ellen orleans

This is my first fanfic.

“Can I Have This Dance?”

Chapter 1

Ellen POV

I can’t believe it! I got the scholarship in the famous dance school in New York! I’ve been hoping to get it since it’s pretty expensive, for a girl coming from a small town, who had to fight against those thousands of applicants, there were pretty limited slots.

I’m kind of nervous since it meant leaving New Orleans, and living in a new environment all by myself I just hope that I make good friends, or maybe meet someone there. (blushing..) Cut it out Ellen, focus!

Arrived in NY airport…

It was evening when I arrived at the gate. I saw someone holding a board with my name on it; She must be the one who will bring me to the school. I approached her.

Fetcher: Ms. Ellen Degeneres? From New Orleans?

Me: Yup! for the dance school.

Fetcher: Hello Ms. Degeneres. I’m Sean and I’ll be your driver, I’ll bring you to campus dormitory. Let me help you with your luggage, shall let’s proceed to the car?

I nodded.

As we walk, we head to a car that I didn’t expect it to be what I think it is. It’s a freaking Lexus! I just paused for a moment from what I see right in front of me. Then I thought ‘No wonder the school is expensive.’

As we drove along the Brooklyn Bridge, I get to see the city lights approaching like little Christmas lights through the windshield. It looks so beautiful from this view. I took my camera and I started taking pictures of the skyline.

“First time in the NYC ma’m?” he pleasantly asked.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to tour and dance the streets of New York! So far it’s overwhelming though, first the fancy car, then this bright and beautiful skyline from the Brooklyn bridge No wonder this city never sleeps! I said like a kid excited to go to Disneyland, which made me freeze because of embarrassment. The driver just chuckled and said, “There’s no need to be embarrassed. It really is beautiful.”

“Yes it is. Though it makes me miss home already” I said as I look through the window.

 “NYC can be a cold and busy city as some people say, but call me crazy but beautiful things like love and happiness can be found just around the corner.” Sean said. 

“I wouldn’t worry about that, I’m already in love. I’m in love with dancing.” I just did a move with my shoulders and arms, which the he just chuckled and sighed.

A few minutes later we’ve finally arrived in front of the dormitory. Sean opened the door for me, and brought my luggage out of the trunk. “Here’s your luggage ma’am. Welcome to the university and welcome to NYC. I hope you do well here” Sean pleasantly said.

“Gee thanks Sean!”

As he left, I took my luggage and entered the dorm. I walk towards a desk where someone welcomed me, asked my name and my course.

“Good evening Ms. Degeneres, here is a brochure, in it is a map and a list of the rules of the dormitory. Here is a key to your room”

After that she gave me a key to my room. She said, “a reminder, there’s no spare key for the room at the moment, so please be careful with yours. Your roommate though has one.”

“Oh my roommate is already in there?”

“I believe so.”

“All right. Thank you ma’am!” I said amiably.

I’m sort of excited, but at the same time nervous to meet my roommate. I want to ask the lady about my roommate’s name, but on the second thought, it would be better to ask her myself. This makes me excited and nervous even more.

I looked at my key, 305.

As I heard the ding of the elevator, I picked my luggage, and I went straight to it. As I got in the elevator, my heart is beating so fast, not because of what I just did, but because of the mixed emotions that I’m having. (I don’t know, maybe because she’ll be my roommate for the entire college life!) Man I hope I make a good first impression.


As I open the door, the first thing I notice, is the silence of the room and then second is that the room is the mess!

I like a clean room, I easily get annoyed by a scattered clothing or trash on the floor, but somehow it made me realize that I should make considerations since now that I’m no longer at home.

It got me more curious as to who’s my roommate. Is she the sloppy kind?

I checked the room and the bathroom; no sign of her. I guess I’ll just move her stuff on the floor to her side, so I could place place my luggage. Picked a pair of ballet shoes on the floor; I guess she’s a ballet dancer.

As I finished unpacking, my stomach starts to grumble. I decided to go down to the cafeteria, I got myself some orange juice and some snacks. After finishing my meal, I grabbed some chips in case I get hungry again. I felt kind of drowsy ever since I got to the dorm.

As I’ve arrived in front of my door, I checked my pocket…I left the key inside the room! I forgot to bring out the damned key! How clumsy I am! What am I supposed to do?! 
Man! there’s no choice but to wait for my roommate to arrive.

Portia POV

Finally the class is over, and thank gawd it’s a Friday!

I can finally get back to my dorm.

I wish my roommate has already arrived; it’s been a lonely week for me ever since I left home. I haven’t made a friend, though I made acquaintances with other dancers.

Why does my course have to start a week early than all the other courses?

            I’m Portia de Rossi, I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I got a scholarship in Ballet in this university. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been doing ballet in our town. I love doing it, and I want to continue doing it. I just love to dance because that’s how I express myself. Almost my entire life I dedicated to this. That’s why my social life is not that interesting; I never had a boyfriend, no one has caught my attention that would make my knees weak, unlike my friends did. I’m happy at what I do, but right now I miss my family and friends back home though. 

As I reached my floor I noticed a blond girl sitting down in front of my room. As I got closer I noticed that the girl is asleep. I poked her in the shoulder lightly, which apparently woke her up with a surprised look on her face. “Gahh!” She said. Her bright blue eyes, and mouth widen. Her shout was so cute and funny that I tried to bite my lips not to laugh. Her reaction makes her look adorable.

“I’m sorry that I surprised you, I’m a light sleeper and I get easily surprised when someone wakes me up unexpectedly” she said.

“No it’s okay, are you all right? I’m sorry that I woke you up. Why are you in front of my room?” I asked curiously

“This is your room?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Ah well my name is Ellen. I’m your roommate! It’s nice to meet you.” she said with a warm smile.

“Really? That’s great! My name is Portia, it’s very nice to meet you too.”

Somethings wrong, I can’t stop smiling. My stomach feels funny. Is it because I’m nervous? I’ve never been like this nervous before… Maybe I’m just exhausted or something…

“You seem to be glad to see me” Ellen said.

“Ah well… it’s been pretty lonely here these couple of weeks.” (Good save there de Rossi)

“Well I’m here now, I hope we get to be good roommates” She showed her hand at me

(C’mon Portia, shake her hand! Relax! What’s wrong with you!)

“I hope so too.” I say as I shook her hand

When I held her hand, my body just jolted from it. Did she felt that too?

There was an awkward silence for a moment until Ellen let go to cover her yawn.

I just laugh at her cute expression. I just can’t help it. I don’t know why..

“So uhm why were you sleeping outside our room?”

“Oh uhh… I left my keys inside.” She said embarrassingly.

I just laugh again. I tried to cover my mouth with my hand. “I’m so sorry” I said while trying to hold my laugh. Thankfully, she just snigger.

“I know it’s embarrassing. I’m sorry..” She said as she cowers.

The way she said it and the way she cringe made my heart pound deeply. It feels weird. I’ve never felt this feeling before.

Is this what my friends had that I didn’t back in Australia?

Wait no, she’s a girl. Its weird. Maybe because she’ll be a very good friend I guess… I don’t know. I’ll just think about it later.

“Well, don’t worry, I have my keys.”

As we went inside, I got surprised that the room is more…arranged.

Then Ellen said  “I’m sorry that I fixed your stuff, it’s just a habit of mine to fix things.” Her trying to explain thing really makes me find her amusing. I’m kind of embarrassed about it. I can’t believe she went through all that trouble. I hope she doesn’t see me as a slob.

