ellen in your ear

Ellen’s in Y/N’s ear (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

Summary: Ellen Degeneres sends famous (your profession) Y/N to a local coffee shop with an earpiece. Y/N must follow everything Ellen tells her to say. It is a funny game until Y/N realizes her long-time crush Shawn Mendes happens to be in that very coffee shop. Ellen got to have her fun.

Italics= what Ellen is saying

A/N: Who doesn’t love Ellen?

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“Alright, so in honor of her 18th birthday and all the success she has had this year, we sent (your profession) Y/N Y/L/N to a local coffee shop in Toronto where she is staying. I know, she actually prefers Canada.” Ellen Degeneres winks to her laughing audience.

The audience’s attention refocuses on the screen in front of them, showing Y/N in comfy sweatpants and a tank top.

Okay Y/N, if you hear me scream out loud: “It’s freezing cold outside, but I want to show off my abs!”

Y/N chuckles and whispers: “What abs?”, before shouting:


The people standing around her stare at her and laugh softly.

Okay Y/N, walk in the shop. 

Y/N grabs the door, and opens it, stepping into the nice coffee-smelling building.

Sniff around, and look like you’re heavily enjoying the aroma of coffee around you.

Shaking her head, Y/N walks further into the shop, sniffing around. She shuts her eyes and sighs.

The audience laughs, some of them muttering how she looked high while doing that.

What Y/N and Ellen did not know however was songwriter Shawn Mendes was sitting in the corner and had raised his head up from his phone upon Y/N’s arrival.

The corners of his lips tugged up into a smile. Shawn had always harboured a little crush on the renowned (your profession). They were following each other on social media and occasionally would retweet each other’s posts and such. Each time Y/N liked his posts, or tweeted something so goofy reflecting her personality, Shawn always had a little warm fuzzy feeling in his chest. They had met at the Teen Choice Awards, and he remembered clearly how amazing she looked in her dress and how much he couldn’t stop thinking about how they took a picture together on the red carpet. Since then, Shawn only saw glimpses of her at other award shows but never had time to go speak to her.

So, seeing her there today made his heart leap. He has never seen her in anything other than dazzling gowns, but he found her just as effortlessly beautiful in a laidback casual outfit.  

Okay, so walk up to the cashier.

Y/N coughed and whispered:

“Ellen um there’s a line.”

Cut the line! An audience member shouted. Ellen smiled. Cut the line.

Y/N took a deep breath in, and slid in in front of a man waiting in line.

“Um, excuse me?” He said.

Say you’re a celebrity.

“Yes sir, I’m sorry I cut you, but I am a celebrity.” Y/N responded, blushing slightly.

Ellen rolled around in her seat with laughter.

“Well miss that’s not an excu- Wait Y/N Y/L/N?” He gasps.

“Yes.” Y/N giggles.

“No way, my daughters love you! Can I get a picture?”

“Oh yeah, great! Tell them I say hi!”

And the man takes out his phone, snaps a picture of them together and leaves straight away exclaiming to his phone; without his coffee.

Alrighty then, Y/N you got out of that.

Y/N grins cheekily.

Shawn watches from a distance, a little perplexed. Was Y/N actually that rude about being famous? But yet again, her grin at the end was impossible to hate.

Y/N walked up to the cashier, waiting for Ellen’s directions.

Ellen kept quiet, pursing her lip to hold back laughter.

Y/N clears her throat, looking from side to side as the cashier watches her expectantly.

Playing with her hair awkwardly, she bites her lip.

“Can I help you miss?” The cashier asks once again.

“Hmm, oh yes.”

“So what can I get you?”

“Yep.” Y/N responds. She looks up to the hidden camera, raising her eyebrows slightly at Ellen.

Meanwhile in LA, Ellen is red from holding her breath and the audience is on the edge of their seats, waiting for Ellen and Y/N’s next move.

“I’m sorry, so what would you like to order?”

“Yeah that’s the one.” Y/N continues, swaying slightly from side to side on the balls of her feet to release some awkward tension.

“So uh miss, would you like to maybe hear the specials?”

Say: No, I know exactly what I want.

“No sir thank you I know exactly what I want.” Y/N answered.
“Okay perfect what would that be?”

Ask for a smoothie.

“Can I get a smoothie?” Y/N exhales, relieved the silence didn’t go on.

“Yes of course, we have strawberry, honey melon and mixed berry.”

Respond: Ooh I love melons. They look a little bit like breasts. You know with the little circle in the middle.

The color rose in Y/N’s cheeks.

