ellen philpotts page

My dear Ellen Page

So this is a true story….

Ellen Page went to Junior High with me. We played on the soccer team together. She was and still is the most wonderful human being.

Our school was full of ‘mean’ girls, you know the ones who don’t say things to your face and make you uncomfortable. But Ellen didn’t take that crap and no matter who you were or where you were from, she had your back.

So Ellen Philpotts-Page if you are reading this right now, know how loved you are and that you have been making the world a better place since before they even knew your name.

Happy 27th Birthday, Ellen Philpotts-Page! (February 21st, 1987)

“I believe in being progressive. I would love there to be more roles for women, and that being said, minorities. And a wider range of storytelling in that regard. I don’t think that that’s a radical thing to say, or radical to have a feminist perspective.”