“I’m sorry for being unorganized, I’ve gotten sort of busy these days that I haven’t got the time and energy to fix my stuff, but really thank you. I owe you one.”

“It’s okay” With her considerate smile.

Ellen POV

‘This girl is something' I thought, which made me smile a little.

Its past 10, it’s getting late, I’m almost done.

As I finished fixing my stuff, I suddenly heard a grumbling sound. “Sorry” Portia said.What I did was give her some of the snacks that I brought from the cafeteria.

“It’s okay Ellen. That’s your food.” She said.

“No I insist. I’m sure you’re tired from your class. Take it as a thank you food for a while ago.”

“Well, thank you again Ellen.” She said with a smile.

As I handed her the bag of chips, a shock webbed its way from my fingers to my spine as it touched hers.I gasp, she jolts by my reacts and laughed at my reaction. Her laugh sounds lovely. I’m really glad that I’m able to make her laugh even it was from the cause of my own embarrassment.

“Anyway, is it okay for me to stay by the window side? I’m not into the whole first come first serve?” Portia asked.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind”

“All right then, but if you want to see the lights of the city at night, feel free to chill here; the view here is great.”

“Thanks, I’ll take note of that.”

I yawned, a little jetlagged from the trip.

“It is getting late. Thank goodness it’s a Saturday tomorrow” Portia said.

 “Yeah well more time to sleep.” She said as she stretches her arms “Well goodnight!”

“Good night.”

Portia POV

I ate some of the food that she gave me. Then prep myself to bed.

I’m lying down on my bed, still awake. I checked the clock its past 12. I’m having a hard time on sleeping. I kept thinking about what happened a while ago when I met Ellen.

I’m kind of confused, but this feeling makes me smile whenever I think about it. Maybe this is a sign of a very good friendship, I guess..

Chapter 2

Ellen POV

I woke up. I noticed that its almost lunch time, must have overslept. My stomach is grumbling. I guess I better grab something to eat. I noticed that I’m not the only one who overslept. I noticed that Portia is still asleep.

I took a shower, I got out and changed. As I got out of the bathroom, I noticed that Portia has woken up; she raised her arms and stretched them. Her stretching voice makes her sound adorable. “Good morning” I said, then she somehow froze and looked at me. “Oh! Morning!..” she covered her face like she’s embarrassed.

“What’s wrong?” I said.

“I forgot that you’re here; really am embarrassed that you have to see that.”

“Its fine, it looks cute.” I smiled

“..Um, so what are you up to?” Portia Said

“I think I’m going to go and have some lunch somewhere.”

Then Portia held her stomach, and thought that she could also get some lunch too.

“Hey wanna come with me to eat somewhere outside? It’s a good time to go outside and I know this good place where we can eat.” She said.

I happily considered since she’s right, the weather is great and I want to see more of New York.

“Sorry that you have to wait for me to prepare, I’m going to be quick.” She said

“No problem, I’ll just fix my stuff before we go.”

Moments later, we went out and walked to the destination.

“Say, what’s the name of the place?” I said.

“Its called ‘Green Pastures’ they have good food there, and I happen to be a vegetarian.” She said.

“Me too! What a coincidence!” I said with a relief and a smile on my face.

“Really? Awesome! Then I supposed we’re gonna get along well” She said happily. With that she clinged her arms to my right arm. I just felt my stomach like it swirled, I just assumed that I’m just hungry in a weird way, but my heart starts to beat so fast. What’s this feeling? I try to hide it from her. Thankfully, we’ve reached the place.

We ordered some food. As we wait and had our lunch there, we get to know each other, somehow we get to click to a lot of things. She laughs at my jokes. I laugh at hers too (specifically her accent), even though she doesn’t make the effort.                                            

Man we had a good time, we still continued even as we get back at our dorm. Somehow things are going fast for us; we’re comfortable with each other like we are best friends already.

It’s already 5 pm. We didn’t realize that time goes by that fast, but we still kept on talking, mostly it’s about dancing then we came across the part where she would tell me what she’s been practicing for her class. She tried to explain it to me but I’m having a hard time imagining it. I was really curious that I convinced her to perform it out.

“Can you show it to me Portia? I’m kind of having a hard time picturing it.” I said

“All right, but don’t laugh.” She said

“I won’t why would I be?”

So she stood up- I was on the floor ready to see it. “All right here it goes.”

Then she started to move jump on her feet like she’s on a cloud, then her arms started to move so gracefully like she’s so light. I was really in awe at how she dances. I said to my said, she’s so beautiful when she dances.. She’s so beautiful.

One foot after the other, she accidentally steps on something that made her slip on the floor, luckily I was near her and my reflexes are that good. Fortunately she fell on top of me.

“Portia! You okay?!” I was worried that she doesn’t reply.

 “Y-yeah, I’m good. Thank you so much for catching me.” She said with a confused tone as she gets up on top of me

“You sure, did you get hurt or something?”

“No no I just stepped on one of my stuff.” Then she chuckled “Sorry about that”

“No don’t be, I should be the one since I’m the one who asked you to perform it.”

“Well it’s my fault for leaving my mess on the floor. I’m such a klutz” She said as she just laughs at what happened.

I just laughed by what she said and by her accent.

Portia POV

First I clinged to her, which I would normally do with my friends, but when I did it to her, it felt different in a good way like I would love to hold on to her longer. Next is when I slipped and fell. I should have recovered myself when I stepped on what made me slip but from the start when I did my first position, my legs where kind of weak. Ever since she arrived, things have change in a good way at the same time … I don’t know how to describe it but its something that I would like to have.

I checked the time, it’s almost dinner.

“I’ll just go to the washroom” I said after we laughed. I washed my face. When I looked at the mirror, I noticed that I’m blushing. There I realized, is this what my friends been feeling like when it comes to their boyfriends? I’m not quite sure. Maybe I am, maybe it’s not. I think I just have to ask my bestie back in Australia.

I heard a knock on the door “Portia, you okay in there?” Ellen said.

“Yeah, why?”

“I’m just thinking that we should eat downstairs for dinner”

“All right. I’ll be out just a sec.”

I wiped my face with a towel, tried to calm my red-faced self, fixed my hair, and went out of the bathroom. Ellen stood up from her bed, all smiled up.

“Let’s go?” she said.

“Yup! Dancing really makes me hungry” I said then she just laughed.

“Well laughing also makes me hungry.” She said with a smirk.

I hit her by the shoulder to knock it off, but I just agreed with her.

Spontaneosly, I just clinged to her as we go down the hall to the elevator. 

Chapter 3

Ellen POV

It’s Monday today, and it’s tour day for our block. I’m excited to see the campus for I noticed that it is a pretty big place; a lot of things to see in this place. When I got out of my bed, I noticed that Portia has left for her class.  I would prefer for Portia to tour me instead, but it’s required for us to attend. Plus I don’t want to be a burden to her. I’m impressed that she has to wake up that early on a Monday.

For the first time, I get to meet my block mates. I’m glad that there is friendly and welcoming like there’s no competition between us. Well not all of us, but that’s normal in this school. I get to be friends with Jennifer and Mary, luckily their not competitive ones so we get along somehow, and their roomies and they’re in the same dorm as I do! This seems to be a promising year.

From the main hall to the studios, there are a lot of studios in school and each and every one is different because it is specialized in a specific kind of dance to begin with, and each one is a state of the art structure. Well, that’s what our tour guide told us.

I told myself, this tour is longer than I thought, but I’m not the only one.