“Ooh I love melons. They look a little bit like breasts. You know with the little circle in the middle. Looks like a nipple…” Y/N blurted out.

The cashier rose his eyebrows, then laughed out loud.

“Oh you are funny miss. So one small honey melon smoothie?”

“Yep, that’ll be that.”

Ellen then got an idea. Remembering her previous Ellen in Your Ear episodes, she decided to get a little bolder. Y/N, say: “But of course they don’t look like my breasts. Those melons are huge!”

“But of course you know, melons don’t look like my breasts. Ha ha um no, those are hu-uge.” Y/N gestured, positively red by now.

Shawn let out an involuntary laugh, clapping his hands on his mouth. This went unnoticed by Y/n who was too embarrassed and busy trying not to laugh, but not by Ellen.

“Wait, camera crew zoom in on the left hand corner. Aah ladies and gentlemen, there is singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes.” Ellen chuckled mischievously. Her audience oohs in surprise. “Y/N walk to the back of the shop and go sit beside Shawn Mendes.”

“Shawn Mendes?” , Y/N thought. Not the handsome, kind, down-to-earth singer Shawn right? The Shawn she has had a crush on for the longest time ever?

Y/N walked to her left, spotting him and sitting down beside him, hating herself for blushing.

“Hey.” She said.

“Hi! It’s so nice to see you here.” Shawn smiled back.

“So what brings you here?” He asked.

I needed somewhere to pee.

“I um yes, needed somewhere to pee.”

Shawn looked a bit confused, but carried on.

“Oh, bathroom’s broken at your place?”

Nope, I just love gross public bathrooms.

“No I just love gross public bathrooms ha. Love em!” Y/N squealed, wondering why she agreed to do this segment again.

“Anyway I heard your new single Bad Reputation and wow I can’t stop listening to it!”

“Wow thanks a lot, is that what you’re listening to now?” Shawn said, pointing to her earpiece.

Y/N closed her eyes for a second. Shoot busted, she thought.


Hand him the earpiece.

“Here, listen.” Y/N said, taking it out and giving it to Shawn.

He accepted it, feeling his flesh burn as he grazed her fingers and stuck it into his ear.

“Hello Shaaawn.” Ellen said into the earpiece.

“What? Y/N who is this?”

Y/N merely grinned and gestured to him to keep listening.

“It’s meeee, from Finding Nemo.”

“Ellen?” Shawn asked.


“Oh! That explains why you were doing and saying such weird things.” Shawn threw his head back in laughter as he placed the earpiece down on the table.

“So I’m guessing you heard what I said, eh?” Y/N cringed.

“Yes, it was very entertaining.”

“Eeven the melon part huh?”

“It was one of the best parts.” Shawn chuckled.

“Oh, and just so you know, I don’t actually enjoy peeing in public bathrooms.” Y/N remembered, earning her another laugh from Shawn.

“Well um, there’s this beautiful restaurant downtown, and their bathroom is not um gross.” Shawn said.

“Is this your way of asking me out to dinner?” Y/N giggled.

“Yes, you caught me.”

“Well I’d love to check out that restaurant. For their bathrooms, of course.”

“Yes yes of course.”

They sat there for a tiny while, just smiling back at each other, dumbstruck and not believing their luck.

“Yo lovebirds, you forgot I can hear and see everything.” Ellen shouted into the earpiece, causing the pair to jump.

“Oh right, excuse me Shawn I have to end the segment.” Y/N joked.

She stood up and said at the top of her voice to the people in the shop:

“Hey guys! I’m Y/N and if you saw what weird things I have said, it’s because… You’re all on the Ellen Degeneres Show!” She waved her hands happily at the cameras as the coffee shop cheered with glee.

“So, maybe we can check that restaurant out right now?” Shawn stood up next to her.

“I’d love to.”

“Okay, that wasn’t the best Ellen in Your Ear since there was no dancing involved, but if they do get together, I’m taking full credit.” Ellen stood up and said to her audience. They laughed and cheered, as TV screens worldwide went to commercial.

Surprise Attack ▾ Tom Holland

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Note: This imagine is inspired from Ellen DeGeneres who scares her guests on her talk show called The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I know Tom Holland was never on Ellen (for some reason), so this imagine is a big AU. Gonna do a part two, meaning that I’m gonna write it in the significant other’s interview. This imagine is gonna be in (Y/N) interview and part two to this imagine is gonna be in Tom Holland’s interview.

words: 1.5k
characters: 8.3k

So here you were. Sitting on a couch in the backstage of the Ellen DeGeneres Show because your manager called you a few days ago about Ellen Degeneres wanting you to be on her talk show. You have just finished your coffee and thrown away the plastic cup because it was a long day today and you needed something to wake you up.

