, how does it feel?” Ellen questioned, as the crowd clapped at her. You couldn’t help but feel shy, after finally getting a song to reach the world charts.

“It is a bit busy nowadays, but I’m happy. I’m glad people love my song and it brings me so much energy!” You spoke happily at the woman, who you had a small wish to meet as a teenager.

“You started as a person who did youtube, making covers of famous songs. After working on your vocals, Rock records reached out to you, how did you react?” She explained, for the people who maybe didn’t know your background.

“I was excited and I almost couldn’t believe it myself. Even though I was nervous, they didn’t seem to take ‘no’ for an answer. They have helped me a lot, to produce and develop my talent.” You answered with a smile, making the crowd cheer. The audience didn’t fail to react, either to your answer or appearance, but the loud clapping made your legs shake of excitement.

“It was already last year in 2016, January that they announced a new singer to America. Did they choose your stage name?” She asked, leaning at the arm chair.

“It has been going so fast, and I couldn’t believe it when my song hit the charts. My manager and me, decided on my stage name. Unique, but easy for people to remember” You answered again, making her nod along.

“Then your fanbase must have been sky rocking on social media and across the world?” She questioned curiously, making you think of your twitter’s following count blow up.

“They did, but back then when I started in my career. I still had supporters, encouraging me through the media. My first fans, has been incredible.” You spoke firmly, having the people around to clap.

“They must be proud of your achievement. Here on the Ellen show, we have a segment of answering some twitter questions. My crew has been plucking out a few, and hopefully you could answer them?” Ellen requested, making you smile widely with a silent ‘yeah!’. The screen behind you, lit up with a twitter question as Ellen read them out loud.

“What is your goal, now that you have gotten a song to hit the world charts?”

“My goal will always be, to hit the charts. But right now, I’m hoping to do a US Tour, or world Tour.” You answered, hearing the crowd cheer of the idea.

“Will you change your appearance or your behaviour after getting more recognition?”

“I don’t think so. My appearance will always be up for a change, for the better. My behaviour and goals, will always stay the same. I’m confidence, that I do not need to be ‘faking’ for my fans, to get more. The ones who has always been with me, knows what I stand for. If I lose fans, for the way I am now, then that’s too bad. I strive to be true, for everyone.” You spoke loudly making the audience stand up to clap. Ellen had a wide smile, as you saw her eyes glister of joy. Being true to your fans, has always been a priority. Seeing famous people change for the voice, always broke your heart. Betraying your fans, would be the last thing you wanted.

“Alright, the last question is a bit juicy. WHO is your celebrity crush?” She cooed, making the crowd gasp curiously. As you felt your cheeks heat rise, of the person you had in mind. Your finger fiddling nervously, as you answered.

“Rapmonster…” You almost whispered, making Ellen tilt her head. The crowd went silent, making it obvious people were confused who this ‘Rapmonster’ is.

“Rapmonster? I don’t think I’m familiar with that person…” She wondered, making you feel like a school girl, as you overcame your shyness. This show was a famous program, and the thought of that Kim Namjoon would be seeing this, was a dream.

“Rapmonster, is his stage name but his real name is Kim Namjoon. He is a rapper, composer and leader in the group Bangtan boys, but BTS for short. They reached the US charts not too long ago, with ‘Blood sweat and Tears” You explained, hearing a few gasps here and there. Apparently, not a lot of people knew. But Ellen’s confused facial expressions, disappeared as she clapped her hands once.

“Oh of course!! I heard their song and saw their MV. Their choreography seems intense, have you thought about collaborating with them?” She questioned curiously, as her smiled came back.

“I wish, their songs are amazing. I always wanted to collaborate with them, because their voices are so unique and their choreography is inspirational of me, wanting to dance.” You laughed, as Ellen waved her hand at the crew.

“Is there a choreography you can dance of theirs?” She asked, making you smile at her. While the crowd cheered, for you to show it.

“I know the key point of the dance ‘Blood, sweat and tears’ but not all of it” You shyly spoke, making Ellen put on the song. Her hands flatly pointed to the clean floor, making you stand up to step out. The song’s rhythm taking your limbs and showed the crowd how Jimin’s iconic move. Everyone was fixated at your movements, while not a single fail was made.

After finishing off the dance, with a light bow. Ellen thanked you again, for joining her show. A ‘follow’ on Twitter, and the crowd clapping at your exit. One of your teenage dreams has been fulfilled and nothing else could overcome that.

“Hyung! Look, Y/S/N is mentioning you on the Ellen show!” Jungkook spoke, as he handed his phone to Namjoon. Putting away his pen, and scrambled paper he took the phone to see a Youtube video. A on-the-rise star that he had been mentioning to the boys, was now talking about him. Your angelic voice, that would make his knees weak and even, give inspiration to write more songs. Your wish of collaborating for a song, made Namjoon wonder. After finishing your video, he was calling his manager. A serious talk, about the US tour and ideas were on display. The boys were curious, what the leader had in mind.

Reading the tweet over and over again, you jumped upon your couch. After a few days of being on the Ellen show, you had no idea this would ever happen. Namjoon, had tweeted to you. With your shaking hands, you called your manager to bring the news. Barely getting a correct word out, your manager liked the idea and set the deal in motion. Only an hour later, he called back to make sure, that Rapmonster was ready in three hours to talk about the song. The joy of your scream, almost made your manager’s ear deaf. The excitement and opportunity to meet your celebrity crush, was too surreal.

“What am I going to wear?!” You screamed, after hanging up on the phone. You had two hours, of getting ready and find the perfect clothes. After trying on thousands of different clothes, you went the casual way. A white blouse, with black jeans and converse. The two hours flew away, as your phone started ringing again. The manager was just outside your apartment, waiting for you two get down.

