Thank You Soooooo Much @elleusa (and the creative team) for this AMAZING feature!!! You guys ROCK!!!!! I don’t know what the future holds for me…. But I’m so thankful for this journey! Hopefully, I’ve inspired a few of you to NEVER GIVE UP! They tried to rule me out yearssss ago… Biiissshhhh what?! God created me in the likeness of him. A #Queen. A #Winner. He damn sure ain’t give me the easy route either. I had to work my ass off (for yearssss) to get here. And I will continue to!! I never believed in Hand Outs. Or “the plug”. GOD is my plug and Agent. When you simply do the work and just be a good human lol you WILL receive the blessings! 💪🏿👌🏿👸🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿#KhadijaShari #ELLE #ElleMagazine #Feature #TheMovement #Dancer #FridayNightLights #BlackGirlsWinning #BlackGirlMagic #ART #LivetheLifeYouImagined #LookAtGod (Full Video in my bio)

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Hey guys I did a super cutee video w @elleusa 🎀💕✨👉🏽link in bio! #newlookwhodis #ellemagazine #londonzhiloh
Braids by: @guin_gui (at New York, New York)

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@RileyKeough - Today my homie gave me my first award ever… 🤦‍♀️❤️❤️❤️ @ELLEmagazine Congrats! 🏆
What a wonderful friendship.

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Remember not that long ago fans thought Bughead was over in ep10? NOPE their relationship got stronger at the end.. Fans were freaking out the B/V/A triangle to resurface again.. Guess what NOPE.. Fans thought we will have a A/B/J love triange. NOPE that is just a friendship thing. All these media sights for TV have been very wrong, they love to Clickbate.. Dylan proved that in one of his tweets to ELLEmagazine.. The cliffhanger will be the horror that RAS mentioned maybe Supernatural/Death

And remember the nine billion trolling anons (not you, we clearly agree, Nonnie—and you’re totes cool) I had with utterly ridiculous theories about 10, as well??? Like (will always be my faves):

  • The “Serpents” (i.e. Juggie’s dad and Juggie’s sorta friend’s boyfriend/maybe his seekrit brother/maybe his dad’s undercover partner) would be the REAL nefarious force at the party
  • The “Serpents” were gonna make Juggie break up with Betty and he was gonna tell her it was because he liked Ethel
  • No way, no day was Juggie gonna punch Chuck about his lady (I mean DUDE have you watched TV, ever, let alone THIS show???), it would happen because Chuck was mean to Ethel
  • Oh that other one consisting of Shadryl and Chuck scampering around the kegger giving everyone “a mollie”. And yeah, per the promo scenes (that didn’t even make it into the final cut, so take note y’all!), as well as a spoiler, there would be recreational drugs….but clearly it was gonna be a spiked punch bowl—-because giving everyone individually “a mollie” would have Shadryl and Chuck busy with drugging duties all night!