Jennifer: I didn’t expect this tour to take so long. I’m starting to feel hungry due to all of the walking.

Mary: No wonder we have to go here early, but don’t worry, soon lunch will arrive.

(Jennifer’s stomach grumbles)

Her face was in shock due to embarrassment, but the three of us just laughed at it. I for one am also hungry, and started to feel that I have to go to the washroom.

We’re still in this building filled with studios. I told them that I have to go to the washroom.

Jennifer: Oh okay, want us to come with you? You might get lost.

 Me: No it’s okay, it will be quick plus, it’s kind of far and it might get your stomach mad.~

Mary: Actually yeah. She said with a giggly voice.

Jennifer: You do have a point. Just catch up with us, since we don’t know where to go next.

Me: Okay, I’ll catch up with you guys.

I started to go to the opposite way. I asked a guard where the nearest washroom is, he point it to a hallway where the washroom is far to the end of that hall way. So I ran as fast as I can to save time and my bladder.

Few minutes later…

I was satisfied after I came out of the washroom, not I have to look for them, but I walked instead because it is really a place where you can see those beautiful studios, some would think that it’s just another studio, but for a dancer, it’s a heavenly place for us where we get to enjoy and express ourselves through our dance, but I stopped at this certain studio and looked at its door window where there is a classes is happening, but it wasn’t just a class. Portia was in there, dancing.

What it seems to be happening is that everyone is seated in a circle, but not for Portia because she’s the one at the center dancing.

I’m still looking at the window for dance was a sight. Everyone was paying attention as she danced like a graceful swan that makes her feet looks so light. I listened to the song that she’s dancing, it was a classical music. Her dance harmonizes with it. There it is again, that tingly feeling that’s happening to me again. It makes me want to perform together with her. I don’t know why, but I think it would be great if we do.  After her performance everyone clapped, even clapped too because of her astonishing performance.

Then the bell rang, which made me got back to my senses that I have to go back and look for my block. I was about to run, but students started to go out of the classroom. Stayed at the side so I won’t be a counter flow to them. “Ellen?” suddenly someone called my name. It was Portia, she was surprised and bewildered to see me here.

“Ellen what bring you here? I thought you have a tour with your blockmates.”

“Yeah well, I happen to go to the washroom, but I happen to stop here ‘coz I-“ I stopped talking because I don’t want her to know that I was watching their class.

“What do you mean you stopped here?” Her face was really confused

“W-well I… ‘Coz I got lost.” That wasn’t what I ‘m going to say, but it’s also true. At least that will cover what I really meant.. wait, that’s odd. Why won’t I tell her why I was there.

“Aww. Poor you” She smiled at me like she sees me as adorable lost puppy.

Why am I starting to feel this weird feeling? Well yeah, I’m kind of embarrassed but why am I so happy that I get to see her like that? I don’t what else to tell her.

“Hey, since it’s lunch time, wanna grab some lunch with me? It’s okay if you don’t-” She asked.

“Sure!” I suddenly answered her. Wait, I should be looking for block so that I won’t have a hard time later. But I kind of brushed it off and accept what I just did.

“Well great! But first, I’m going to change my clothes” She said.

Portia POV

In the washroom changing.

I didn’t expect for Ellen to be there, but I’m glad that she is. We can hang out this lunch time. Wait, did she saw my performance? That really made me fret.. but not in a bad way. I guess I’ll just ask her about it later.

Even though today was an early class, thank goodness I’ll have the rest of the day free!

As I got out of the washroom, Ellen was there staring at the window where the campus can be see, I noticed that she’s thinking like there she’s thinking too hard. I approached her to see if she’s okay.

“I’m sorry I took so long to change”

“No its okay. Say, you have your hair down today” Oh yeah she always sees me in a bun or in a pony tail.

“Oh yeah, well after class or practice I have it down to relax it a bit. Then I put it back hours later. So it wouldn’t be a fuss for me.”

“I like it when your hair is down. Well what I mean is that I like your hair, either tied up or not” Smiles at me, which I appreciate. Here it goes again, my legs are weakening, well I guess I’m tired from that performance.

“Smooth save there, but thanks. So shall we go?” I said. She nodded.

We arrived at the cafeteria, grabbed some food, and luckily got a table.

As we ate our food, I noticed that there seems to be a quiet atmosphere between us. So I just started a conversation.

“So, what do you think of my performance a while ago?”

Ellen’s eyes widened by my question. “Oh, uhm. You were really great” Her voice crackled for some reason.

It seems that I pressed a button there. She’s so adorable when she’s tense.

“So you did watch my performance.” I tease her.

“Wait what?.. uhm yeah. Well I just saw the end part of it, then the bell rang.

“Ahh alright, well what do you think of my performance?”

“it was amazing, you dance…”

“Really? Like how?” I really appreciate when people like my performance, especially Ellen.

“W-well uhm, (sigh) to be honest Port-“

“There you are!” someone shouted from our table.

Ellen’s POV

I was shocked to what interrupted us, but I was glad to be saved by the bell. It was Jennifer and Mary.

Mary: “Where have you been Ellen?”

Me: Well I uhm, I happen to (I looked at Portia) bump at my roommate, Portia.

(I introduced her to them and made their salutations.)

Jennifer: Well Ellen, our tour guide said that we’ll have lunch here for an hour, and we’ll go to the next destination.

(I looked at Portia, who’s just eating her meal.)

Ellen: Is it okay if Portia would come with us?

Jennifer: I guess so, why not?

Ellen: Portia you’re okay with that right?

Portia: Sure, I have the rest of the day anyway.

Jennifer: Great! Then we’ll see you guys later.

Ellen: Why won’t you guys stay at our table?

Mary: You sure? (Mary made a face like she’s up to something)

Portia: Yeah, it would be nice.

Jennifer: Well okay, thanks Portia!

As we ate our lunch, Jennifer told us that it was time to go.

We’re just at the back of the group, Portia was right beside me.

The tour continues at the park, where we get to see a pond with a sculpture of two people dancing together on the center of it. While the tour guide discussed about the it, Portia whispered to me.

“I gotta say, that sculpture is really beautiful.”

“Yeah, she is” I said as I look at her.

Portia looks at me and smiled. Wait, did I just said that? Shoot.. what should I say?!

“That pond really brings up the beauty in this place. Don’t you agree?” I try to save myself…

“Yeah, she certainly does.” Portia nodded.

“But I’ll there’s a place I think that is better, but I’ll show it to you later.” Portia said

So we continued our tour outside where it was chilly since its autumn. Portia clings at me for she’s kind of chilled. She didn’t have many thick clothes since it was sudden for her to be with us.

I felt bad about it, I took off my gray scarf and lend it to her.

“Here wear it. I’m sorry, I didn’t thought about this would happen.” I said.

“Oh thanks. (wears the scarf) It’s okay it’s my fault─ as usual.”

Portia POV

Her scarf is soft and warm. It smells like her. (I don’t mean to be freaky, okay?)

As we walk together, I begin to imagine that we’re the only ones here, just strolling around the campus. This really makes me happy. I really glad that I happen to find Ellen.

When the tour was done, it was the right time to show Ellen that beautiful place that the tour didn’t include since it’s just near where we are.

“Ellen, want to see the place that I told you awhile ago?”

“Sure, I would glad to see it.”

So I held her hand and led her to my favorite place.

Ellen POV

It was getting dark. The red leaves from the trees are falling to the ground which is a sight to watch.

Portia and I walked to this bricked road where it’s filled with tall trees, beside the road I noticed a small gazebo surrounded by bushes, which made me smile by it.