To kill time, you went thru your Twitter feed and posted a video or two on Snapchat and spammed your fans with a couple of picture on Instagram. A smile starting to tug from the corner of your lips when seeing a notification from your almost two-year relationship boyfriend, Tom Holland on Skype. Pressing on the notification and your phone blacked out for a millisecond and then brought you to the Skype app.

A little laugh escaping past your lips when seeing Harrison’s face on your phone screen instead of your boyfriend’s face.

“Hey, Haz.” You greeted your boyfriend’s best friend with a smile and a small wave into the phone.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Haz smiles into your boyfriend’s phone.

“Quick question: Why do you have my boyfriend’s phone?” You questioned, leaning back into the comfortable couch.

“Your boyfriend was taking a quick shit, but I think he’s don-”

“Dude!!” A laugh escaping your lips when seeing and hearing your boyfriend running from behind Haz, snatch his phone back, pushed Haz to the side before running to whatever direction.

“I wasn’t doing anything, love,” Tom answered while running. A giggle leaving your mouth when hearing Haz laughing in the background. You watched on your phone screen as your boyfriend entered into what looks like the bathroom, closed and locked the door, “Anyways, what are doing?”

“Nothing.” You answered, turning your phone around to show Tom what you were doing, “Just sitting on this comfy couch and waiting for my cue to go up on to the talk show.”

“(Y/N),” You manager says, popping her head around the corner, “You’ve got to get going.”

“Thank you.” You gave your manager a smile and a nod of your head before turning your attention towards the screen, “Hey, babe. I’ve got to get going.”

“Okay, love you, love,” Tom says with a big cheeky smile, a flicker of something passed thru his eyes, but you didn’t mention it.

“Love you.” You smiled into the phone, giving the camera a kiss before saying one last see ya later because the two of you didn’t like saying goodbye before ending the Skype call. You stood up from the couch before starting to walk beside your manager and started to walk towards the entrance of the talk show. You waited for your name to be called before walking down the steps and walked over to Ellen, giving her a hug before you two took your seats.

“Oh, this seat is also comfortable.” You comment, getting comfortable in the white seat.

“it is, isn’t it?” Ellen questions with a smile, slightly bouncing in her seat before you started to bounce in your seat a bit. Your slightly curled hair bouncing with each small jolt you made from bouncing on the seat. After the two of you were done bouncing in your seats, the two of you decided to talk about stuff happening in your life. Movies, upcoming movies, getting parts, childhood, hobbies, and such.

“So Jurassic World was a big movie in 2015,” Ellen says after the commercial break was over.

“It was.” You answered back with a nod, adjusting in your seat to get comfortable before crossing one leg over the other, “The cast was amazing, very amazing people and the sets were awesome. Like I got to go to Hawaii, sure I didn’t tour around Hawaii, but the Hawaii environment was beautiful.”

“Can you give us a little about your character?” Ellen asks, waving her hand towards you.

“Yeah, sure.” You agreed, thinking for a few seconds about what to say about your character before speaking, “Violet O'Neil, is the youngest animal expert -besides Owen- and is like a little sister to Owen. Owen and Violet use their animal skills to save Zach and Gray -Clarie’s nephews- and the rest of the tourists out of the park. Throughout the movie, Zach and Violet are flirting back and forth and in the end, the two end up kissing.”

“You got to kiss Nick Robinson?!” Ellen exclaimed, smiling ear to ear.

“I did.” You laughed, adjusting your navy blue dress. A picture of you and Nick kissing with the sunlight behind the two of you, appeared on the large screen behind Ellen and you, “I did get to kiss Nick Robinson, but there’s wasn’t anything that happened between the two of us after that.”

“You two just stayed friends?”

“Yeah, we stayed friends.” You answered with a nod of your head.

“So what was your favorite scene throughout the movie?” Ellen asked, “Besides going to Hawaii.”

“My favorite scene was the one that I had to train and play around with the baby Argentinosaurus.” You answered before a scream escaped your lips when someone dressed in an Argentinosaurus costume jumped out from the box beside the two of you. The Argentinosaurus costumed person, quickly getting out of the box before shuffling backstage, “What the- why did you do that!?”

You softly smacked Ellen’s knee as she kept on laughing, like holding her stomach kind of laughing. You holding a hand over your heart to steady your racing heart as a picture of you petting the side of a baby Argentinosaurus appeared on the screens.