The ride towards the studio, made your heart beat faster and a hint of dizziness filled your body. You were still overwhelmed of the news and in just a few minutes, you would be sitting near Kim Namjoon, talking about a song. Your hands were sweaty, as you saw the building come to view. Breathing in and out, you hoped it wasn’t noticeable of your nervousness.

Stepping into the office room, you were met with a male. He wasn’t Namjoon, but he approached you with a smile and handshake. After talking for a bit, his English wasn’t the best. The man explained how long they had in the US and what they had in mind, doing the collaboration. The managers went together, fixing the papers while you walked further inside.

Met by another familiar man, who was seated at the table. His eyes fixated on his phone, as he tapped away. Namjoon, was right there in front of you. Your breath taking away, seeing his fashion clothes shine. His plump lips, that you thought was so full it was unbelievable. He didn’t seem to have noticed you, but you didn’t mind, as you tried to calm your nerves. His leg was shaking, making his foot tap along the floor.

“Maybe he is nervous too?” You wondered, feeling your heart fall to a normal beat. Coughing lightly, his face revealed itself from his phone. A familiar loving smile and stood up from the chair, approaching you with a hand.

“You must be Y/N, I have heard a lot about you” He spoke with his deep voice. His soft hand and slender fingers, made your body shiver. A clear vocabulary, making it unable for you to misunderstand. You nodded along, as you tried to calm down your nerves. Your heated cheeks were burning, as he walked back to his chair, having you to follow along on the other side.

“I was surprised to hear, that you wanted to collaborate” He spoke gently, making you smile of his words.

“I’m more surprised, that you actually contacted me…” You responded with a light smile. The two of you started talking about different genres, that would fit for your voice and his. Where you were going to post the song and what would work best, to get more publicity. His energy and imagination, was beyond the world. Inspirational, to just be around him. After talking to him for a while, you became less nervous and more comfortable. He was as you had imagined, gentle, hardworking and flawless. Even though, you had been talking for more than two hours. Your energy level, started to run low.

“What time is?” He questioned, looking with his brown orbs at you. You wiggled your phone out, to see the clocked displayed.

“It’s about noon, why?” You responded, putting your phone away again. His fingers tabbing on the table, as he bit onto his bottom lip.

“The managers aren’t going to be back for a while…” He trailed off, making you raise an eyebrow at him. A light smile plastered on his face, as he hummed for a response came out of him.

“What do you think about Lunch? Got to get more energy and I saw a restaurant not too far away and I would like to get to know you more…” He requested, rubbing the back of his neck. Unsure, what you would think about him. Maybe, he thought it was all about work, but he was flattered seeing your cheeks turn red.

“S-Sure! I would like something to eat” You chuckled a response, making him exhale softly. Walking together, you chose a restaurant, where privacy was a big hit. Sitting across from him, you never knew how lucky you were. You just hoped, this wouldn’t be the last time you heard from him.

“By the way, should we exchange phone numbers? I’m not certain that we will finish the song today, so it would be nice to have a hold on you for the upcoming days” He requested shyly, as you nodded. Your eyes felt like crying, feeling the joy in your stomach.

After exchanging numbers, you felt like a princess around him. Hearing of his goals and telling your own, coming to a close that you weren’t so different from each other. Even though, his voice made your mind go blank. His face dragged you back from heaven, feeling blessed of his existence. The managers found you at the restaurant, telling about their plans for the collaboration. Namjoon had to attend another schedule, but they would make sure to follow up on the song. There was an urge to hug him, but you knew it was too soon. Maybe he thought, you were crazy if you did. So, a handshake, took place instead. Going separate ways, you went back to the studio with your manager. After getting scolded for leaving, you felt bad about it, until you saw message light on your phone screen.

Already now, you were excited to meet him again.

Secret Love Song - Tom Holland x reader

Prompt: Based in Secret Love Song by Little Mix (ft. Jason Derulo). In which the reader and Tom are secretly dating and decide to finally announce their relationship. Y/F/S= your favourite show, Y/F/A= your favourite artist, Y/S/N=your ship name

Featuring: Ellen Degeneres

Word count: 1,905

We keep behind close doors

Everytime I see you I die a little more

Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls

It’ll never be enough

“Y/N, I’m going to be really clear here. You’re becoming an international recognised model and you have to focus on your career. I think you need to stop seeing Tom.” Her manager blurted out, making the poor girl choke on her drink. Of course, it had to be something THIS big to have Y/N’s manager take her on a lunch date.

“What? Why? No way! I’m not leaving him. I love him! I… I refuse to keep modeling if he’s not with me.” She fights back, sounding confused and desperate.

Why’d she have to stop seeing her boyfriend? They only had been dating for three and a half months, they loved each other. Both had agreed on keeping it as a secret for a while, so no one knew except for their closest friends, and of course, their managers. But why did they decide they had to break up? What would Tom say? Was it his idea? Little did Y/N know that, on the other side of the restaurant, Tom and his manager argued on wether or not Tom’s manager knew what was best for him.

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You know something's shady when the boys have never publicly acknowledged the fact that louis has the second most retweeted tweet ever, like thats something pretty cool, and interviewers have mentioned harry having one of the top tweets for a certain year, but never talked about louis tweet that comes second only to the ellen's tweet from the oscars- it's certainly a blacklisted thing :/

i love how it’s just [clenches fists] out there, existing, and there’s nothing the uglies can do about it


Go retweet the aimh tweet so that it hits 3mil but also make sure to give it a like while you’re there! It’s very close to 1mil likes and it wouldn’t be hard to pass up the ellen tweet in likes!