“I know right” Portia said as we went and chilled inside the gazebo.


“I found this place while I was walking around because of its serenity which somehow releases some stress. You would only hear a small amount of city noise here. What’s best is during the night.”


Then all of a sudden, the lamp posts from the brick road opened.

“Right on time.” Portia said

“Wow..” I was in awe to see everything.

We didn’t say anything for a while. Not in an awkward way for we’re enjoying the view, but then I noticed that I feel something unusual in me; heart starts to beat heavily, which made me worry.

I tried to stay calm, but instead I break the silence.

“Thank you Portia… For this.”

“You’re welcome” She smiles and looks at me like she’s the one who just saw this place for the first time. I have to be honest, her eyes are really mesmerizing to look at even though it’s kind of dark. Why am I staring at them too long?? Get a grip Ellen. I look back at the view.

We just stayed there for a while enjoying those lights and silence, until I felt Portia shiver.

“I think we should go back, since its dark and it got colder.” I said.

“Yeah, I guess so.” She said in her shaking voice

As we walk the wind blew right in front of us, I can’t help but to offer my jacket for I don’t want to see her like that, but she would rather share it with me. I accept it since mine is kind of big─ it’s my brother’s old one.

“You’re really warm you know.” She said as she clings to my left arm.

People say that I am warm, that I’m nice to hug, so I understand that she would hug me, especially since I felt her freezing hand against my arm.

It makes me want to just cuddle with her under the blankets… wait, why would I just do that?? Look Ellen, she just does it because your warm, and she’s cold.

I shook my head and change the topic in my mind.

As we arrived on our dorm, and got in our room, Portia went to the washroom. I plan to prepare some tea to warm us up.

“Would you like some tea?” I asked Portia.

“Yeah, that would be great.” She replied.

I hung my coat and kept my shoes, then prepared the tea.

As I brought it to our coffee desk that is between our beds, I see Portia on the other side of the room; she is looking for something warm to wear since it’s a bit chilly.

She was wearing her bra and pajamas while she was there, then I noticed her body… its weird, I’ve never looked at a girl like that. This feeling inside of me has been gradually getting stronger, especially since she brought me to that gazebo.

Is this what Sean meant? Is this… wait it’s going to be weird. I shouldn’t do this since she might not feel the same way as I do.

I just dropped the idea and poured some tea in the cups.

“That looks great.” Portia said

“I hope you like Earl Grey” I said.

She sat down beside me and lift the cup near her nose, smelled the aroma, and made smile.

“I love it, especially that it’s warmth is really soothing for me.” Portia said.

“Say Ellen”


“I remember you didn’t finish your answer about my question during lunch.” She looked at me like she wants to tease me.

“Oh.. You won’t leave that would you.”

“Nope” She smiles.

“Well I have to tell you, your performance was beautiful. The way you move… it makes me want to uhm.” I paused, trying to say it correctly.


“It makes me want to dance with you.” There I said it. Gawd I hope she doesn’t take it the wrong way!


I just nodded. I just look at my cup, and took a sip.

Portia POV

Ellen just said that?

I really don’t know what to say, well I think I do know but I think that would be confusing her.

“Well thanks Ellen, really.” I said.

We just looked at the window and watch the view of the lights outside.

“I would also love to dance with you. But first I want to see how you dance.” I said.

“Sure! Uhm. Maybe some other time, I feel so lazy because it’s cozy right now.” She said

“Aww really? Great! Come here.” I put down the cup and hug her. At first it’s just being all adorable and grateful, but that changed my intention; I feel so comfortable with her, she’s really warm. It makes me to put my face on her shoulder.

Before I knew it, she responded by hugging me back, her arms are wrapped around my shoulders

“This is nice.” I whispered.

“Yes it is.” She replied.

“Ellen, if it’s okay, can we stay on my bed, I would like to watch the view without having an aching butt.”

Ellen just laughed and stood up and sat on my bed since the view by my bed is better.

We sat on my bed and leaned at the wall. I hug her close that I can feel her heartbeat. Right now I feel so relaxed and filled with bliss as I’m with Ellen.

Ellen’s POV

Having Portia this close to me really makes my heart is beat heavily. I’m worried that something might happen to me, but I try focus on the view, then it gradually calms down.

We sat and talk about what happened today; I told her about Jennifer and Mary, and what I think of the tour. Later on, I notice it started drizzling. We can hear the thunder rumble softly.

“I have to say again, this is nice especially that it’s started to rain softly.” She said

I agree, especially when you’re with someone that you love. That I love…

I may have notice it late, but right now I’m certain. I am in love with an amazing girl named Portia, who happens to be wrapped around my arms this moment.

Chapter 4

Ellen’s POV

I was woken by the chirps of the two birds of on our window sill. It may be annoying for others to hear them wake you up from your sleep, but for me it’s nice to see animals in the big city.

The next thing that I noticed is that I’m not on my bed. Wait… Shoot! I overslept at Portia’s bed! Last night… I grinned about what happened last night, but then I thought but we’re girls. What if she doesn’t feel the way I do? What if she just treats me like a friend like Jennifer and Mary?

Gawd! I suck at understanding things like this. Right now, all I want to do is to be with Portia as I am now, and for her to have the same feelings as I do. I don’t mean to be creepy and selfish, but… but…

Now I’m totally wide awake, even though I’m not moving in bed with Portia, my mind is panicking of what to do, but suddenly it was disrupted by the subtle movement of Portia. Her deep sigh just makes my stomach nervous. I started to process what’s happening right now; Portia’s still in her deep sleep; my arms are still around her; It’s Tuesday today, I checked my alarm clock, I still have an hour before my alarm rings. I’ve thought of what I’m suppose to do, so I’ve decided to appreciate this moment while I can, with her this close.

I only have an hour for this moment to be like this with her, but as my blue eyes set gaze at her wavy golden hair, and my arms feel the comforting warmth with her, I completely forget the presence of time.

Oh how I feel my face smile like an idiot. My heart feels like would burst out celebrating this iridescent feeling that I’m having, but this feeling subtly changes into something that brings me back to my argument awhile ago.

What should I do? I asked myself. It took me awhile to figure what to do. I know! I’ll talk to Sean!I think he knows about these things.It’s a long shot, but I’ll try. Now how can I contact him… Then I noticed my alarm clock, I have few more minutes before it rings. How weird it is for time to not cooperate with me. Calm down Ellen just calm down.

I slowly get off the bed in order not to wake Portia up. It’s unfortunate for me to do this, but I don’t want to wake her up since her alarm is set to ring an hour later.

Here’s the plan. First, I’ll fix myself for my morning classes then at lunch I’ll try to ask downstairs how to contact Sean. After break, I’ll attend my afternoon class. Luckily I only have one class, so that somehow, hopefully, I would ask Sean for help.

Before I left the room, I took one more look at Portia who’s still sound asleep. I can’t help but to carefully place a subtle kiss on her head.

I gave her a kiss, and went out of the room without turning my back.

An hour later…

Portia’s POV

(Alarm Clock Rings)

(Stretches in the bed)

Wait.. (turns around) “Ellen’s not here anymore”, Portia mumbles.  I guess she has an early class. It took a few seconds for Portia to recollect what happened last night. Portia held her blanket and hugged it as she thinks of her. In the end of it, Portia smiles as she recalls all of it, but her joyful face changes into a concerned one.

What does this mean? What’s going to happen between us? Are we still friends or just friends? Is this what it feels like when you’re in love? How should I know? I’ve never been in love with someone. How should I tell Ellen about how I feel? She’s somehow my only friend here.

