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This week’s Pillow Talk is devoted to everyone’s new favourite Canadian lesbian (other than Sarah + Adrianna of course). 

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Ellen woke up with a heavy weight on her chest. Mimic had been human when she fell asleep using Ellen as a pillow, but now she'd returned to her bot form. Ellen groaned slightly as she slid from beneath her love, hoping not to wake her.

Mimic grumbled, and as soon as she moved out from under her, she reached out and hugged her back to her like a teddy bear.  They were both on their sides, at least, so Ellen could breathe.

Change My Life (Daya Fanfic) Ch. 4

Hey! I’m glad some of you liked the last chapter! I’m sorry that this one is shorter than the others. I’ve been having writers block for the whole week and I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Relationship trouble. I hope you guys find this chapter decent.


Summary:  Demi and Naya keep in touch while the contestants are away getting ready for judges’ houses.


A small smile appeared on Demi as she read the text Naya just sent her.

From: Naya SEXY Rivera

I have 2 admit dat I actually miss u ;)

The pair has gotten closer this past month. They Skyped each other, called and texted. Demi knew it was wrong to get involved with a contestant but she couldn’t help it. There was something about Naya that drew her in.  Maybe it’s her cute nervousness or her sexiness or maybe it was because she’s been through pain and Demi wanted to be the one to heal her heart. A week ago Naya told Demi all about Katherine and how she broke her heart. Demi understood why Naya was so nervous and defensive all the time; she didn’t want her heart broken again.

From: Demi FREAKING Lovato

Aw! You’re going soft on me! I miss u too, Nay :D

Naya grinned and blushed at her nickname. She loved that Demi already has a nickname for her and she really likes Demi but she’s worried about getting involved with a famous person. What if people call her a gold digger? What would happen then? Would Demi believe them and ignore her? She knew there was no way Demi would break her heart because the blonde has had her heart broken before too.

From: Naya SEXY Rivera

Well it’s just 3 more days till judges’ houses and u might be my mentor so we’ll see how things go ;)

That’s brings up another problem. If Demi’s Naya’s mentor and they started a relationship then wouldn’t people suspect her of cheating to get Naya to win the competition? Demi just wanted to push the thoughts away and do what her heart wants to do and it’s telling her to go for it.

From: Demi FREAKING Lovato

Don’t get ur hopes up, Naya

Demi was right. Naya shouldn’t get her hopes up about Demi being her mentor let alone her girlfriend.

‘Why would Demi go out with me?’ She thought as a frown appeared on her face. She put her phone away and lay down in her bed. She decided to sleep on it.


“Are you still texting Naya?” Kelly asked Demi with a roll to her eyes. Demi put her phone down and glared at Kelly.

“So what if I am?” Paulina walked in and sat down next to Demi. She put her arm around her shoulder hugging her.

“Chica, you do know what could happen if you take this too far, right?” Demi rolled her eyes and stood up fuming. They had no right to tell her what to do. She’s old and mature enough to make her own decisions.

“Of course I know but I can’t help it. The heart wants what the heart wants. If I want to get involved with Naya then I will! It’s not your choice.” Demi’s temper was rising but she took deep shaky breaths trying to calm herself down.

“Honey, we’re not telling you what to do. We just want you to be careful.” Kelly said pulling Demi into a hug. Paulina wrapped her arms around the pair and pulled them so they all collapse on the bed.

“I’m sorry I freaked out like that.” The younger blonde mumbled into the bed sheets loud enough for Kelly and Paulina to hear her. The next few minutes were spent teasing Demi about Naya.


“Ok, so who do I have this season?” Demi asked as she answered her phone. She gave the camera a little smile as she sat upright in her car seat. She was finally getting told which group she was going to mentor this season and she was praying that it was the young adults. The first reason: Naya. She would love to spend more time with the sexy Latina.

“Are you ready for this?” Demi groaned knowing that he likes making them wait for it.

“Yes, I’m ready. Just tell me which group I have.” She was starting to lose her patience as she gave another fake smile to the camera.

“Are you 100% sure?” He said in a teasing voice as Demi took an annoyed breath and gripped onto the phone hard.

“YES. I’m 100% sure.” Her mind drifted to how amazing it would be to be Naya’s mentor. The pair wouldn’t need to have an excuse to text or call each other. They would be spending so much time together and hopefully it would lead to something more. Demi’s attraction and feelings for the Latina grow every time she thinks of her eyes, lips, smile, sexy figure, everything about the brunette made her feel good.

“You are mentoring…the young adults!” Demi let out a little gasp and squeal as she thanked him and hung up the phone.

