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“My love life is like a piece of Swiss cheese; most of it’s missing, and what’s there stinks.” -Joan Rivers

Okay, so most of you won’t care about this, but I feel like the above quote really describes Dory before she met Marlin. I mean, think about it: she can’t remember anything, she lost her family, and she’s just sort of aimlessly wandering throughout the ocean.

But. THEN. 

This quote reminded me of Swiss Cheese, obviously. So, I was curious as to how Swiss cheese was made—and what exactly causes those holes in the cheese.


I discovered that there is a certain bacterial culture specific to Swiss cheese that causes air pockets to bubble up and form, causing the holes in the cheese.


P. Shermani 

I know. Who knew there was this connection between Dory and Swiss cheese?

The Joan Rivers quote equates the holes in the Swiss cheese as to what is missing in her life. But, P. Shermani is what causes these holes, and P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney is one of the only things Dory can remember.

Maybe what is missing is what you need to remember, to hold on to. 

January 13


Imagine being turned on by Dean in a leather jacket by @angelkurenai
   (Title says it all - no explicit smut, just a lot of suggestion…)

The Contest by @ilostmyshoe-79
  You win a contest to be an extra on Supernatural. Jensen flirts with you, so you decide to flirt back…

Fascination by @its-my-perky-nipples
   Dean catches a glimpse of one of your tattoos after a hunt. He’s fascinated by it, so you show him some others. Smut.

Need a Hero by @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid
   Alpha!Sam finds a case where Omegas have been killed.  When he goes on the hunt, he finds you, an Omega who has been a snack for a group of vampires for the past year.

Jealousy is a Blue-Eyed Monster by @splendidcas
   Misha is directing an episode where you and Jensen have a sex scene, and he gets a little jealous.

The Beast Inside by @whispersandwhiskerburn
   MoC!Dean told you to leave, saying he didn’t want to hurt you and that you should just get out. Now he’s found you again. The words sound right, he looks like Dean, but there’s an edge to him you don’t understand, even if it turns you on. It’s when you sleep with him that you get scared–while still a great lover, Dean is definitely not the same. You try to find out what is wrong, not knowing that Crowley is on Dean’s heels, wondering why he left…

Sexting Smut and Continuation Story by @whitmerule and @aria-lerendeair
   Gabriel sexts Sam in class.  Sam makes sure he’s punished for it.


Imagine being Jensen’s best friend by @bringmesomepie56
   (Title says it all)

Angeles by @impalaimagining
   Jared answers a fan’s question about the future of your relationship.

Sam: The God of Thunder by @winchester-smut
   Sam gets hit with a spell, causing him to think he is Thor and you are his beloved Jane. (Has slight smut in it as well, but it’s more fluffy than smut.  Just be wary if you don’t do smut!)

Bendy by @writingbeautifulmen
   Sam’s curious about why the reader does yoga everyday.


Style by @d-s-winchester
   Complicated. That was the only word that would accurately describe Ashley and Misha’s relationship. After a bad breakup they still have the occasional hookup whenever they’re in the same city. They’re both clearly still in love with each other but refuse to admit it and that just makes everything even more, well…complicated. 

Yellow by @cocklesheadboop (Elizabeth1985 on AO3)
   Life had always been rough for long-time New Yorker, Castiel Haven. And when he ratted out his mob boss father, the rest of his horrific family, and about a half-dozen cops, he knew life wasn’t about to get better. Especially not when the FBI carted him off to the middle of nowhere, North Carolina. But he sure as hell didn’t expect the biggest complication to be a small-town brazen mechanic with a tenacious sex drive named Dean Winchester.  One of them never lies. One of them never tells the truth. And both of them have no fucking clue what it means to love someone.

You Never Can Tell by @girl-next-door-writes
   Spending the summer as a camp councilor seemed like fun but between the guy you had been talking to online for the past three months and the tall, shy cute lifeguard things could be getting a little complicated.

Real Slick Dean by trilliath (on AO3)
   There’s a new alpha enhancer drug “Rutter” on the streets that gets used at “exclusive parties” for the worst purposes. Detective Castiel Novak and his partner Balthazar work hard to put a stop to it and other sex crimes in their work as Special Victim’s top detectives.  Ellen Harvelle’s Roadhouse is both a bar and a refuge for unmated Omegas. The Roadhouse gives Omegas the opportunity have their heats in peace and, if they so desire, even sell an ‘exclusive supply of high-grade slick for the unmated Alpha on the go!’.  Castiel is just such an Alpha, career oriented and having no time for casual sex or potential mates. He’s a regular customer who only buys donor D347’s slick. He’s also a family friend and advocate who helps Omegas in need get connected with Ellen.  It’s all fine until one night after a difficult bust he brings Ellen a new Omega about to have her first heat. What Alpha Castiel doesn’t realize is that he’s been over-dosed with Rutter during the fight and is about to go into a rut so bad he may die. And if that weren’t enough to kill him, the embarrassment he’s about to feel will, because he’s about to meet donor D347 face to face and neither of them are prepared for what’s going to happen.

Hunted - Part 3

Word Count: 2304

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

Gordon was setting up the tripwire across the back doorway. He came back to the room where he had Dean tied up and straddled a chair, right in front of Dean. “Come on, man.” Dean said. “I know Sam better than anyone. He’s got more of a conscience than I do, I mean, the guy feels guilty surfing the internet for porn.” Dean paused. “And Y/N…she’s nothing but good. She’s been through so much that could’ve turned her and it hasn’t. And it won’t.”

“Maybe you’re right…” Gordon said. “But one day they’re gonna be monsters.”

“How? Huh?” Dean demanded. “How’s a guy like Sam become a monster? How does a fucking Angel like Y/N become a monster?”

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Ellen and Portia’s new dog name is the ultimate “f**k you” to people who want them to have a baby

Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi have long said they don’t want children, but have frequently had to answer questions about whether they ever would. On Ellen’s show Thursday, DeGeneres announced she and Portia adopted a new dog (their third) — and its name is going to shut down the rumor mill once and for all.

The Final Countdown.

Ellen its almost over, our time is nearly done

We’ve spent hours weeks and days

And yes, it’s been a lot of fun.

But one thing Is still missing

Despite seeing our goal through and through.

And that missing puzzle piece, 

Its short, its blonde,its you.

Were not trying to sound desperate,

Though it might look like that at first. 

We want you to know were ready,

Season 9? Yes, we have rehearsed.

We know how we would enter,

We know the angles of our dance.

All we need from you Ellen,

Is just one single chance. 

We’ve sent smoke signals and a bird;

Not to mention, we met Gary Ablett too.

So if you’ve heard our message,

We would love ANYTHING  from you

Were at the final stretch now,

Yes, We are LA bound.

Prepare yourself, the next 7 days

Its the Ellen connection count down. 

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HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY Ellen and Portia 

We dedicate this magical duet to our favourite celeb. Cher would be so proud.