Numerous questions started to fill up in my mind, but not a single answer comes out of it.

As I think of it, I fixed my bed, washed the mugs that we used for tea last night, then I cleaned and prepared myself for school.

I decided to TRY not to think about it for I have to focus on the classes that I’ll attend. Hopefully, I’ll talk about it with her in the end of the day.

Lunch time

Ellen’s POV

“Great! Thank you very much!” I said to the lady by the desk.

I can finally call Sean in our phone dormitory. So I dialed the name, and waited for him to pick up.

“Hello, this is Sean” he said benevolently

“Hello Sean this is Ellen Degeneres” I said in a nervous voice

“Hello again Ellen! how may I help you?” he said with a cheerful voice when he heard that it’s me.

“Uhm, if it won’t bother you, I need someone to talk to.”

“What’s wrong Ellen? Did something happened?” he said in a concerned voice

“There’s nothing wrong.” Then I just paused for I don’t know how to say it while I’m at the lobby of the dormitory.

“Okay dear, I’ll be right there in just a few. Meet me at the benches, right beside your dormitory so that we can talk about it, alright? ” he said benignly. Just that he somehow understood what I’m dealing with.

I just sat on the bench right beside the dormitory; luckily it’s under a tree for some shade, for Sean to arrive. Moments later he arrived. He waved and smiled at me. I smiled and waved at him too for I am really grateful to have someone to talk to about what I’m dealing with. We both sat down, and then he faced me with a concerned look.

“Ellen what’s wrong? Your tone on the phone doesn’t seem alright” He said.

“I’m sorry for making you worry it’s just that I was nervous because I was really hoping to be to talk to you.”

“Honey, you can’t talk to me with anything. But why me? Don’t you have a guidance councilor?”

“We do, but I’m not comfortable yet with the guidance councilor. I just thought that you seem to be a good friend to me since your very nice to me that first time I met you, and you seem to be good in talks about love.” I said shyly.

“First of all, I’m honored, and second of all, this is about love is it?” He said as he smiled.

I just froze for a moment to what he just said.

“That’s the thing! Is it love? But we’re girls! If it is, what should I do!? I don’t want to lose her! I just blurted out the questions that I’ve been asking to myself.

“Okay, hold on for a second Ellen. Take a deep breath (takes a deep breath) okay, tell me everything.” He said with control.

So I told him what happened from the start to the time I woke up early this morning.

“Ellen, it’s okay if you have feelings for this girl. There’s nothing wrong with you, and there’s nothing wrong about liking the same gender. I’m just like you, but I like guys. Just remember, love is love.” He said in a thoughtful voice. Somehow that comforts me; I don’t feel alone because I have a friend who I can relate to.

“Based from your stories, it seems that she really likes you; she showed you her favorite spot even if it’s cold outside; both of you cuddles together and fell asleep… I have to say, you guys look like a cute couple.” Sean teases.

“Though I don’t want to assume because maybe that’s what’s being a girl and a friend.” He said which made me feel like it’s a 50-50 chance for.

“I know this is a long shot, but I think you have to tell her, how you feel about her to you, and what you guys are. You have to do it soon because you wouldn’t want any complications.

If you can, ask her in a subtle way. Haven’t you talked about these things (crushes) since you guys talk to each other a lot?”

“We do talk about a lot of stuff, but not these kinds of stuff.” I said coyly.

“Well give it a try, then you can get a clearer view about her. I know it’s your first time to like someone, I know this may suck, but whatever happens you have to accept the truth, whether or not she feels the same way.” He said.

I agreed to everything he said I really have to talk to her about what this. I looked at my watch; I still have 15 minutes of lunch time.

So I thanked Sean for listening to me, and giving me some advice.

“Also, let me know what happens. Just call me during lunch time, I’m free during that time. Same place too. Okay?” He said with a smile of hope.

“Okay” I said.

I smiled at him to show my gratitude, but my face froze because from a distance, I could see Portia walking by to our dormitory.

I’m starting to get a small panic attack, until Sean asked me what’s wrong.

“I-It’s Portia. She’s heading this way!” I said husky voice.

“Ellen, calm down. I’m here, or do you want to be alone?” Sean said with a smile on his face.

“please stay for a while.” I begged.

As Portia noticed me sitting by the bench, she walked towards me with a smile on her beautiful face. Sean and I stood up to meet her.

Ellen: Portia, this is Sean, he’s works as a driver for the school. He’s the one who fetched me from the airport, and who happens to become my friend. Sean this is Portia is my dorm mate and my.. friend.

Ellen why did you pause! Now she’ll think that something’s up.

“Oh! so you’re the Portia that Ellen’s been talking about I heard great things about you I’m glad to meet you Portia.” Sean said flamboyantly.

Portia just smiled and responded to what Sean said.

I guess that stopped the awkwardness.

“Really? Thank you! What did she say about me?” Portia asked curiously.

Oh no…

“She said that you’re an excellent ballet dancer, and you’re a scholar in this school.” Sean said.

Wow Sean is good at this.

They seem to get along. As I checked my watch, I realized that I have to go to my next class already. Sadly I have to interrupt them to tell them that I have to go. Sean understood and said his goodbyes to us already.

“I’m the rest of the day I’ll be in the dorm then. Wanna meet when you’re done with your class?” Portia asks.

“Sure! I’ll see you then. Sorry but I have to go” I said and ran to my class to the building. Before I even hear her response I ran to my class which is fortunately just near the dormitory.

Later did I realize that I haven’t eaten lunch.

Two hours later…

Ellen’s POV

My class today seems to be a helpful distraction from all the things that I’ve been worrying about lately. Dancing never lets me down.

(Stomach grumbles) I started holding my stomach.

Man I’m still starving. Thank gawd there was a vending machine for snacks near the dance room, but that doesn’t fill my stomach enough. I cannot wait to get back to the dorm for some food… Oh yeah I have to meet with Portia in our room!

Portia’s POV

(Stomach grumbles) (looks at the clock)

Ellen will arrive soon. Is she alright? When I saw by the bench with Sean, she looks flustered. Was it about last night?… Wait did I made her uncomfortable? Gawd I hope not.

My eyebrows started to curved, then I noticed the door opening so I went back to my magazine.

Ellen’s POV

I’m having these mixed feelings; I’m happy to meet up with Portia, but at the same time I’m afraid to what’s going to happen between us. (Stomach grumbles) Well my stomach is really getting cranky alright.

As I opened my room, I see Portia on her bed, wearing her headphones, and reading some magazines. She finally noticed me when I reached my bed.

“Hey Ellen” She said as she removes her headphones.

“Hi” I replied in tired voice.

“Hungry?” She asked as I placed my bag on my bed and put my dirty clothes on my hamper.

“Gawd yes! Let’s go!” I said emphatically.

Portia just smiled, and eagerly put her magazine down and worn her shoes.


As we arrived in the cafeteria, the smell of food made my stomach grumble. We both grab a tray and utensils for food, and found a spot by the window door. My stomach made me dig in to my food. Thankfully I’m not the only one with a hungry appetite; I’m glad that Portia is enjoying her food.

After few minutes, I started a conversation.

“I’m sorry it took me a while to get back to the dorm. You could have went without me.”

“No no it’s okay Ellen. I really appreciate you accompanying me. To tell you the truth I feel uncomfortable, when I eat alone in a public place.” She said.

Hearing that just gave me some more air to breathe. Well that lessened my worries.