“That was awesome,” Ellen chuckled, her laugh dying down as a few chuckles escaped her lips.

“I forgot that you do that to pretty much every guest you have on your show.” You say, a huff escaping your lips as the crowd and Ellen calmed down from their laughing fit.

“Besides scaring you to death,” Ellen chuckles, “I’m gonna have you answer a few questions from the crowd if that’s alright with you.”

“I’ll try to answer the questions the best I can.” You say with a smile before starting to answer questions from the crowd. A few questions later of asking about your hobbies, your favorite things and asking about other stuff and question caught your attention for a bit.

“How are you and Tom?” A girl that looked to be around the age of eleven asked you in a small voice.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” You asked with a smile.

“Lucy,” The little girl named Lucy answers with a shy voice.

“What a beautiful name.” You compliment before answering the question, “Tom and I are doing pretty good.”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot that you had a boyfriend,” said Ellen. You laughing a little at Ellen, “Tell me something about the two of you. Anything special coming up?”

“Our two-year anniversary is coming up pretty soon.” You hint towards Ellen.

“You two have been together for two years? Already!” Ellen exclaimed as you laugh. You nodded your head before a slide of the two of being together started to appear and disappear on the screens. You feeling you cheeks getting warm when the crowd started to awe when seeing a few pictures of you and Tom being very cuddly.

“Yeah, we have. Kind of surprising because Tom is busy with interviews and making movies and I’m on the other side of the country doing movies and interviews that we kind of don’t have enough time.” You answered with a sad smile, “It’s pretty hard to Skype because of different time zones, but we make it work.”

“You really love him, don’t you,” Ellen states more than questions.

“I do.” You answered, nodding your head, “I really do love him. I was just Skyping with him before.”

“You were?” Ellen questions as you nodded your head with a hum. Another small scream escaping your lips when someone from behind you scared you. You quickly turning around to see who it was before a smile was plastered on your lips when seeing your boyfriend of almost two years behind you, laughing. You quickly getting out of the seat and rushing over to your boyfriend to tightly hug him.

“What are you doing here?” You questioned into Tom’s ear as the crowd kept on cheering.

“What does it look like? I came to visit you, love,” Tom answers before the two of you pulled away and started to sit down on the couch.

“Do you two want a bigger couch?” Ellen asked as Tom sat down in the seat.

“Sur-” You start to say but was interrupted when Tom pulled you onto his lap, “Tom!”

“I missed you,” Tom cooed, nuzzling his nose into your hair. You feeling your face getting warmer as the audience awed at the two of you.

“I hate you.” You joked with a smile, tugging the end of your dress.

“I love you too,” Tom says before placing a kiss on your cheek.

“Aren’t these two just adorable!?!”

title: kisses and surprises
summary: You’re the star of a hit TV series whose relationship with Chris Evans is all the buzz. Ellen is Ellen.
length: 875 words
beau: chris evans

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“Welcome back, everybody! Today’s special guest is [Name] from the hit TV series Coopers.

As the audience applaud, you do a little dance in your seat and wave out into the sea of people.

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forgive me but this video
what even is air

in clarke griffin’s ear

“Now Clarke, open your wallet and use one of your loyalty cards to try and swipe through the EFTPOS machine.”

Clarke did as she was told. Obviously the machine alerted them that there was error.

“Try again” Lexa smiles. “Maybe a bit slower?”

“Swipe it really fast.”

or the one where clarke is put through the “ellen in your ear” prank and lexa is the café owner who has an interesting customer come through one morning

read it here


IN CLARKE GRIFFIN’S EAR by @monkeykira. 5.4k. one shot. rated G. 

“Now Clarke, open your wallet and use one of your loyalty cards to try and swipe through the EFTPOS machine.”

Clarke did as she was told. Obviously the machine alerted them that there was error.

“Try again” Lexa smiles. “Maybe a bit slower?”

“Swipe it really fast.”

or the one where clarke is put through the “ellen in your ear” prank and lexa is the café owner who has an interesting customer come through one morning

Imagine being Best Friends with Jo, but dating Dean...

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“And how exactly am I suppose to tell my best friend that I am banging the guy she has had a crush on.” You snapped 

 "Now [Y/N], I think for the last three month we have been doing more then banging.“ Dean gave you his killer smile, trying to calm you down with his charm, which clearly wasn’t working. 

"Well to her it will be the ultimate betrayal no matter what I say.” You sighed, realizing that you might just lose your best friend in a few hours. 