“Oh my god, I’m so excited! I’ve wanted the young adults from the start. I believe I have the winner in this group.” She said to the camera before she was left alone in the car. She got her phone out to text Naya but decided against it to make it a surprise for her. “How long is it gonna take till we get to the airport?” Demi asked her driver curiously. Bootcamp was in Florida and the house she was using for judge’s houses was in California so she had to fly there.

“Just around an hour, Ms.” Demi groaned and turned to the side to lie down on the seats. She grabbed her Ellen pillow and put it under her head before looking through Twitter. A tweet caught her eyes as she smirked when reading it.

Naya Rivera [@NayaMarieRivera]


@ddlovato Do you live in a corn field, ‘cause I’m stalking you ;)

Demi let out a loud laugh at Naya’s attempted pick-up line. She thought of one of her best pick-up lines and started typing.

demetria Lovato [@ddlovato]


@NayaMarieRivera Hey baby, you must be a light switch, cuz every time I see you, you turn me on! BEAT THAT RIVERA!


That was completely true. Every time Demi sees Naya she’s extremely turned on. Her palms get sweaty, her cheeks are flushed red, and her stomach tightens as a pool of wetness gathers at the bottom of her underwear. What she didn’t know is that the same thing happens to Naya when she sees the blonde. Her heart races when she thinks of Demi’s amazing voice, luscious lips, contagious laugh, adorable butt chin, round cleavage and she can never leave out her sexy ass. Naya took a shaky breath as she thought of her favourite blonde before her phone buzzed. She instantly unlocked it and smiled when she saw it was Demi on Twitter.

Naya Rivera [@NayaMarieRivera]

@ddlovato I already knew that babe, I turn everyone on ;)


Demi let out a laugh as she read what Naya wrote. Fans were going crazy over the pairs’ interaction on Twitter. Someone came up with a couple name for them. Demi was surprised and amused when she found this on Twitter. She looked through her contacts till she found Naya and called her. Naya answered the call almost immediately.

“You little flirt.” Naya let out a laugh when she heard Demi’s teasing tone. The brunette bit her lip out of habit and answered back with the same tone.

“Can’t say I don’t try. We’re already a ship, did you know that?” Demi had a confused expression on her face. She has no idea what Naya was talking about.

“What the hell is a ship?” Naya let out a dramatic gasp as she sat up from her bed.

“You don’t know what a ship is? It’s basically pairing people up who would be a good couple of whatever.” Demi let out a noise of realisation as she giggled.

“Well, do you think we’d make a good couple?” Demi asked in a small hopeful voice. Naya let out a nervous laugh as she scratched the back of her neck.

“I don’t know, maybe. We’re both super-hot chicks who flirt with each other so I don’t know, maybe. D-Do you think we’d make a good couple?” Demi bit her lip and took a nervous breath.

“I-I don’t know.” Demi answered nervously. There was suddenly an uproar filling Demi’s ears. It all came from her phone. “What’s going on there?” Demi asked curiously. She heard Naya groan, growl and whine.

“It’s my stupid friends. They won’t stop teasing me about how much I like you.” The words left Naya’s mouth before she even thought of them. Demi was a little surprised but bit her lip with a giggle.

“How much you like me, huh?” She said in a teasing tone as Naya gasped in realisation. She heard laughter in the background as she listened to Naya stuttering.

“I-I didn’t m-mean, I mean, I just, um…” Naya’s cheeks were tainted red as she ran out of words to say.

“I mean, you told me you were into me on your audition and this is practically the same thing.” Demi continued teasing Naya as the girl was turned redder than a fresh tomato. Naya was left in her room with Lea and Dianna who were currently making out on her bed. However, Naya was in her own, happy world talking to Demi so she didn’t care at all…until Lea let out a loud moan. “Was that a girl moaning?” Demi asked feeling her heart sink thinking that Naya was with another girl at the moment.

“Um, sorry, that just Lea. Lea, try to keep it down!” Naya shouted out to Lea who let out another loud moan in response. Naya rolled her eyes and smiles hearing Demi’s laugh but she noticed it was a fake laugh.

“Uh, I gotta go.” Demi said trying to control her tears. Her voice was strained as she tried to calm her voice.

“Are you ok? You sound like you’re crying.” Naya didn’t hide her concern in her voice as she sat up properly.

“Y-Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just tired; I have a flight today so I’ll speak to you later?” Without giving Naya the chance to respond she hung up the phone leaving a very confused Naya and a very heartbroken Demi.

That’s it! I’m so sorry again for how short it is but I promise I’ll try to make the next one longer! Any suggestions or something you want to see in future chapters, you know where the ask box is!