“Oh really? Then I’ll be glad to accompany you” I said as I smile at her.

“Thank you Ellen.” Portia gratefully said. She held my arm to express her gratitude, I suddenly froze. I just looked at my food and continue eating; not making eye contact to her. Ellen your making it obvious! She might wonder why your acting like this.

“Are you alright Ellen?” She said

Told you.

“Yeah. I’m just tired.”  I lied.

I could see that she wasn’t convinced. I just ignored it and finished the food. The trip back to our room is really quiet. I have to do something about this. I don’t want to ruin our relationship as friends. While I was thinking on what to do, Portia beckoned to me that it’s time to get off the elevator.

In silence, we entered our room. We both went to the washroom to brush our teeth. We both smirked at the coincidence, but it went back to the awkward silence. No eye contact or whatsoever. After we prepared ourselves for bed, I went straight to bed and curled myself in bed. Ellen what are you doing?! Do something!

“Good night” I told Portia while curled up in my bed but not facing her.

My eyes are squinting with the regret for only saying those words, not even at least facing her. I’m sorry Portia for acting weird, I just don’t how to explain how I feel for you. 

AsI curl up in bed with my blankets, I noticed that her lamp beside her bed is still up.

Chapter 5

Portia’s POV

This is what I’m afraid of. She’s not going to talk to me is she?

“Goodnight Ellen.” I said softly, but I don’t think she heard it since she covered herself with her blankets.

I’m still full from what I ate; I’m just going to lean on the headboard for a while, and keep my lamp up. For some reason, it makes me check on Ellen if she is awake. What am I doing? This can wait. I’ll just read my magazine while the food to settles.

Minutes later…

(Ellen groans)

Was that Ellen? Looked at the bedside of Ellen. Maybe I just misheard stuff. I guess I’ll get some sleep already─. (Ellen groans)

“Ellen?” I asked coyly.

It’s Ellen. She continues to groan, then she removed her blankets, rose up and ran to the bathroom. Seeing her shirt, she’s sweating.

“Ellen what’s wrong?” I said, as I put away my magazine and blanket. 

I was frozen for a second to process what just happened, but immediately I jumped out of bed and approached Ellen. I can hear Ellen hurl on the toilet bowl. My instincts made me approach her closer. “Ellen, what’s wrong?” I said lightly as I held her shoulder and gently rub her back. It took her awhile to respond to me then I noticed that she’s pale.

I grabbed a face towel in my drawer, and wiped her sweaty face and neck.

“Well the worst is over.” Ellen said with a weak smile.

“Can you get up?”

She nodded, but I could see that she’s still weak.

“C’mon I’ll help you.” I said. She didn’t hesitate; she cling her sweaty arms around my shoulders for support.

I fixed her pillows so that she can lean at the headboard. I put a trashcan with a new garbage bag beside her bed, just in case.

“Okay. I’m going to get you a shirt to replace your sweaty one. I’m going to get something done the vending machine. While I’m out, change your top alright? I said calmly with concern.

She nodded.

I went to her drawer to grab a shirt and gave it to her. After that I went to the vending machine to get some Gatorade for her.

As I got back, She still hasn’t changed her top. I could see that she’s half asleep and weak.

“Ellen, I brought some Gatorade.” I whispered

She noticed that I’m back and gave me a subtle groan.

I have to focus on what has to be done.

“Ellen, I have to change your sweaty shirt so that you won’t get worse.” I said

“’kay.” She mumbles.

I have no choice but to do it. I took of her sweaty shirt, put it aside. I wiped her arms, back and chest with the face towel. She’s really sweaty. Is she awake? I wondered, I looked at her tired face then lingered at her shoulders and arms, but I snapped out of it. I grabbed the new shirt and clothed her. Portia! focus okay?

“Ellen, sorry to wake you up but here’s some Gatorade.”

She’s too weak to hold the bottle so I helped her drink it.

As she gestured that it’s enough I placed it on her bed desk.

I sat beside her bed, lightly massaged her hand.

My mom used to do this to me and my brother every time we don’t feel well. For me it very soothing, and I think it is to Ellen; I could see that her lips are no longer pale,  she’s no longer sweating either.

It seems that she’ll be fine.

As I get up, Ellen wakes up. “Portia?” She’s said.

“Yeah? Are you okay?” I asked.

“Somehow yeah.”

“Thank goodness. Now get some sleep okay? Can you go to class tomorrow?” I asked.

“Yeah, I don’t have an early class on  Wednesday.” She smiles.

Her smile made me smile.

“That’s great, you can get more rest then. Alright? Now, goodnight El─”

“Wait, um..” She calls me.

“Yes Ellen?”

“If it’s not too much to ask, could you sleep beside me for tonight?” She asks timidly.

I was relieved that not only she’s getting well, but also she’s finally talking to me. My heart got heavier with all the happiness that I’m now having. I thought that Ellen would still be distant to me.

I just smiled at her and nodded to her request.

“Thanks Portia”

“No problem… Goodnight Ellen.” I said as I turned off the lamp beside my bed.

Chapter 6

Portia’s POV

As I open my eyes I saw the sky in our window; its dawn. Soon my alarm clock is going to ring. As I checked it I still have 20 minutes. I turn my body to the other side, Ellen is sound asleep. Seeing her lying right beside me makes me feel all cozy inside of me, like I want to stay like this for hours with her and… (Sigh) If only it were possible. I remembered that time when I held her arm she acted weird while where in the cafeteria yesterday.

I better get up before my alarm clock rings. 5 minutes before it rings. I really want to stay beside Ellen more, but the thing comes back at me. So I decided to get up. I try not to move much since Ellen is a light sleeper, but I have to turn off my alarm clock.

Ellen mumbles. “Portia?”

She’s a light sleeper alright.                    

“Morning. I’m sorry I woke you up.” I whispered.

“No it’s okay.” She whispered.

“Are you feeling okay?”

“Yes. Portia thank you for what you did, and I’m sorry for last night. I owe you big time.”

“It’s alright. Now get some more rest. I’m just going take a shower for class.”

She nodded.

So I prepared myself for class. I have two morning class and I have an afternoon class until 6 pm.

As I finished my preparations I checked Ellen, who is asleep. Before I opened the door I just took a glimpse at her, seeing her sleep like an angel just gives me a piece of mind. As I closed the door, and placed my key in my bag that image of her in her sleep just starts my day great.

Ellen’s POV

(Alarm clock ringing) I grabbed my alarm to shut it off. Its 9 o’clock, thankfully I don’t have an early class, but not for Portia. Last night was so far the worst thing that happened to me here in school, what makes it worse is that I got Portia get involved with my reckless doing. I really owe her big time.

As I got up and went to the bathroom, before I went to the shower part I looked at the toilet area, where that embarrassing thing happened, it gives me cringes just remembering it. I tried to ignore it, went inside the shower area and focused on what I have to do which is “what I have to do in order to I make it up for her.” After having some thought about it in the shower just gave me some great ideas, but first I have to ask her about it.

As I arrived in the dance studio our instructor made us sit to announce something to us.

“Okay class, as earliest as now I would like to invite everyone to the school’s Grand ball. It’s near the end of the semester. Your college has this tradition for all the freshmen, or so I consider a ‘perk’ for your social life. It’s like prom but with better dancers.” Everyone laughed. “It’s also a way for you guys to socialize with your fellow dancers, but here’s the thing, it’s only optional for everyone to attend this event because in this ball you have to have a partner, who you can dance with, that way you can experience what it’s like to dance with some.” Everyone started talking to each other about who are they’re going with to this ball. Everyone is excited for this event.

