ellen knows it

Hey, ya’ll. 

Remember when Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were “secretly” dating and then Cory went on Ellen and she got him to come out with it?

Or, Remember when Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were “secretly” together and neither would confirm it because they are sooooo private, but Ellen got it out of Mila anyway?

Uh. Yeah. I am nominating Ellen bring either Cole or Lili on the show and settle this shit once and for all.


Hi guys! This week I’m discussing a lot of your questions in a bisexy Q&A! It’s quite an emotional one, we dive in deep! After having met a lot of you on tour, I was really touched by your stories and struggles. I definitely felt it was time to talk about a lot of the hurdles you’ve faced on your journey of self discovery. Hopefully this video will help anybody seeking advice or guidance, or perhaps just let people know that they’re not alone! If you guys have any other questions I didn’t touch upon, make sure you leave them in the comments below!

Fun fact: Shannon’s gone and I can’t remember life before she stayed with us.


MERLEX || Meredith x Alex || GREY’S ANATOMY || S13E24 -DELETED SCENE || “I don’t wanna be in love again. Not until it feels like family.” (x)


Gene Kelly and Vera-Ellen in On The Town (1949)

There was nothing the censors could put their fingers on. The red color, the girl in black and the sailor in white were very sensuous. The moves were sensuous. Yet I never laid a glove on her. There was nothing the censors could say. If they did, I could have said, “What? Do you have a dirty mind?" - Gene Kelly, Conversations with the Great Moviemakers of Hollywood’s Golden Age at the American Film Institute

Headcanon time

I’ve got some headcanons about friendship between the Mango Cheese and the Peter Johnson gangs
This post will be long (?) so let’s start!

- Magnus, Alex, Sam and TJ sometimes go to CHB (bc they are demigods and they can)

- Magnus helps in the infirmary
- Actually the first time Will saw him thought that he was one of his brothers and basically ordered him to heal some injured demigod
- But Will help him to deal with Alex bc he knows everything about sassy and sad boy(girl)friends
-Mr D actually calls him Mango Cheese

- Alex being friend with Nico
- You know, the sassy-and-sad thing
- But also they like training together
- Alex shapeshifting-and-garrote and Nico underworld-stuff-and-sword
- They also like to creep the shit out of annoying people (bc they are little shits)
- And they are Nerds™
- Nico has been calling Alex Ant-man or Wasp since the time she became a bug during a fight (Wasp when she’s a girl, Ant-man when he’s a boy)
- Yes I’ve got a lot of feels for them

- Samirah and Annabeth usually talks about how silly are their friends (especially Magnus)
-Sam studying for her fly exams with Athena children bc they are smart and quiet
-Jason found out that she can fly like him
-He challenged her
-Sam won (and Percy will never let Jason forget it)

- TJ , as a son of Tyr, the god of courage, likes stories about bravery and battles
- He and Ares kids always talk during meals
- I think he’s friend with Leo.
- IDK why but I like him being friend with Hephaestus house

- Jack flirts shamelessly with Riptide
- Percy really doesn’t like this
- Neither Riptide does
- Jack and Leo are the Meme Lords™

- Sometimes they meet outside CHB and there are also Blitz and Hearth

- Aphrodite kids LOVE Blitzen style
-Blitz teaches Hephaestus and Aphrodite houses how to make protective and stylish clothes
- Lou Ellen knows ASL
- She “talks” a lot about magic with Hearth
-Hearth thinks she’s really funny
- Hearthstone teaches Travis and Connor Stoll ALS swear words

Feel free to add yours!

does anyone else ever think about how audrey, despite having been conditioned by the men in her life to stay in her place and not speak out of turn, didn’t hesitate to ask mr. mushnik not to yell at seymour? 

like does anyone else realize how brave that was?

mr. mushnik wasn’t just a man, he was her boss, and she stood up to him anyway because defending her friend was just that important to her

if that’s not an indication of her strength and love for seymour idk what is