ellen aim and the attackers


Day 25 of Fictional Band February 4: Ellen Aim and the Attackers!

Ellen Aim and the Attackers are from 1984’s Streets of Fire starring Michael Paré (Eddie from Eddie and the Cruisers!), Rick Moranis, Willem Dafoe, Amy Madigan, and Diane Lane as today’s Ellen Aim.

The movie opens with Ellen Aim and the Attackers in concert performing the fist-pumping “Nowhere Fast” in her hometown.  She is promptly kidnapped by the Dafoe-led biker gang and Aim’s ex-boyfriend Tom Cody (Paré) saves her.

Streets of Fire is a nice movie to watch and all, but the real reason to watch is for the musical numbers!  Two of the songs written for the movie, “Nowhere Fast” and today’s track “Tonight is What it Means to be Young” were written in real life by Jim Steinman, known for his work with Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler and many other artists.  Diane Lane did not perform the singing on an of Ellen Aim’s songs, instead she was dubbed by Holly Sherwood and Laurie Sargent.  These tracks are credited to Fire Incorporated in real-life - made of Laurie Sargent’s bandmates.

Fun Fact! Two years prior to Streets of Fire, Diane Lane appeared in Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains with Laura Dern and Marin Kanter!  The three girls start a punk band named The Stains!

Fun Fact 2!  Aside from Diane Lane and Michael Paré, other Streets of Fire cast members have been in fictional bands!  Rick Moranis appeared in a few sketches on SCTV as a fake musician!  At the end of Streets, a doo-wop group named the Sorels takes the stage to perform “I Can Dream About You,” you may recognize one of the backing members, Robert Townsend, from The Five Heartbeats!