I raise my hand, “Yes Ellen?” he said

“Can our partners be anyone? I asked

“Ah, I’m about to say that thank you Ellen.” he said.

“As long as it’s an undergrad student in this university there’s no problem about it.” And that’s all he said about it. I heard some students groan about it.

“Now there’s one more thing which makes this event interesting is there are prizes that would sure you guys would want.” He said. Then suddenly everyone got curious and excited to hear.

“Whoever wins the pair will get to fix their own schedule for the next semester.” He said, which everyone became determined to join this ball. Then a student raised her hand and asked.

“What do we do to win that prize sir?”

“Well it’s a secret. Every year it changes, so if you ask the upperclassmen it’s different, what you should do is do your best in your performance and have fun.” He said. “Now further details will be posted outside. If you have questions, just contact the person that is mention in the post. Now let’s start our warm-up shall we?”

After the announcement, we went straight to our warm-ups. During our stretching I started thinking about that ball. I started thinking about coming with Portia. I’ve always wanted to dance with her. This fits with my plan for Portia, I really hope that she say yes to both of them.

 Hours later…

 I’m finally at the dorm studying by practicing our new lesson in our contemporary class on our spacious area of our room. As I’m done, I lay down on my bed, and started thinking of what I’m supposed to do for the first plan. Just thinking about it seems exciting, but behind that excitement is still pending. I have to do is wait for Portia.

As I lay down there, I hear the door opens. I immediately rose up from bed like a dog who’s excited to see their owner. Ellen be cool! I noticed that she hasn’t noticed me. (Sigh) Thank gawd she didn’t see that. Changed by acting casual so not to scare her.

“Hey Portia.”

“Hi Ellen. how are you?” She replied as she put her stuff down and approached my bed.

“I’m good. Thanks, but you don’t have to worry anymore.” Seeing her act like this made me think of that embarrassing moment but at the same time touched, for her to be concerned about me.

“Great. Thank goodness.” I hear the tone of relief in her voice.

“Um Ellen, if I may ask, what happened to you last night?” Oh no, that..

“Oh uhm, (bows her head) I know it’s so stupid, but I curled myself down while my stomach was so full. It gave me stomach aches, then it made me want to puke.” She said

I tried to hold my laugh after listening to what she just said. Due to embarrassment she hid her face and nudge it to my shoulder.

“Ellen!” I snicker. “I’m sorry Ellen, but why would you do that?” I asked while tittering. “I’m just embarrassed.”

“Embarrassed about what??” She asked with concern.

Shoot. Now my back is against the wall, I don’t know what else to say. I don’t have anything to say. There was a long pause in the atmosphere, until Portia said, “It’s okay Ellen; you don’t have to tell me. I’m sorryfor forcing you, but I just want to tell you that you can talk to me whenever you want to talk to someone.”

I just nodded at her and thanked her for her support.

I just want to change the topic before it gets anymore awkward. I tried to think quick of what to talk about. Then I just blurted out my plan that I’ve haven’t thought of very well.

“Hey Portia, do you have any plans for thanksgiving?” I blurted out.

“Thanksgiving?” She asked with a question mark on her face.

“Oh yeah! Sorr,y I forgot that your Austrian.” I face palmed myself intentionally.

“I’m australian Ellen” she said as she giggles.

She’s still waiting for me to continue.

“It’s an American Holiday in November, it’s the time when we celebrate how thankful we are with what we have. Plus it’s a long break. So I was just wondering-” I just stopped talking and started to rubbing my fingers.

“Ohh. Well I was thinking of staying here since the roundtrip plane ticket is too expensive for me. Why’d you ask?” She mentioned.

“W-well, I was thinking of inviting you for my family Thanksgiving back at New Orleans, to celebrate it with my family.” There I’ve finally said! “I owe you for what you did for me. It’s my way of thanking you for what you did. Since you’ve never experience thanksgiving at all, you’re in for a treat.” My voice started to escalate due to excitement.

“I want you to experience it at the best place, my place, since my mother and auntie are excellent cooks. Trust me you’ll love them and their food.” Later did I notice that I kept on blabbering a lot of stuff to Portia. “Oh.. Uhm  sorry Portia. I don’t mean to brag about it and to give you any pressure. It’s okay if you don’t−“

“No no! I would to come to your family’s thanksgiving! It sounds exciting.”  Portia said, grabbing my hands, sounding enthusiastic for it.

My face gleamed with happiness and relief as I heard her say those words, especially in the best way. I’m so relieved that risk was saved. As I look at my hands, my body started to process what’s happening. After that moment, I could feel her warm hands holding my sweaty ones. She’s holding my hands! My sweaty hands!

I immediately pulled them away to wipe them on my shorts.

“Sorry for the sweaty hands. I was nervous to ask you about it.” Dude stop talking!

“No it’s okay.” She smiles. “I can’t wait to experience it. Thank you for inviting me El.-I mean Ellen. Sorry, I didn’t mean to. Uhm..” She just stopped smiling from what she just said.

I smiled at her and said, “It okay for you to call me that. My friends and family call me that back home. Is it okay for me to call you with a nickname?”

“Sure, To be even.” She replies.

“Great! Thanks Port.” I smile as I said my nickname for her. She giggled; I’m gladd that she likes it.

I cannot wait for thanksgiving to arrive. I’m really excited to introduce her to my family and to spend time her. Also I miss my family.

Chapter 7

When I was 12 years old my parents got divorced. I stayed with my mom while my brother, Vance, stayed with my dad. I’m not mad, but I was upset not only because of what happened but seeing my mother grieving alone breaks my heart. So I do what I do best to cheer her up; I crack jokes to her, which thankfully brings a smile on her face; I make her dance with me, which somehow helps her forget what she grieves. Seeing her being happy is already makes me happy, and that is enough for me.

Then one day I got the acceptance letter for my scholarship in this dance school. I was excited at first, but then I’ve thought of my Mama. I started having doubts of not going to this school because I don’t want to leave my mama alone, but at the same time I’ve always wanted to attend this school because of all the experiences and opportunities I could get. Dancing just makes me happy, and my mother. At that moment, two of the things that I love the most must brought down to one. It took me days to decide if I should accept it or not, until my mama (that’s what I call her) approached me, and told me to take the scholarship. “El, thank you for being there for me, I’m really blessed to have you and Vance as my children, as a mother I want you to be happy, I don’t want to be against what makes you happy. If you’re concerned about me, thank you, but you also have to be concerned about yourself. Seeing you dance with all your heart, already makes me happy so take the scholarship, I’ll be fine here. I’ll always be right behind you supporting you because I love you.” Hearing her say those things brought me into tears. “Thank you” I said, I hugged her for the gratitude that I could give her.

“Just call m or write me a letter alright?” Mama said

“Oh I will” I replied.

And I have. In the past 2 months I’ve been mailing her with letters, twice or thrice a month, since I have so many stories to tell her; I’ve told her about my first few days here; I told her that I met new Friends like Sean the driver, Jennifer, Mary, and Portia, most of the time it’s about Portia, I’ve also sent photos that I took in the campus, mostly my dorm building, New York, my classmates while we’re in the cafeteria, Portia and me in the dorm room. Based on her mails she’s happy to see me happy with what I do. She assured me that she’s been doing well with her sister, my auntie, back in New Orleans.