 Dean grabbed your hand and slowly pulled you towards him and onto his lap, where he engulfed you in his arms as you rested your head on his shoulder. “You know what, just tell her the truth, tell her how it all happened. I am sure she will understand." 

"You don’t know Jo then." 

A few hours later you pulled into the road house. Sam glanced at both you and Dean before asking, "So you figured out how to tell her yet?" 

"We are just going to tell her the truth.” Dean said, squeezing your leg before you saw her. 

Jo was your best friend, your dad would leave you with Ellen when he went hunting, so over the years you two formed a bound that was like the one Dean and Sam shared, you two were sisters. 

Dean was the first to open his door, and stood there shocked when you got out of Sam’s side and instead of look at him, you went running towards the excited girl with blonde waves. 

 "Jo!“ You screamed as you collided 

 ”[Y/N]! It has been too long.“ She whispered the last part. 

 "I know, we have been really busy. I have to tell you about the werewolf hunt we went on where Dean got spooked by a tiny little bunny.” You heard her laugh and then felt her start to release, for you knew whose arms she would find herself in next. 

“Why if it isn’t the great Dean Winchester, the one who was spooked by a little bunny rabbit.” 

 "Hey in my defense it was dark and the crunching it created on the forest floor was quite loud.” He wrapped her in a quick hug, but quickly let go, his eyes finding yours. 

“And Sam, have you shrunk a bit?” She joked as she quickly hugged him, but released him just as fast. 

 "Actually I think he is taller.“ You replied as Dean took a step closer to you. 

"Hey Jo I got something to tell ya.” He started 

 "Yes Dean?“ She smiled at him, not knowing that the news she was about to hear would crush her. 

"Well I just…" 

 "He just wanted to ask where Ellen is?” You interrupted as her smile fell a bit, she really just wanted to hear him say he loved her as more then a little sister, but he somehow fell for you. 

 "She’s waiting for y'all inside.“she said and instantly perked up when she said, "oMG [Y/N] you will never guess who I saw." 

And she instantly was guiding you dragging you by the arm, jawing your ear off until Ellen came out for the kitchen area, "I thought I heard y'all pull up." 

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She quickly pulled you from Jo’s side and hugged you tightly. You heard Dean chuckle a bit at the sight and noticed out of the corner of your eye Jo smile a bit. She was really love struck when it came to Dean, and as much as she tried to hide it we all knew. 

 "You two better get your asses over here and give me a hug. She barked as she released you and started towards the boys. 

"You wanna take your stuff into my room?” Jo asked smiling. 

 "Sure.“ You smiled back and practically skipped back to the Impala. As you lifted the trunk though you heard the door open again. 

 "What was that?” The deep voice you loved whispered as he reached in for his and Sammy’s duffles. 

“Dean I panicked ok?” You whispered back 

“Why? I told you she will be more happy that we were honest then lying to her." 

"Dean we lie to people for a living. And it’s not lying it is just avoiding the truth." 


"Hurry up you two, Mom wants to ask you all about dinner.” Jo yelled from behind the screen door as Dean slammed the trunk closed. 

“This conversation isn’t over.” He hissed as he sped ahead of you, leaving you with a hard decision, hurt the man you love, or hurt your best friend. 

 After the late dinner and the midnight drinks you and Jo retreated to her room leaving the boys alone at the bar. Dean kept his distance, meaning instead of being glued to your side all the time he stood about five feet from you, sat two people away from you and would steal glances every few minutes, his eyes showing that he missed you, even though you were right there. As you started towards the room you heard the phone in your pocket vibrate, you quickly pulled it out revealing the text. 

 The badass hunter: I’m not sure how I am going to sleep tonight without you. 

You: I am sure you will be okay, it is just one weekend. 

As you entered the room you couldn’t help but notice that Jo seemed troubled a bit. “Ok Jo spill it." 

"Spill what?" 

"You are giving me the ‘I need to rant to my best friend about something’ look. So spill.” You smiled as she laughed a bit. 

 "Fine you caught me, but you are going to think it is silly.“ 

"Unless it is that you adopted an adorable monkey that rides a motorcycle then I won’t think it is funny." 

"Is Dean seeing someone?" 


"He just seems different, he has the look of Cupid all over him. I just wanted to know if he was still available?" 

"I hate to be the bearer of tragic news but he is seeing someone." 

 "Would I like her?” She sadly said, a look of defeat in her eyes that would soon be replaced by rage. 

“Yea I am sure you would." 

"How do you know?" 

 "Because it’s me.” You whispered

Part 2