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Glee Cast on Ellen (3.12.15)

Glee Cast on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Warner Bros. Studios (3.12.15)- Burbank, CA 

Before they sing their final melody, LEA MICHELE, CHRIS COLFER, JENNA USHKOWITZ, CHORD OVERSTREET & DARREN CRISS are coming by to discuss the final episodes of “Glee” with Ellen!

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anonymous asked:

Darren was the only one to call Chris the life of the party on Ellen, I am emotional.

Dude, I was literally just talking to alittledizzy about this.

Like, it’s such a kind and sweet and loving thing to say, you know?  I would never say that Chris is the stereotypical party guy. Let’s be real about that.

But that’s exactly the kind of thing you say to someone you care about because it’s how you see them and it’s what matters to you and you want them to know it.  Like when you tell your partner that they’re a great dancer even though they’re really not, you still love dancing with them anyone.  It’s not like it’s a lie or an exaggeration, it’s a kindness to someone who matters to you.

He’s the life of Darren’s party.