Based on her latest letter she wrote that she cannot wait to see me for the thanksgiving holiday. Reading that part of the letter just made my heart pump strong so strong that I haven’t mentioned about what I’ve planned. I should tell her very soon. I guess now.

I approached our dorm room’s phone booth, to contact my mama’s house.

(phone ringing on the other end) The waiting is killing me. Now relax Ellen, you don’t want to scare mama. As I heard the click, I thought that this is the moment of truth. I sense that the phone feels slippery because of my sweaty palm.

“Hello?” I hear my mama’s voice. Even though we’ve been exchanging letters, hearing my mama’s voice made me miss her so much.

“Hi mama!” I called.

“Ellen! I can’t believe it’s you! How are you dear?”

“Great great! I’m doing well.” I said with a crackled voice. Shoot.

“Is there something wrong baby?” Mama asked. There’s no way to put it but to say it.

“Uhm, mama. About the thanksgiving.. u-uhm”

“Why you can’t come?” She answered.

“No! no! I wouldn’t do that. It’s just that..” Here goes nothing. “I was thinking of bringing a friend for Thanksgiving. It’s Portia, my roommate. She won’t leave the school since it’s too expensive to go back to her country. So I’ve uh, kinda invited her to ours.”

“Ohhh” I hear her laugh with relief. “There’s no problem with that dear. The more the merrier! and this Portia, based on your stories, she seems wonderful. I can’t wait to meet her.”

I made a huge silent sigh not to let mama hear it.  “G-great! Oh thank you! thank you! thank you mama! I’m so excited for thanks giving. I can’t wait to see you!” I did those mini-jumps, like a kid who’s excited to go to disneyland, but only for a short while not to look weird to the other people in the lobby.

“Is there anything else I have to know? Have you met anyone?” Mama said like she’s up to something.

“No ma!” I said with a grunt. I overreacted.

“Okay! okay. I was just kidding” She chuckled.

“That’s all for now mama. See you on thanksgiving.”

“Alright, take good care of yourself honey!”

“Yes mama. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

As I put down the phone. I made a small victory fist pump with my arm. I cannot believe it! Now I’m really excited for thanksgiving. Three more weeks to go!

Chapter 8 

Ellen’s POV

Lunch Time: Cafeteria

“What do you.. Ellen” Jennifer called my attention. “W-what?” I haven’t been listening to what Jennifer and Mary have been discussing about, because I’ve been thinking about the upcoming holiday where Portia having thanksgiving, for the first time, at my place. One more week before the holidays.

“Someone’s been spacing out too much.” Mary noticed, “Ellen what’s up with you?”

“Sorry guys, I’m just thinking of thanksgiving, one more week to go, yeah?” I said with enthusiasm.

“Ellen that’s like the third time you mentione about thanksgiving. Are you really that homesick. Something’s up is it?” Jennifer asks.

“Ohh uh I’m just excited to go back to my home.” I said with a grin on my face.

“Ahh.. So there is something. Something that you’re not telling us Ellen. Spill it out!” Mary asks which made both of their attention towards me.

“Uhm.. well..” I started to blush. “I’m bringing Portia back to New Orleans for Thanksgiving that’s why.” I bowed my head down in order not to show them my grinning face.

Both of them, in unison, gave me that grin that expresses that they’re getting an idea from it.

“Wow~ meeting with the parents are we now~” Mary teases with her smug face. Jennifer raised her hand to get a high five from Mary, and then to me, but I left her hand hanging.

“No no! Guys, it’s not what you think. We’re not even together. I invited her for thanksgiving because.. uh. She’s not going anywhere during the holidays.” I defended.

“Okay, if you say so” Jennifer backs off coolly. “Is that the reason why you’ve been smiling like an idiot, and not paying attention to us?”

“I-I.. uhm..” I don’t know what else to say, but to stay quiet with my head bowed down.

“Ellen, you’re so obvious that you like her!” Jennifer is still smiling with her hand on cue.

Looking at Jennifer’s hand makes me wonder, should I be open about my feelings towards Portia to my friends?

“You’re okay with that?” I asked them with a weak voice.

“Okay with what? You having feelings for Portia?” Jennifer asked.

Hearing her say the fact gave a strong hit inside of my chest that it made me my face feel warm. No saying anything gives them the answer.

“Ellen, you don’t have to hide your feelings from us. We’re your friends and we love you.” Jennifer asks

“It’s quite obvious that you have feelings for her since the first few weeks. Plus you guys are cute together. Right Mary?” Mary smiles as she nods.

“Thank you guys. Sorry it took a while to tell you guys. It’s just that it’s my first time to feel this way, I don’t know who else I can tell, except my friend Sean who can relate to me. So I’m really sorry.” I said.

“Hey no worries. We’re sorry that we forced you to admit it. We just want you to be open to us and be comfortable about it. ” Mary replied.

“I understand. Thank you again.” I said.

“So give me a high-five already ‘coz my hand is starting to get tired!” Jennifer insists. I gave her a satisfying high-five. That it has given me a relief between my friends.

Portia’s POV

“Cmon El w might miss the train.” I called her for the nth time. 

I’m standing in front of our door, already packed for our trip at Ellen’s hometown, New Orleans, for thanksgiving. I’m excited about it, but at the same time I am nervous to meet her family. As I think about it, it’s like I’m meeting Ellen’s family as her girlfriend! I try to shove that stupid thought off of my mind not to ruin this trip. 

Ellen is a thoughtful friend to invite me back at her hometown because I have nowhere else to go during the holidays. I kept on repeating this on my mind every time I think about that ridiculous thought.

“Don’t be excited Port we’ll make it on time” Ellen says. “Man, your excited than me.”

“Well I can’t wait to meet your parents, and experience thanksgiving. How about you why aren’t excited to visit home as I do?” 

“I am. I just don’t want to act weird like a girl who’s excited to go to disneyland.” Ellen says as she gives me that teasing face.

“Haha very funny El. Now cmon.” I opened and locked the door, and off we go.

Ellen’s POV

Seeing her so excited makes me excited even more. I cannot wait for her to meet my family.      

Behind that excitement somehow brings up that nervous feeling; I sure wish things would go well as we go home. I called my mom beforehand that we’ll be there tomorrow afternoon.

We’re taking the train down at Penn station, since it’s cheaper. It’s going to take about 19 hours, according to our ticket. 19 hours with Portia… This is going to be a long trip for us.

We left the New York around 9 in the morning, we’ll spend most of our time sleeping. we’ll be there just as I mentioned.

The first few hours we’re wide awake especially Portia because of her excitement. I talked about what’s going to happen during the holidays like thanksgiving, (except my other plan), we played cards, we even played “heads up” which I liked the most. We brought our own food and drinks from our dorm, not to spend some money in train food. Glad we’ve thought of that.

Hours have past, the sun is slowly setting. As the sun slowly sets, both of us somehow settles. We just stared at the window, not that it’s an awkward moment, but we gaze at the view of the horizon seeing the clouds form, the color of the sky. 

I noticed that Portia’s eyes are slowly closing, but she seems to fight it back to wake up. Without thinking, I relied on my instincts; I held the side of her head, to lean on to my shoulder for her to sleep.  

In the first few seconds , I’m starting to think that it’s an awkward move…

As I looked at her head, she didn’t hesitate. Thank gawd. I just looked at the window like everything’s cool.

“Thank you El.” she mutters, before her eyes slowly closes..

After hearing those words, the sound that I can hear was the beating sound of my heart that is synchronizing to the rhythms of the train. I hope that the rhythm of the train would slow down, not only for the beat, but also for this moment would last longer.